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 January 31st honors everything backward.  National Backward Day is an opportunity to reverse our ways, our direction or simply our shirt.  Dessert for breakfast, perhaps? There are many ways to celebrate this fun day, so just let your imagination be your guide.  

This day is very popular with school-aged kids, but there is no age limit on who can participate in all of the backward fun. So EVERYONE, let’s have some fun!! 

FUN FACT:  Leonardo da Vinci wrote backward.  Not only did the artist and inventor write from right to left, but he also wrote his letters backward.


Do things backward and use #NationalBackwardDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Backward Day.


Always observed on January 31st, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is a day to ponder how art affects your heart. Art is valued and appreciated for all sorts of reasons. 

Of the broad spectrum of art created in the world, the pieces that move us to tears or cause us to burst out into joyous laughter remain with us for a lifetime. Whether we are touched by music or see into an artist soul through their work, art has the power to change us, to inspire our hearts.

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day encourages us to explore the many genres of art and let it inspire us.


  • Visit an art gallery.
  • Read a good book.
  • Listen to music.
  • Attend a ballet performance
  • Start your masterpiece.
  • Teach someone how to play an instrument.
  • Attend an art lecture.
  • Explore a new technique.
  • See an inspirational film.
  • Share your art with others.

** Special Event**  Inspire your heart with this unprecedented musical celebration of life. The Bringing Happy Back Experience (BHB) is a 90-minute global webcast, featuring some of the best in Las Vegas Entertainment.  Through uplifting and empowering music, personal stories and genuine compassion this world-class cast aims to Raise Vibes/Save Lives as it pays tribute to anyone who has been affected by tragedy, depression or crisis.  Join the global community of veterans, first responders and over 300 college campuses as we celebrate life’s potential joy through the affirming message that: You are not alone; You matter;  You are worthy of support; Happiness does return!  To celebrate with us click the LIVE link at www.bringinghappyback.org beginning at 6:30 pm (Pacific) and use #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay to post on social media.

Use #InspireYourHeartWithArtDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.  

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