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National Pie Day on January 23rd celebrates one of the Nations’ favorite desserts. No matter how you slice it, pie in just about any form makes a crowd happy. Fruit pies, berry pies, cream pies – they are mouthwatering servings of homemade goodness. Read more…



National Handwriting Day on January 23rd encourages us to put pen to paper and write out our thoughts. According to the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association, it is a chance for all to re-explore the purity and power of handwriting. Read more…

On Deck for January 24, 2022

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Recipe of the Day

Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies
Prep: 15 minutes
Bake: 6-7 minutes
Total prep: 43 minutes
Servings: 4 – 5 Dozen


2 lg. eggs
3 cups flour
1 1/4 cup brown sugar
1 1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cup chunky peanut butter
1 cup butter
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Mix butter, peanut butter and sugars until creamy. Next eggs beating while mixing in flour. Add in remaining ingredients being sure to continue mixing.

Roll into balls first and then roll in granulated sugar. Flatten balls while using a fork for the traditional pattern of crisscrosses.

Place cookies on non-greased cookie sheet baking for 6-7 minutes. Remove from oven, using a flat spatula move cookies to cooling rack to help keep them soft and chewy.


With a special shout out to the Ressler brothers for the inspiration for these delicious cookies!

January 23rd Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


Elizabeth Blackwell receives her medical degree from Geneva Medical College becoming the first woman to earn a medical degree. Blackwell would serve as a mentor for many women seeking admittance into the medical field.


Kansas elects the first Native American Senator. During his career as a politician, Curtis would serve as the Senate Majority Leader, support the 19th Amendment and become the first Native American Vice President when Herbert Hoover won the election in 1928.


After discovering the ninth planet, Clyde Tombaugh photographs Pluto. The 24-year-old was assigned the systematic task of searching the galaxy for the planet after predictions by other astronomers. Tombaugh made his discovery at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pluto has since been demoted to a dwarf planet.


The talented jazz star, Duke Ellington makes his Carnegie Hall debut. Ellington premiered Black, Brown, and Beige that night and would make it a tradition to debut a new song each year at his Carnegie Hall concerts.


President Richard Nixon addresses the nation to announce that a Vietnam peace agreement had been reached in Paris.


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, inducts its first ten members: Chuck Berry, James Brown, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Elvis Presley.

January 23rd Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

John Hancock – 1737

The American patriot served as the president of the Second Continental Congress. He was also the first signer of the Declaration of Independence, his large signature leading to terrific if untrue, tales.

Edouard Manet – 1832

The artist was a French modernist, impressionist painter. Some of his notable works include, “The Balcony,” “The barque of Dante,” and “Lola de Valence.”

John Browning – 1855

Instrumental to the American gun industry for fifty years, Browning developed many of the basic designs still used today.

Cordelia Knott – 1890

In the 1920s, Knott along with her husband opened a roadside fruit stand in California. Their entrepreneurial spirit would expand to include an amusement park known today as Knott’s Berry Farm.

William Arthur Lewis – 1915

The 1979 Nobel Prize-winner pioneered the field of Development Economics. He was also Princeton University’s first black full professor, serving twenty years.

Gertrude Belle Elion – 1918

The Nobel Prize-winning scientist began her career as a lab assistant. Throughout her career, Elion’s innovative work would impact the treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases including leukemia, malaria, and AIDS.

Ed Roberts – 1939

Roberts was a pioneering activist of the disabilities rights movement. In 1955 at the age of 14, polio paralyzed him. After graduating high school in 1959, he pursued a degree in political science from the University of California Berkeley. In fact, he was the first student to attend the school who used a wheelchair. During his career with the California Department of Rehabilitation, Roberts earned the nickname “Godfather of Independent Living.”

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