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On January 15, National Booch Day (also known as National Kombucha Day) kicks off a delicious way to celebrate with kombucha fans.


Kombucha, or “booch,” is a lightly effervescent fermented beverage with a bold, invigorating taste. With flavor options from sweet to tart, KeVita Master Brew Kombucha pairs well with any meal and has billions of live probiotics in every bottle.

Who drinks booch? Well, if you like tea, you will probably like booch, too. Thanks to the probiotics, booch contains a significant amount of B vitamins. Depending on the type of tea your kombucha is made from, you enjoy the same benefits that tea offers.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBoochDay

Kombucha fans can celebrate by sharing the love with a friend. Kombucha fans can also celebrate #NationalBoochDay with special offers and promotions from KeVita. Find out more on InstagramHurry, it’s a January 15th, Booch Day only offer.


KEVITA_LOGO_BlackKeVita founded National Booch Day on January 15, 2019, to celebrate kombucha and all the love around this effervescent bubbly drink. KeVita was founded in 2009 in Ojai, California, by an organic winemaker and holistic nutritionist.






Hang on to your hats and celebrate in style on National Hat Day. Celebrated each year on January 15th, don your favorite fedora, cap, cloche, derby, or sunhat. Dig out your ceremonial best and tell the story behind it. Wear your warmest tuque, stocking cap, beanie, and share the name you give it. There are so many hats, fashions, and names we give them. Certainly, we could wear a hat a day and never get through them all. 

We wear hats for numerous reasons. Many hats protect us from elements or harm. Others were worn for ceremonial or religious reasons. Some hats just make us look good or cover up what we think doesn’t. Through the centuries, we’ve given our hats a lot of meaning.

  • In the Middle Ages, hats indicated social status.
  • In the military, hats may denote one’s nationality, branch of service, rank, and/or regiment.
  • A Thebes tomb painting depicts one of the first pictorials of a hat.  The painting shows a man wearing a conical straw hat.
  • Structured hats for women began to be worn in the late 16th century.
  • Millinery is the designing and manufacture of hats.
  • The term “milliner” is derived from the city of Milan, Italy. The best quality hats were made in Milan in the 18th century.
  • Millinery traditionally began as a woman’s occupation, as the milliner created hats and bonnets and chose lace, trim, and accessories to complete any outfit.
  • In the mid-1920s, to replace the bonnets and wide-brimmed hats, women began to wear smaller hats that hugged their heads.

Depending on where you live, if you are outside in the middle of a cold January, you may definitely want to wear a hat on National Hat Day!

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHatDay

Wear your favorite hat on National Hat Day. Celebrate an era or an occupation. Learn the history of a particular hat or try making a paper hat. 

Be sure to wear a hat and use #NationalHatDay to post on social media.

Educators, visit the National Day Calendar® Classroom for lessons designed around National Hat Day.


Since at least 1983, schools, libraries, and museums have observed National Hat Day has been observed in libraries, schools, and museums. They invited students and patrons to wear their favorite hats or hats of their occupation. People of all ages show up in pirate hats and football helmets. Patrol officers, postal workers, restaurant servicers also wear their hats to various events. 

National Bagel Day - January 15


Toast up your favorite flavor on National Bagel Day. On January 15th, don’t forget to pick your favorite schmear, too. Make it for breakfast, lunch, or snack, or all of the above!

This kosher carbohydrate brings complex flavors to the deli and sandwich bar. In the United States, we love our crunch-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside bread. They’re a staple in our freezers and as a winter pick-me-up.

Bagel History

Polish-Jewish immigrants introduced the bagel to the United States. Throughout New York City and the surrounding boroughs, they grew thriving businesses. Of course, it didn’t take long for the bakers to organize. In 1907, they created the International Beigel Bakers’ Union. For decades, Bagel Bakers Local 338 held contracts with nearly all bagel bakeries in and around the city for its workers.

Until the 1960s, bakeries made bagels by hand. Then Daniel Thompson invented the bagel maker, and along came a heated debate of man versus the machine. Thereafter, the question of the better bagel dangled before customers. Was it the handcrafted beigel or the manufactured bagel?

The bagel became more common throughout North America during the last quarter of the 20th century. Credit for the bagels’ spread across the country goes in part to the efforts of bagel baker Harry Lender, his son, Murray Lender, and Florence Sender. Their pioneering efforts led to automated production and distribution of frozen bagels in the 1960s. Murray also invented pre-slicing the bagel.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBagelDay

Have your favorite bagel combinations. Invite friends to get a schmear or two with you. Try new combinations. Do you like yours toasted or not? Breakfast bagels, pizza bagels, cinnamon bagels, they all sound so delicious right now. Which one will you choose?

Brush up on the bagel’s history in the United States. It’s a vibrant and enduring one. Use #NationalBagelDay to share your favorites and give your favorite bagel shop a shoutout, too!


Once the bagel shared a day with lox, but no longer. As of 2020, the bagel branched out on its own to celebrate all kinds of bagels.NATIONAL STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM DAY – January 15



Each year, National Strawberry Ice Cream Day on January 15th celebrates one of the choicest flavors of ice cream.  All flavors of ice cream are recognized on July 1st. 

Strawberry ice cream is made by blending either strawberries or strawberry flavoring with eggs, cream, vanilla, and sugar. Food coloring is often used to give it the pink or light red hue.

During James Madison’s second inauguration in 1813, strawberry ice cream was served. It’s also one of the three flavors found in Neapolitan ice cream along with vanilla and chocolate. Other variations of strawberry ice cream include strawberry cheesecake ice cream and strawberry ripple ice cream. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #StrawberryIceCreamDay

Holidays are best celebrated with someone else, so be sure to grab a bowl or two. Invite someone to join you while you enjoy a dish of strawberry ice cream. Strawberries tend to remind us of summer, too. So imagine the things you’ll do when the days are warmer.

We’ve even provided a few recipes to make and share. 

Easy Celebration Ice Cream Cake
Yummy Strawberry Shake
Strawberry Ice Cream Pie

Use #StrawberryIceCreamDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues to pursue the origins of this frozen food holiday. While we do, we promise, there will be more ice cream days to celebrate in the days to come. And in between, there will be cake days. And donut days, too. Also, don’t forget the cookie days that we will most certainly sandwich our ice cream between.

January 15th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


The headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, also known as the Pentagon, are completed. Architect George Bergstrom designed the five-sided building located in Arlington County, Virginia. 


The Green Bay Packers square off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the first Super Bowl Championship. Played at the LA Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA, the Packers took home the trophy by defeating the Chiefs 35-10.


Two crewed spacecraft docked for the first time. The Soviet Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 docked in orbit above the Earth. Two cosmonauts crewed each spacecraft, and while docked, they performed a spacewalk and switched spacecraft for the return flight home.


A flood of molasses kills 21 people in Boston. The Red Cross aided victims when a vat at the U.S. Industrial Alcohol Company of Cambridge burst causing between 1.5 and 2 million gallons of molasses to spill into the streets. It flooded and damaged buildings, knocked streetcars off their tracks, and sucked carriages into its wake.

Recipe of the Day

Name: Peanut Butter Cup Martini
Prep: 5 minutes

Total Prep: 5 minutes
Servings: 1

Peanut Butter Cup Martini Recipe








1/2 ounce chocolate syrup
1/4 cup ice
2 ounces peanut butter vodka
1 ounce chocolate liqueur
2 ounces cream
3 mini peanut butter cups


Drizzle chocolate around the inside of a martini glass. Add ice, vodka, chocolate liqueur and cream to a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Pour into a martini glass. Garnish the drink with mini peanut butter cups on a skewer.

January 15th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

Abigail Kelley Foster – 1811

A resolute figure of the anti-slavery movement, Foster founded the Millbury Anti-Slavery Society and was known for her ability as a speaker, recruiter, and fundraiser. Her efforts to abolish slavery translated to women’s rights following the Civil War. Foster became one of the prominent figures in support of women’s suffrage.

Maria Mitchell – 1818

In 1847, the first female astronomer in the United States looked through her telescope into the October sky. She scanned the sky and in a familiar quadrant noticed something new. Maria Mitchell discovered a new comet and the first to be identified by an American scientist.

Edward Teller – 1908

In 1943, the Hungarian-born American nuclear physicist joined the Manhattan Project. Teller would go on to lead the U.S. government’s development of the world’s first thermonuclear weapon – the hydrogen bomb.

Martin Luther King Jr. – 1929

The civil rights activist is best known for advancing the Civil Rights Movement using nonviolent civil disobedience. King’s speeches, activism, and marches influenced an entire generation, and his words still resonate today.

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