International Aura Awareness Day - Fourth Saturday in November
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2022)


International Aura Awareness Day spreads awareness of the human aura on the fourth Saturday in November. The day promotes education about how our physical and mental health affects our auras.

In Latin or Greek, the word aura means breeze or breath. By the 19th century, the word aura began describing a quality or energy emanating from a person or thing. Auras are usually affiliated with the New Age religion.

Some people claim to see auras around other people. They say auras provide insight into a person’s beliefs, thoughts, and personalities. They often see these auras in different colors. Each color is believed to have a different meaning.

Red – fearless and passionate
Pink – Deeply sensitive and gentle in nature
Orange – creative and full of emotion
Yellow – Confident and happy with high self-esteem
Tan – Practical and detail-oriented
Green – Natural born self-healers who are drawn to nature and animals
Blue – Caring, nurturing, and protective
Purple – Charismatic with a powerful personality
White – Spiritually motivated, positive, and uplifting

It is believed that every human being on earth has an energy field, or aura, around them. This is even true of other living things like plants and animals. Certain types of cameras are used to capture auras. They are described as a halo or bubble of light surrounding the human body. It’s not uncommon to have auras with different colors. Auras can change color over time. When auras appear dark or damaged, it could indicate a physical, emotional, or psychological problem. When this happens, things like positive affirmations, meditation, visualization, and energy balancing can help to cleanse the aura and bring healing.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalAuraAwarenessDay

Many aura readers and spiritual healers hold a variety of events on this day. They do teachings on auras and also aura readings. Others host workshops that help people realize the connection between their mind, body, and spirit.

To participate:

  • Learn to read your own aura or other people’s auras
  • Find a seminar or workshop in your area teaching about auras
  • Learn how your physical body is connecting to your spiritual and emotional bodies
  • Read about the different colors of auras and what they mean

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International Aura Awareness Day was created in 2002.  National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this spiritual holiday.

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