Intergeneration Month - September
Intergeneration Month – September


Intergeneration Month is an annual designation observed in September.


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In 1987, Fountain Institute, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with a Board of Trustees, was formed by Sandy Kraemer, a Colorado Springs attorney, to research intergenerational issues. The resulting research identified the need to set aside a time each year to focus on intentionally connecting generations to better communicate age-related gratitude and needs.

To fulfill this need, in the year 2000, Fountain Institute changed its name to “Intergeneration Foundation” and launched “Intergeneration Day” worldwide, the first Sunday in October (later designated September). The research proved overwhelmingly correct, as 42 state governors proclaimed Intergeneration Day, plus scores of organizations joined in including American Library Association, American Association of Museums, American Council of Life Insurers, National Easter Seals, Centura Health, Microsoft Corporation, Stanford University Center on Longevity, plus uncountable community organizations and families.

While support for Intergeneration Day has verified the need to annually set aside time to intentionally connect all ages, further research showed organizations and families were not planning or staging “IG Events”. Two primary reasons were identified: (1) a single Day was too short to stage events; and (2) the Day competed with other established times, such as Grandparents’ Day – the first Sunday after Labor Day.

The need to annually set aside a time to intentionally connect generations is clear. In 2012, Intergeneration Foundation experimented with expanding Intergeneration Day to Intergeneration Month to increase the time for planning and staging “IG Events.” The response has been compellingly positive. After considering other months, research shows September to be the preferred month.

Intergeneration Day, started in the year 2000, is merging into Intergeneration Month: September. Intergeneration Month will be promoted in the United States, and worldwide as a time to intentionally connect generations and stage intergenerational events. Grandparents’ Day will be a kick-off “IG Event” for Intergeneration Month in the United States and Canada. Please participate to make the strengths of each generation meet the needs of all generations.