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CPR - Innovation

Science and technology are continually changing, pursuing cures for diseases and solutions to problems that plague both the human and non-human populations. Some of these advancements have been recognized and are observed annually on National Day Calendar. Whether increasing awareness or celebrating an achievement, there’s always time to consider what’s essential.

Looking at the chart in the link, the calendar has one of the biggest and earliest life savers covered – toilets with National Hug A Plumber Day. We guess that not many people are willing to give that one up.

What future innovations will change our lives? Some are happening right now. Self-driving or autonomous vehicles are predicted to save 1.5 million lives per year in the future. For those who would otherwise be on an organ transplant list, artificial organs may save 150 thousand lives per year.

Innovation - Autonomous

As we look into the job sector, how will these innovations change the way we work? The skills required to perform in the renewable energy sector grow. These skills translate into other technology areas, too. In the next ten years, many highly paid trades fields like electricians, plumbers, masons, steelworkers, laboratory technicians and many more will go unfilled because not enough people have stepped up to be trained.

Innovation - Electrician

Beyond that, many other positions support these fields where salaries will be comparable. All of which goes toward improving lives.

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