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We love hanging out, and we’re not the only ones! Check out these experts we found for National Hanging Out Day.

1. Bats hang out with such skill it seems they were born to it. Well, they were. So if you need some tips for National Hanging Out Day, observe the natural habitats of bats. It might explain why we have man caves and she sheds.

Hanging out bat

2. Another group of mammals with instincts for hanging out are human teenagers. It’s part of their social contract, and adults rely on their ability to hang out in order to find them. They hang out best in packs of two or more.

Teenagers Hanging Out


3. Boogers hang out, too. While we normally would recommend a tissue to take care of any annoying ones, this giraffe seems to have other plans.

Boogers hang out


4. Fresh laundry hangs out using the sun and wind to dry. Fresh linens air dried in the sun are the best hang out buddies!

laundry hang out


5. Ahh, foot odor. It lingers. It grows stronger. It hangs out!!  Freshen up your sock supply by stopping by the National Day Calendar store. We have a variety of styles to choose from for both men and women.

foot odor hang out

6. Oh, those leftovers! They can hang out, too. What’s in container #1? Chow mein. Great! How old? If it’s 48 hours or less heat it up. Container #2? It’s a mystery. Container #3…whew! Chef salad from last night. We have a meal. If you strike out, check out the National Day Calendar recipe pages.

Leftovers hang out



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