Free and Open Source Software Month - February
Free and Open Source Software Month – February


All during February, Free and Open Source Software Month recognizes the cooperative approach to computer programming, open licensing, and free distribution of software.

Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) provides free, publicly-available code to its users and contributors. Providing users access to the code allows them the opportunity to alter the code to improve the design, fix glitches, and add features. Open source software is free and is considered liberally licensed; it usually requires that any programmer releasing an altered version must release the source code.

Collaborative development from multiple independent sources generates a more diverse scope of design perspective than any one company is capable of developing and sustaining long term. Open Source software was first coined as a term in February 1998 and was followed by the foundation of the Open Source Initiative in the same month.

Today, Government administrations, universities, companies, and other organizations of all types around the world use open source solutions. Open source software has obtained a significant share of several markets, such as web servers, server operating systems, desktop operating systems, web browsers, databases, e-mail and other IT infrastructure solutions.


Throughout the month of February, explore the variety of open source software available, actively participate in open source communities/user groups, attend hackathons and Open Source events, and use #FOSSFeb to share on social media.


Onyx Point, Inc. founded Free and Open Source Software Month (#FOSSFeb) to highlight the cooperative principles of open source software and the contributions this approach to software development continues to produce. As avid Open Source supporters and contributors, Onyx Point hopes that this annual observation will help to further general understanding and adoption of Open Source principles and projects. Onyx Point, Inc. provides Security, System Administration, IT Automation, Puppet Professional Services, and DevOps consulting for Government and commercial clients. They are the stewards of SIMP, an Open Source project. The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the observance in 2017.

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