Eggs 11 Ways


Eggs 11 Ways – There are just so many ways to use eggs. Besides being a necessary ingredient in baked goods, we rely on them for a hearty breakfast. These are just a few of the simplest ways we know to enjoy nature’s humble egg. Discover 11 delicious ways to enjoy eggs.

1. Hardboiled Eggs

Every Easter, we boil up numerous eggs and decorate them. Once they’ve been hidden and found, whichever ones remain, need to be consumed before they go sour.  There’s another list for just those hardboiled delights!

Hard Boiled

2. Fried Egg

Cracked open into a hot skillet, a fried egg cooks up several ways. If the cook puts a lid on it, the egg is basted in its own steam. Leave the cover off, and the egg will still cook, usually giving the egg a slightly crispy edge.  The basted egg and a fried egg served with a soft, unbroken yolk are called sunny side up. An egg that has been flipped over to fry both sides but keeps the yolk runny is called over easy. An egg that cooks until the yolk is almost firm is over medium. Fry the egg until the yolk is cooked all the way through and the egg is called over hard.

Fried Egg

3. Fried Egg Sandwich

Take that fried egg (preferably over hard so you don’t make a mess) and put it between some toast, add cheese, avocado, bacon, tomato, and hot sauce. Somehow, eggs on toast taste like a gourmet meal.

Fried Egg Sandwich

4. Omelet

With just a few ingredients, anyone can make a delicious and filling omelet. It’s a meal all on its own.


5. Scrambled Eggs

Soft or hard scrambled eggs can be added to breakfast as a side or the main course. Add sausage, bacon, cheese, seasonings or vegetables of your choice. Tuck leftovers into tortillas for breakfast burritos or snacks.

Scrambled Eggs

6.  Poached Eggs

The creaminess of a poached egg is one of life’s rewards for being patient. If you’ve never had one, or never learned to make one, check out this poached egg post for several ways to learn how.

Poached Egg

7. Eggs Benedict

Once you’ve mastered the poached egg, Eggs Benedict is the next logical step. Tangy, creamy, and stacked on a toasted English muffin, the meal starts a morning or afternoon off right.

Eggs Benedict

8. Quiche

A savory mixture of eggs, cream, and cheese cooked in a pastry crust is frequently made with other filling and flavorful ingredients such as ham, fish, vegetables, and herbs. It’s served for every meal of the day and easy to prepare ahead of time. Visit the recipe page to find out more.


9. Meringue

Made only from the whites of the eggs, meringues may seem delicate but they create some magnificent desserts. Whether they are baked, toasted, frozen or left soft, their final presentation is eye-catching. They accept flavor in subtle ways and compliment cakes and pies alike. On their own, meringues make elegant cookies that melt in your mouth. If you’re working with a recipe that calls for egg yolks (think pasta) and you wonder what to do with the egg whites, make a meringue!


10. Souffle

Add the egg yolks back to the meringue and bake a souffle. It can be savory or sweet. Use chocolate, fruit, cheese, herbs, or a variety of meats. This puffed-up dish is light and airy, though not as airy as the meringue. Serve it as an appetizer, side dish or the main event.


11. Baked Egg

There are several ways to bake eggs. Whether you add bacon and cheese to beaten eggs and bake them with hashbrowns in ramekins or use avocado as your vessel, baked eggs provide a leisurely way to share a meal.

Baked Egg

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