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National Tweed Day - April 3


National Tweed Day is observed annually on April 3rd.  This day has a few different meanings, so you can choose which one you believe is the source of National Tweed Day.

Some people think that National Tweed Day is celebrated to recognize senator-turned-crook William “Boss” Tweed.  Tweed was born on April 3, 1823.  He was the wealthiest and most powerful politician of his time. While being considered the “poster boy”  for political corruption, Tweed is still known by many as one of the most notorious politicians in American history.  He died in 1878, in jail, after being caught with millions of dollars of stolen public money.

Others believe that National Tweed Day celebrates the tweed fabric. Originally produced in Scotland, the textile is a durable, rough, woolen cloth which was initially hand woven. The colors are traditionally earthy and blend well with the Scotish landscape. There are different families of tweed with various categories and styles of tweed that fall into these differing categories. Depending on which estate the tweed represents, the sheep from which the fabric is woven and the pattern, it could be a very particular tweed indeed. Tweed was often worn by Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and Professor Henry Jones of Indiana Jones.


Wear something tweed or do some research on William Tweed. Use #NationalTweedDay to post on social media.


Our research was unable to find the origin and the creator of National Tweed Day.

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