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National Old Maids Day June 4


Every year on June 4, it is National Old Maid’s Day.

Old Maid refers to an older, childless woman who has never been married. Another term frequently used is the word spinster.

While the term was once considered a degrading one, National Old Maid’s Day celebrates Old Maid’s everywhere and their contributions to their families and communities.  While they may be single, it does not mean they are solitary.  Today, Old Maids are often career oriented, postponing marriage and motherhood by choice or by circumstance. From a lively social life to a commitment to volunteerism as well as involvement in their church, community organizations and their extended family Old Maids are hardly wallflowers waiting to be asked to dance.

On National Old Maid’s Day, consider revising your definition of an Old Maid to one that describes an empowered, independent woman who embraces life.


To celebrate National Old Maid’s Day, get together with a group of your friends and play an Old Maids card game or bake a tasty Old Maid’s Vinegar Pie or this delicious Old Maid Cake. Use #OldMaidsDay to post on social media.


In 1948 Marion Richards of Jeffersonville, Pa, held the first Old Maid’s Day gathering.  According to a June 4, 1982, Asbury Park Press article, “Guests ranged from 75 years old down to an age when hope still flickered.” Richard created the day to honor all the contributions Old Maids offer to their communities and their families.  During Richard’s generation, single women played a major role in many areas of the schools, churches, offices and their families.  While June is full of floral bouquets, white lace and wedding plans, Richards had hopes that Old Maid’s Day would someday be as popular as Mother’s Day.

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