DAY WITHOUT ART - December 1

DAY WITHOUT ART – December 1


Day Without Art on December 1st coincides with World AIDS Day and was started by a committee with the Visual AIDS organization in response to the AIDS crisis.  

An International Day of Action and Mourning in Response to the AIDS Crisis

The day of mourning recognizes the lives lost to AIDS. The moving visual demonstration of life without art symbolizes the vibrant beauty AIDS takes away from us all. Museums, organizations, galleries, and artists across the country participate in the event. They cover their pieces, shutter their doors, and honor the lives we miss due to AIDS. 

Throughout the day, organizations will promote awareness, prevention, testing, treatments, and research. Candlelight vigils will keep the memory of friends and family. 


Learn more about the movement. Join in raising awareness and educating the public about HIV and AIDS. Use #DayWithoutArt to post on social media.


Visual AIDS launched Day Without Art on December 1, 1989, as the national day of action and mourning in response to the AIDS crisis. Visual AIDS has initiated numerous projects to provide awareness and education regarding the prevention of AIDS, care for those who suffer, and to celebrate the lives and achievements of those who have been lost to AIDS.