Corporate Packages

Online Bank DayCongratulations!  You have been approved for a National Day.  You are in very select company as under 20 new days are added annually from over 20,000 submitted applications.  Any day on our calendar has a reach over 10 million people.  Most days range from 50 to 100 million reach. A few designations like National Coffee Day or National Pizza Day have a reach of over 1 Billion annually.  National Day Calendar has over 20,000 media that follow us directly so the reach can be substantial.  Programs like Ellen, Fox & Friends, Jimmy Kimmel, The Today Show, CBS Morning,  Good Morning America and many others use National Day Calendar for content.

A Super Bowl ad will be seen by 50-60 million people and cost $4 million plus production costs.

In 2021, our days trended over 450 times on Social Media!  National Day Calendar is now the largest trending topic of all time.

In order to finalize your National day, you must select the base package below.  We also offer great add-ons.


Base Corporate Package

  • 20 x 30 Framed Proclamation.
  • Media Advisory sent to the over 20,000 media sources and personalities that follow National Day Calendar 2 weeks in advance of your National Day.
  • New Day Proclamation sent to everyone that follows National Day Calendar 3-4 days in advance of your National Day.  This is also included in all social media feeds.
  • Organic Story placed on National Day Calendar for your National Day the first year.  The story will include your company as the founder of your National Day.  Your company will always be recognized as the founder in perpetuity.
  • Branded Official Image (often used by media for enhanced reach, must abide by our policies).
  • National Day Calendar will create and promote the official hashtag.
  • Facebook Event / Twitter Event to give away prizes.
  • Use of National Day Calendar Logo.
  • Static ad on your National Day Page until 3 months in advance of next year. ($12,500 Value)  First right of refusal for the static ad the following year.
  • An ad buy option at 50% of current market value in blocks of 1 million views – a maximum of ten blocks allowed.

Base Corporate Package price – $25,000 plus an annual commitment of $2,500 of product or services for prize giveaways.

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Plus Corporate Package 

  • Everything in Base Corporate Package
  • Facebook Event Page with Ad
  • Total 20 million ads on National Day Calendar website for a total ad value of $100,000.
  • Video from National Day Calendar founder proclaiming your National Day.  Use on your website and social media channels.
  • Declare a location as the “Official Destination” with full use of Official Destination seal.  Founder of National Day will be “on-site” for declaration.  The declaration will be streamed to our Social Media feeds.  All travel costs for 2 people from the National Day team are included in the price.

Plus Corporate Package price – $50,000


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Everything but the Kitchen Sink Corporate Package (OK, if you want a kitchen sink, we will throw it in).

  • Everything in Base and Plus Corporate Packages
  • Total 30 million ads on National Day Calendar Website for a total ad value of $150,000.
  • National Day Calendar Photo Page created.
  • Founder of National Day Calendar (“Guru of Geek” Marlo Anderson) will be available at your location for appearances and a proclamation ceremony if schedule allows.
  • A 30-minute video from film crew at the event.
  • 200 photos from the crew.


Everything but the Kitchen Sink Corporate Package price – $100,000

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