CO-OP MONTH – October

Co-op Month - October
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)


October recognizes Co-op Month, and the benefits cooperatives bring to their members. Consider how becoming a member can be an advantage during the celebration.

Across the United States, cooperatives bring a variety of resources and services to consumers. From agriculture, utilities, finance and more, these organizations play an important role across the United States. Not only do they expand options to consumers, but they bring increase economic resources for rural communities, too. Through better infrastructure, added educational supports and employment opportunities, cooperatives strengthen rural populations.

Increasingly, cooperatives connect rural communities to resources they might otherwise do without. Cooperatives fill needs and keep thriving communities going. When quality food is difficult to obtain, or childcare becomes challenging to find, a cooperative may be a solution. Many communities across the country have turned to the principles of the co-op seeking solutions that work. The observance recognizes those successes and challenges us to seek out the possible solutions.


Learn more about the benefits of the cooperatives in your area. Visit cooperative events near you to take part in Co-op Month activities. For ideas and more information, visit to learn more. Use #CoopMonth to share on social media.


Various states across the country have observed Co-op Month since the mid-1930s. Throughout the decades the festivities surrounding the cooperatives gained notice. Municipalities and states proclaimed the observance for October and year after year it has become a national observance.


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