CLASSROOM – Week 32 – March 31, 2019

National Day Calendar Classroom - Week 32 - March 31, 2019
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

National Day Calendar Classroom - Week 32 - March 31, 2019


National School Librarian Day reminds the classroom of all the resources available to us in the library. And our schools’ librarians stay on top of all the changes in the school, the digital world, and our students’ lives, too. They diligently keep us all informed in numerous ways and archive data in ways that have never been seen before. They are valuable resources to teachers, students, and parents. 

Follow along with this week’s project to learn more about school librarians and print off this week’s word scramble. And as always visit our trivia and puzzle pages, too!

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Project – National School Librarian Day

Many of your students will be familiar with their school librarian. Interview your students to find out what they think his or her responsibilities are. Make a list of the duties the students think your librarian is responsible for carrying out on a daily, weekly, even monthly basis. 

What kind of education do your students think your librarian obtained? 

Make the list a part of a card thanking your school librarian for all they do for the students and the school. 

Schedule time with your librarian for your students to compare their list with the librarian’s actual duties. Find out what the librarian’s favorite part of their job is. What’s his or her least favorite? Does the librarian have questions for the students? 

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