National Day Calendar Classroom - December 2019 - Twins

National Day Calendar Classroom - December 2019 - Twins


The classroom is back again in December and this week we celebrate National Twins Day! We’re sure there are classrooms with twins. They may be brother and sister, twin sisters or brothers. No matter what though, they bring a unique quality to the classroom. Additionally, they each have their own unique qualities, too!

This week we include projects that explore those qualities in fun ways.


This project is fun for all ages. Print off the PDF included below and explore the differences in our twin puppies. Educators can assign students to work on it at home and bring their answers to the class.

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This week we have puppies who are celebrating National Twin Day. See if you can find all the differences. We provide a PDF of the puzzle and a key so you can see if you found them all.

Twins Day Puzzle - December 18, 2019

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