CLASSROOM – Space Week

National Day Calendar Classroom - October 2019 - Space Week
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

CLASSROOM – Space Week – Week 8

Look to the sky for this Classroom as we enter into Space Week. It’s a great time to explore astronomy and STEM projects. Delve into the history of space programs all over the world, too. We’ll focus on a couple of projects for the classroom and make suggestions worthy of field trips, too.


Take the quiz. Try the projects. However, you participate, be sure to let your imaginations drift toward the stars and the possibilities that hover there.

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Download this week’s space quiz. The answer key is included too.

Other Space Week projects include:

  • Build out the lunar phases – Whether students map out the lunar phases with construction paper, paint or draw them, be sure they also learn the terms and frequency. They may also demonstrate the phases using a flashlight for the sun and two different sizes of balls for the moon and Earth.
    • Each phase of the moon is dependent on where the moon is in orbit around the Earth in relation to the Earth’s orbit around the sun.
    • Full moon – The Earth, moon, and sun are in alignment. The sunlight portion of the moon faces the earth.
    • As the moon orbits the Earth, less or more of the sun’s light will be reflected back to Earth. First-quarter, third quarter, waning gibbous moon and waning crescent moons are in different portions of the cycle.
  • Identify constellations visible in the night sky with an adult in their home.
  • Find the Big Dipper. From there, determine where the North Star (Polaris) is. Using a compass determine if it points to true north.
  • See if you can spot the International Space Station. It’s visible from your location several times a week passing overhead. Wave to astronauts as they drift by!
  • Complete the Space Week puzzle.

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