CLASSROOM – Small Business

National Day Calendar Classroom - March - Small Business
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

CLASSROOM – Small Business

Small Business and the classroom go hand in hand. Many of them support our classrooms in many ways. So it shouldn’t surprise us that some of our students grow up to be small business owners, either. What better way to celebrate them than to create a project that challenges our students to think like business owners. We did just that. We also encourage you to participate fully in any programs your small businesses support in your classroom. These presentations encourage entrepreneurship, leadership, creativity, and self-starters. Challenge your students to immerse themselves and take full advantage of the opportunities your local leaders have to offer. Their mentorship is priceless!


Download and print this week’s project and give your students the opportunity to explore the national days in their own way. It might surprise you what they discover! We’re often surprised by our own discoveries!

Celebrate Every Day in the Classroom by:

1. Asking a question about the day or observance and finding the answer.
2. Exploring the subject further. Whether you read a book, interview an expert, watch a documentary, or run an experiment, there is always more to learn about the observance.
3. Writing about the day or observance. You can write about what you learned or what the day means to you.
4. Telling someone about the day. You might be sharing information that is helpful to someone. Or, you might brighten someone’s day.
5. Solving a problem. Many observances discuss issues around the world that need fixing. How would you fix it?
6. Being creative. Draw, paint, build, design, bake, create your idea of what the observance means.

Of course, as always, sharing on social media isn’t required; learning is. But if you do, please use #NDCClassroom to share on social media.


When it comes to showing children what it’s like to run a small business, educators and families can try this project at home or in the classroom. How? Designate separate areas of the classroom or house as a small business.

At home, here are several examples:
  • Kitchen = grocery or diner
  • Livingroom = theater or arcade
  • Bedroom = inn, clothing store
  • Playroom = bookstore, toystore, daycare
  • Laundry room = laundry, dry cleaner
In the classroom, try this:
  • IT = Assign someone the responsibility/job of repairing, maintaining the classroom computers. If someone needs to do research online, they get paid.
  • Plumbing = Who maintains the water and flushing in the school? Every time someone goes the bathroom, they get paid. 
  • Baker = Does someone have a birthday? You know what to do. Even if the cupcakes are imaginary, they will likely be delicious!
  • Music shop = This person rents musical instruments to the school. 
  • Bookstore = How many books do you want to read this summer? A local bookstore will have new and used books. You can also borrow from your library for free. 

Break out the Monopoly money and divide it up between the kids. Download and print the ledger we created and have your children create their own business. Now, everyone in the house is also a customer. Spend the day being business owners AND customers in your own home. The businesses you decide to create will require each person to make purchases to use them. As you divide your home into businesses, be sure to think about your home as a community and how it all works together. 

We also offer another challenge. Check it out!

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