Classroom – Puzzles

National Day Calendar™ now adds Word Search and Crossword Puzzles to the Classroom.

Below find different puzzles for each weekly lesson. The puzzles are in PDF format, easy to download, print and share with students and others….

New puzzles each week, come back often –> Have Fun!!

Word Search Puzzles:

Week 1

Crossword Puzzles:

Week 1

National Day Calendar™ Classroom is excited to be back for the second year! We will build a school year worth of educational National Days full of information and fun tools for students and teachers.

In 2017, the classroom provided 34 weeks worth of lessons and resources. National Day Calendar™ has archived the 2017/2018 lessons so educators, students, and families can use them all year long. We will continue the new school year with new assignments, projects, and resources.

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