National Day Calendar Classroom - April 2020 - Poetry

National Day Calendar Classroom - April 2020 - Poetry


Throughout the month of April, your classroom is likely celebrating National Poetry Month. For ages, humans have written poetry. Whether we choose to rhyme with an ordered meter or not depends on the type of poet we are. We study poetry and the poets who write the greatest poems – those that move us and make us think.

In the classroom, we have two projects. One will get students collaborating on poetry. The other will challenge them to find words related to poetry and perhaps pique their curiosity regarding their meanings – if they don’t already know.


Download and print this week’s projects. Discuss with your students the different types of poetry. Introduce a variety of poetry to your students.

Of course, as always, sharing on social media isn’t required; learning is. But if you do, please use #NDCClassroom to share on social media.


Get your students actively involved in poetry. Help them to discover how we use poetry to express ourselves and entertain.

  • Host or attend a poetry slam.
  • Do a group poetry project. Students might be surprised when they collaborate with others to create poetry. Group Poetry Project - Classroom






  • Download and complete the poetry word search. Discuss the words in the word search to learn more about them.


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