CLASSROOM – Play Dough

National Day Calendar Classroom -September - Play Dough
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

National Day Calendar Classroom -September - Play Dough

CLASSROOM – Play Dough

Play Dough brings out the creativeness in a classroom. It improves dexterity, inspires masterpieces, and creates memories that last a lifetime. This week we combine it with celebrations on the calendar and a card game.


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We’ve added to a card game we created in the spring. You can find it here. With the latest addition to the card set, you can either play the game by the rules included with the game or add play dough as an extra challenge. Instead of verbally describing the observances, students can use play dough to create something that represents the holiday. Either way, the classroom will have fun celebrating several holidays in September. Download and print the expansion pack for September here.

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