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National Day Calendar Classroom - August - Park Service
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

CLASSROOM – Park Service

National Park Service Founders Day comes at an ideal time for the Classroom. Many of us are just returning to school, fresh off of summer break. For most families, summertime means vacation and a lot of people will head to our National Park System for camping, hiking, and a break from the hustle and bustle of city and suburban life. Even those in rural communities find a respite in their National Parks. No matter where you are, you likely have a National Park not far from you.

Our National Parks offer more than a glimpse of the wilderness. They also serve as a sanctuary for wildlife, preserve history and culture, and teach us about the environment and conservation. In our National Parks, there is something for every age and ability. Celebrating the day in our classrooms offers an opportunity to teach our students about places in their country they may have never been. It also provides them an opportunity to share their experiences in National Parks.


Check out this week’s projects and share them with your students and their families. If you have ideas or comments you would like us to hear, share any of them by clicking on the contact us link.

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This week, explore the National Parks. There are several ways to do this in the classroom.

  • Invite your students to bring postcards, fliers, photos or books they may have collected over the summer while visiting a National Park.
  • Students who didn’t explore a National Park can still participate. The National Park Service offers several virtual ways to explore.
  • Download and print the color page of our National Day Calendar hiker.
  • Explore the history of a National Park near where your students live.

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