CLASSROOM – Paper Plane

National Day Calendar Classroom - May 2020 - Paper Plane
(Last Updated On: August 12, 2020)

CLASSROOM – Paper Plane

No matter how you fold it, a paper plane in the classroom usually causes trouble. But, this time, paper airplanes are the project! They offer a lot to learn, too. From geometry to physics, paper airplanes teach students interactively. And, it’s a creative way to compete and inspire the innovative spirit.


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Making paper airplanes is as simple as folding paper. However, making good paper airplanes that fly long distances takes practice, and a little bit of knowledge. Some of the best ways to get both is by reading paper airplane books, watching videos, and folding and flying as much as possible.

Once you’ve done that, test your paper airplanes. We’ve found several resources that will help you make not just super airplanes, but beautiful ones, too.

When everyone has tested their planes, it’s time to compete. You’ll need:

  • Chalk, flags or small bean bags
  • Tape measure
  • Pen
  • Paper

Find an outdoor space on a calm day or a large wide-open indoor space. Decide on a starting point. Use the chalk, flags or small bean bags to mark where each plane lands. Take turns launching your paper airplanes. Marke each plane’s landing point and measure the distance with the measuring tape. Record the distance as well as the name of the pilot and the type of plane.

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