CLASSROOM – Mother Language

National Day Calendar Classroom - February - 2021-2022 - Week 27 - Mother Language
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

CLASSROOM – Mother Language

A mother language is the first language a person begins to speak. Imagine if you were the last person who knew how to speak your mother language. How important would it be to save your language? This week in the classroom we discuss mother languages and learning new languages. Languages are a part of our culture. The words, the sentence structure, even how we say certain words are influenced by our culture and history. When a language is lost, much of a culture dies with it.

This week, look into languages with dwindling speakers. Discover what is being done to preserve those languages.

HOW TO OBSERVE in the CLASSROOM – Mother Language

Download and print this week’s projects. You can also follow the suggestions below to help your students explore the days in their own way. It might surprise you what they discover! We’re often surprised by our own discoveries!

Celebrate Every Day in the Classroom by:

1. Asking a question about the day or observance and finding the answer.
2. Exploring the subject further. Whether you read a book, interview an expert, watch a documentary, or run an experiment, there is always more to learn about the observance.
3. Writing about the day or observance. You can write about what you learned or what the day means to you.
4. Telling someone about the day. You might be sharing information that is helpful to someone. Or, you might brighten someone’s day.
5. Solving a problem. Many observances discuss issues around the world that need fixing. How would you fix it?
6. Being creative. Draw, paint, build, design, bake, create your idea of what the observance means.

Of course, as always, sharing on social media isn’t required; learning is. But if you do, please use #NDCClassroom to share on social media.


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