National Day Calendar Classroom - June - Meteors
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

National Day Calendar Classroom - June - Meteors


Look up at the night sky. Do you see a shooting star? Another name for it is a meteor. This week in the classroom, National Meteor Watch Day inspires us to look up! And learn about the space debris that occasionally lights up the night sky.

Any time there is a clear night sky, far away from city lights, we could potentially see several meteors. When we see many within a short period of time, we call them meteor showers. There a certain times of the year when we have a better chance of seeing a meteor shower. These showers even have names. You can learn more about them in 9 Steps to Great Night Sky Viewing. Have you ever stayed up late to watch a meteor shower? It can be fun to do.

We also have Celebration Challenge #16 to share with you.


Download and print this week’s projects and give your students the opportunity to discover more about meteors. You can also follow the suggestions below to help your students explore the days in their own way. It might surprise you what they discover! We’re often surprised by our own discoveries!

Celebrate Every Day in the Classroom by:

1. Asking a question about the day or observance and finding the answer.
2. Exploring the subject further. Whether you read a book, interview an expert, watch a documentary, or run an experiment, there is always more to learn about the observance.
3. Writing about the day or observance. You can write about what you learned or what the day means to you.
4. Telling someone about the day. You might be sharing information that is helpful to someone. Or, you might brighten someone’s day.
5. Solving a problem. Many observances discuss issues around the world that need fixing. How would you fix it?
6. Being creative. Draw, paint, build, design, bake, create your idea of what the observance means.

Of course, as always, sharing on social media isn’t required; learning is. But if you do, please use #NDCClassroom to share on social media.


Download and print this week’s projects. We include a diagram worksheet that pairs well with a follow-up worksheet that will help reinforce the information. And don’t forget this week’s Celebration Challenge.

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