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National Day Calendar Classroom - January 2020 - Mentoring

National Day Calendar Classroom - January 2020 - Mentoring - Week 15 - Chalkboard - Welcome to Class


Welcome to the New Year as we enter the classroom and National Mentoring Month, too. We all benefit from a mentor – someone who teaches us the things we aspire to learn. Sometimes a mentor is a peer or a leader. Often, being a mentor is as much a learning experience as being a mentee is, too.

Our students benefit from being in the role of mentor and mentee. Developing student based mentoring programs in your classroom may help create bonds and have a positive impact on a classroom

  • improve students’ self-esteem
  • breaks down social barriers
  • develop independence and confidence
  • improve relationships between students
  • create an atmosphere of connectedness
  • develop motivated students


Create this a mentoring program in your classroom. Review the suggestions under This Week’s Projects. Empower your students to learn from each other and watch them grow.

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If you don’t have a mentoring program in your school or classroom, start small. Create a math or reading buddy program. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Use games to guide your mentors. Math, reading, social skills, and language-based game offer a relaxed atmosphere to launch a mentoring program.
  • Allow mentors to brainstorm ideas to help meet their mentees’ goals.
  • Create an opportunity for residents of local retirement homes to become mentors in the school. Both retirees and students will benefit from a cultural exchange.
  • Visit for ideas, tips, and links to creating a mentoring program in your school.

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