CLASSROOM – Measure for Measure

National Day Calendar Classroom - July- Measure for Measure
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

CLASSROOM – Measure for Measure

Measure for Measure, the Classroom likes to keep you on your toes. On National Tape Measure Day, it’s no different. This week we explore measurement and accuracy. The tape measure offers us a means to measure many items. Its flexible materials allow sewists to custom-made clothing by measuring a client’s hips, waist, and chest as well as arms and legs. Carpenters measure all sorts of things, no just wood. They measure the length and width of boards, the circumference of tabletops, and the area of rooms. Engineers, decorators, and more use tape measures in their jobs. At home, a tape measure comes in handy, too. Planning the layout of a room, hanging pictures, or deciding if a piece of furniture will fit all require a bit of measuring.

After some practice, students may realize how handy a tape measure is. While a ruler is portable, it falls short when measuring larger or round items. A yardstick may be helpful, but it’s not as compact.


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Break out the tape measures and challenge students to test their accuracy. They’ll need to be on their feet (or hands if modifications are required.) Download this week’s Tape Measure Project to get started. For students who use wheelchairs, modify the activity by measuring the wheels and marking them with a piece of tape.

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