CLASSROOM – Letter Writing

National Day Calendar Classroom - January 2020 - Letters

National Day Calendar Classroom - January 2020 - Letters

CLASSROOM – Letter Writing

In the classroom, letter writing is the focus this week. However, during Universal Letter Writing Week, we take a look at composing a variety of letters to friends, family, and classmates.

By writing a letter or short note, you can express your gratitude for a gift or their kind words. You can also let someone know you’ve been thinking about them. You might be surprised to know how a written note can lift someone’s spirits or make them feel appreciated.


Engage your classroom in the practice of letter writing. Gather your students together to write letters to friends and family. Take a field trip to the post office to deliver the letters – properly addressed with postage affixed – and allow them the pleasure of dropping the letters into the mail.

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Ask parents, grandparents, and guardians to donate stamps, envelopes, and notecards for this project. Many of us collect miscellaneous envelopes and cards. They end up laying around the house and never get used.

  • Each student needs to bring the address for each person they are sending letters to and their return address
  • On the board write the correct format for addressing the envelope
  • Also, place an example on the board to provide a proper composition for the letter. For example:Letter Writing Week Letter
    • Cards can be less formal, too. But the students must write clearly and sign their notes.
  • Get well cards can brighten someone’s day. It can also be a lesson about tact, too.
  • Students may also send a letter just because they’re thinking of someone they miss.
  • The upper classes may want to focus on a more formal letter design aimed toward college admissions or careers. These more professional letters require more finesse. You will find more further information at to help guide students.
  • Have students write to National Day Calendar and tell us…well, tell us just about anything. We would love to hear your students’ success stories, about their hometowns or their favorite person. If they would like to write, we just might write back, too. Our address is:
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