National Day Calendar Classroom - January 2020 - Kindness


Kindness enters the classroom every day. However, during No Name-Calling Week, kindness is the focus. Words inspire. They heal. Words can also hurt. Often, the damage words leave behind is lasting.


Organize events around this week’s project to help students understand the way the words they use impacts the people around them.

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During No-Name Calling Week, challenge students to participate by:

  • hosting an essay contest. Ask them to write about the name that best describes someone they admire.
  • holding an art competition where artists depict the damage words can do.
  • watching documentaries that show how name-calling on social media, in-person, and text equal bullying.
  • conducting a forum to allow students to present concerns present at your school.
  • providing students with resources within the school that show them how to cope with bullying.