National Day Calendar Classroom -September - Hats
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Many of us wear hats and while wearing them in the classroom isn’t recommended, they can be a fun way to celebrate. Hats protect our heads from the elements. They offer an opportunity to express ourselves. They may even suggest our interests or occupations. September is National Fall Hat Month. During the month, we can explore hats in numerous ways in the classroom. Studying the materials and fashions, hosting a hat day, or making hats from paper or felt are just a few ways to celebrate the month.


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We have several projects this week to help you celebrate hats in the classroom.

  • Download and print the coloring page. Our characters are wearing a wide variety of hats!
  • Complete the hat worksheet. Think about all the ways hats help us that isn’t just about fashion.
  • We also have a word search puzzle. Can you find all the different types of hats?
  • Make a paper hat. We’ve found several videos inspiring us to make and decorate paper hats.

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