National Day Calendar Classroom - February- Get Up
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Every day, we need to get up and prepare ourselves for the classroom. Some days can be a struggle, especially when we know the tasks are new and we don’t understand.

We make mistakes, and we’re so much better at something else. But did you know most, if not all, the successful people we look up to didn’t start off that way? They failed. They failed more than once at the things they love before they found success. When they fell down, they told themselves to get up and try again. They asked questions and practiced. And when they got it right, they practiced some more. Some of those people are J.K. Rowling, Michael Jordan, and Katy Perry. Even Walt Disney and Martin Luther King, Jr. didn’t start out being the best artist or the best speaker in their classes.

So, get up. Practice, learn, and be confident in the classroom today. This week’s project will allow you to remind yourself how to do that.


Download and print this week’s journaling project. Take time to discuss some other ways to celebrate this week’s observance.

Celebrate Every Day in the Classroom by:

1. Asking a question about the day or observance and finding the answer.
2. Exploring the subject further. Whether you read a book, interview an expert, watch a documentary, or run an experiment, there is always more to learn about the observance.
3. Writing about the day or observance. You can write about what you learned or what the day means to you.
4. Telling someone about the day. You might be sharing information that is helpful to someone. Or, you might brighten someone’s day.
5. Solving a problem. Many observances discuss issues around the world that need fixing. How would you fix it?
6. Being creative. Draw, paint, build, design, bake, create your idea of what the observance means.

Of course, as always, sharing on social media isn’t required; learning is. But if you do, please use #NDCClassroom to share on social media.


We’re all good at something, but even if we have talent, we make mistakes and need encouragement. Journaling about when we worked hard to learn something new reminds us to Get Up when we fall and keep learning!

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