CLASSROOM – Field Trip

National Day Calendar Classroom - October- Field Trip
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

CLASSROOM – Field Trip

Field trips are often a part of classroom life. While they provide a three-dimensional look at the world around us, they also give students a break from the everyday routine. All around us, opportunities for a guided field trip present themselves. Sometimes, though, we need to create those opportunities within our community. They also require volunteers and the support of the students’ families.

Even with all the different parts required for a successful field trip, they remain worthwhile as a part of education. That’s why we love resources and everything they have to offer.


Explore the resources and download the worksheet for students. Share your best field trips, tips and resources, too!

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Teachers offer the best resources when it comes to field trips. That’s why we list two websites that provide excellent tips and tools to help you have the most successful field trip for your students. We also provide a Field Trip Diary for your students to use after every field trip.

  • Learning in Wonderland offers advice and tools to help you have an amazing field trip experience.
  • Exploratorium provides a wealth of information and resources for organizing the best field trip ever.
  • After the field trip, students can complete the Field Trip Diary. Not only will it be a way for students to share their experience, but it also informs educators where a student’s interests may lie.

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