CLASSROOM – Debate and Speech

National Day Calendar Classroom - March - Debate and Speech
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)

CLASSROOM – Debate and Speech

Debate and Speech education is a vital part of our classrooms. Each year, National Speech and Debate Education Day celebrates the educators and the students who’ve spent hours and weeks preparing. In honor of their hard work and dedication. Incorporating speech and debate into our education means we’re preparing students for future careers and critical thinking. The value they find in these classroom and extra-curricular experiences will benefit them for a lifetime.

National Day Calendar understands how important these skills will be to students. Our founder, Marlo Anderson, uses his speaking skills daily. It is a skill he has honed over time, but it is one he values and uses every day on behalf of National Day Calendar and many other causes important to him.

That’s why the classroom focuses on Speech and Debate this week. We hope you find this week’s project useful for your classroom.


Download and print this week’s project and give your students the opportunity to prepare speeches and debates based on the National Days.

Celebrate Every Day in the Classroom by:

1. Asking a question about the day or observance and finding the answer.
2. Exploring the subject further. Whether you read a book, interview an expert, watch a documentary, or run an experiment, there is always more to learn about the observance.
3. Writing about the day or observance. You can write about what you learned or what the day means to you.
4. Telling someone about the day. You might be sharing information that is helpful to someone. Or, you might brighten someone’s day.
5. Solving a problem. Many observances discuss issues around the world that need fixing. How would you fix it?
6. Being creative. Draw, paint, build, design, bake, create your idea of what the observance means.

Of course, as always, sharing on social media isn’t required; learning is. But if you do, please use #NDCClassroom to share on social media.


This week, we created topic cards for National Speech and Debate Education Day based on the National Days. Download and print the worksheet and cards. Have your students select a topic. Once they’ve written their speech or debate, let them present it before their classmates.

Speech and Debate Day Form and Topic Cards

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