National Day Calendar Classroom - July- Boring
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


National Anti-Boredom Month kicks off the month of July and inspires this week’s boring classroom. We mean, it kicks off the subject of boredom in the middle of summer. With long days and more daylight hours, no school or fewer classroom hours, boredom tends to sneak up on us. Some of us are better at combatting boredom while others struggle to find activities that motivate us.

This week’s classroom focuses on both indoor and outdoor activities that students of all ages can get involved in. While we share a great list of ideas and resources, we also challenge students to be proactive about using their time. Before we know it, summer will be over, and we’ll be spending more time indoors again.

HOW TO OBSERVE in the Classroom – Boring

Check out this week’s projects and share them with your students and their families. If you have ideas or comments you would like us to hear, share any of them by clicking on the contact us link.

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Cast away boredom by getting creative. We have a list of projects and ideas to help keep boredom at bay and also keep students productive. We also created a Boredom Buster list for students to write down their favorite ways to beat boredom before it sneaks in. Download and print it to keep it handy.

  • Lawn games

Some of the best ways to keep boredom busy is by playing games. While we’re outdoors some of the most entertaining games can be played right in our backyard or at the park with very little equipment.

    • Lawn darts
    • Corn hole
    • Frisbee Golf
    • Bocce Ball
    • Volleyball
    • Giant versions of indoor games
    • Ladder toss
  • Craft projects

Whether making your own slime or building a kite, creating something new from items around the house can dash away boredom.

    • Painting
    • Make a suncatcher
    • Build a model – Whether it’s a model car or the Eiffel Tower, building models takes time and keeps us focused.
  • Cook

With adult supervision, children can learn to make all sorts of recipes. Check out National Day Calendar’s recipe pages for lots of kid-friendly ideas.

    • Homemade pizza
    • No-bake cookies
    • Sandwiches
    • Macaroni and cheese
  • Volunteer

 Teaching our children to give back to their community empowers them to be involved. Whether they volunteer at a local soup kitchen or help keep their community clean, they will learn social responsibility and compassion for others.

    • Join a volunteer organization that includes children
    • Create your own project for giving back like
    • Donate gently used toys
    • Help an animal shelter
  • Take a class

When children learn something new, that’s another tool in their arsenal against boredom.

    • Art class
    • Carpentry class
    • Science in action class
    • An athletic class like gymnastics or karate
    • First aid class
    • Animal care class
    • Cooking class
  • Rest and relax

Sometimes, our kids’ lives are so organized, they don’t know what to do when boredom hits. And sometimes, all they really need is a break. It’s ok for children to not be busy once in a while.

    • Take a nap
    • Read a book
    • Listen to music
    • Watch a movie

How will you overcome boredom this summer? Share your ideas with us.

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