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National Day Calendar Classroom - October- Books


In the classroom, we love books. There’s no denying how much books make us happy. National Book Month gives us another opportunity to indulge in all the ways books makes us happy. Reading books opens up worlds we never knew existed. They take us back in time, and they stimulate the imagination. Why wouldn’t we want to celebrate books even more in the classroom? There’s no answer to that question!

One of the great things about books is that we can also share our love of reading with others. Whether we read aloud or complete a book review, we let others know reading is valuable to us. That enthusiasm for reading can also be shared by students with other students or even with family members. It’s an excellent way to celebrate books!


Download and print this week’s project. Implement some of the National Book Month celebration ideas. Print off any one of our several bookmarks.

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While reading is probably the #1 way to celebrate National Book Month, we also provide you with several other ways to participate in the classroom.

  • Host a book review event. Encourage students to bring in their favorite books and complete a review. Place all the books along with the review on display for other students to explore. They will likely discover a new book they will want to read. We even have a book review form all ready for you!
  • Take a trip to the library. Challenge students to read a different author, new subject matter, or a completely new genre.
  • Create a book swap. Each student brings in a book they’ve already read to swap for a different book to take home and read.
  • Download and print any one of the bookmarks in the classroom. Or, invite the classroom to make their own.

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