National Day Calendar Classroom - November 2019 - Authors

National Day Calendar Classroom - November 2019 - Authors

CLASSROOM – Authors Week – Week 11

When National Authors’ Day rolls around, the classroom likes to celebrate. Whether we peruse the library shelves looking authors to tell you about or dive into the next popular trilogy, we love authors of all ages. As a bonus, the entire month is National Novel Writing Month. We know many schools participate in various ways, inspiring their students to write creatively all month long.

What better way to celebrate the day in the classroom than by encouraging students to be the budding writers we know are inside?


Challenge your students to this week’s project. While you’re at it, enlist their families to join them and incorporate the writing project into holiday sharing time at home.

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November kicks of National Novel Writing Month and November first is National Authors’ Day. Challenge your students to a variety of writing projects, encouraging them in the ways of the author.

Some ideas to get you started include:

  • Create a prompt jar – Fill the jar with ideas, words, phrases, and pictures that generate story ideas. Keep the jar filled by asking students to drop their prompt ideas into the jar throughout the week.
  • Sign your class up for NaNoWriMo – Give your budding authors something to aim toward. The website offers lots of ideas and challenges designed, especially for young writers.
  • Journaling time – Allow journaling time every day for your students. They can write as little or as much as they want, but they must write!
  • Play word games – The web is full of word games that help young authors write more creatively. One example is the Thesaurus Game.
  • Enlist the family – Challenge family members to write with your students. Whether they write a short story or pursue a full novel, the challenge is accepted! Encourage families to read excerpts of their stories over the holidays. Don’t forget to include the inspiration behind the challenge – the student.
  • Send your stories to National Day Calendar® – We’d love to share stories written by students on our classroom pages and give them credit for all their hard work. Send us an email on our Contact Us link, and we’ll share stories the week of Thanksgiving. Stories are limited to 300 words or less.

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