Captain Angela WickmanCelebration Spotlight – Celebration Ambassador Angela Wickman and I sat down in December to discuss how she Celebrates Every Day. She’s a mom, loves pirates, and celebrates the days with enthusiasm. She shares her excitement for the outdoors, the National Days, and (pirates) with anyone who will join her. Angela also shares the entire experience with her son. Here’s what Angela had to say:

Aye Matey!

Michele: One of your favorite days is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Why is that?

Angela: I love pirates. My elementary school mascot was a pirate. I’ve loved them ever since. Even before Pirates of the Caribbean, I loved pirates. Really getting into it, I learned about International Talk Like A Pirate Day so many years ago and then ‘What is this on the National Day Calendar? <Gasp> You can Celebrate Every Day?! Oh My gosh, yes!” It just kind of went from there.

Michele: I love how one led to the other. You incorporate these days with your son, too, correct?

Angela: Yes. With everybody.

Sharing with Others

Michele: How do you share the celebrations with everyone else?

Angela: I go to the calendar and to today’s day and we’ll be walking around somewhere and somebody goes, “Let’s get coffee.” And I’ll say, “Did you know today is National Latte Day?” And they’ll get excited.

At work too, I’ve got that little desk calendar and we’re always like so today is national this or national that. I try to make sure activities put some of the important ones on our resident calendar. They had Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. I try to make sure they get certain ones on their calendars, too. We just bring it all around.

Michele: How do people usually respond when you bring those celebrations to them?

Angela: They’re like, “No way! There’s a latte day?” And I tell them there’s a day for everything! I’ll go on and ask them their favorite thing and I tell them we can do it!

Celebrate Every Day and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Michele: For Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, did you have a lot of participation?

Angela: We had a pretty decent group come in and then they decorated cookies and they came with their sweaters. It was so cute.

Michele: So, 2022 is right around the corner. How will you incorporate the days in the New Year?

Angela: I will take my monthly calendar and circle the days that I think will be easy to incorporate. I don’t drink alcohol so I just skip those. But then there are all those other fun ones! Ginger house day. I’ve never built one all the way from scratch. So we’ll just do that. Oatmeal Muffin Day is another one. I love oatmeal muffins, let’s find a recipe. And we’ll make that and we’re celebrating oatmeal muffins.

Michele: Do you learn new things by following the calendar?

Angela: Yes! Going back to the oatmeal muffins, when I look at a recipe and then maybe I’ll discover other recipes.


Michele: What other ways has the calendar inspired you?

Angela: We took a trip to Yellowstone this year and one of the days was Blueberry Muffin Day. I thought, “That’s perfect for camping. You wake up in the morning. You don’t have to cook anything. We can still have blueberry muffins in Yellowstone! That’s so cool!

Michele: What advice would you give to someone who wants to incorporate the National Days into their lifestyle?

Angela: Do what I’m doing. Look at the monthly calendar. Don’t just stick with the days. Then you’ll realize in two weeks there’s this holiday or National Wear Red Day. Then I can tell everybody, “Hey guys! It’s National Wear Red Day and we’ll all wear red.” Find something, tell other people, and you can super incorporate it.

Michele: Some days we have 10 or a dozen days to celebrate. How do you pick which one?

Angela: For me, food days are always a go-to. I enjoy cooking. And looking up new recipes. Also having fun with my son in the kitchen is always the best, creating memories. Then my other days would be destination-related. For example, Take a Hike Day or Merry-go-round Day. Something else I can go to and do with my son. Those are the kinds of days I navigate towards

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