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  • National Seat Check Saturday


    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) promotes the fourth Saturday in September as Seat Check Saturday.


    With one child under the age of 13 injured in an automobile accident every 33 seconds, the NHTSA hopes everyone will spread the news.

    The proper use of child safety seats is the leading preventative measure parents and childcare providers can implement to avoid injury and death in young children. One 2016 safety fact to note is 328 children under 5 years of age were saved by car seats.


    Take a little time to learn the laws of your state’s DOT website about age, height and weight restrictions for children in safety or booster seats. Be sure to look over the information on for additional help choosing and installing these safety seats.

    Use #SeatCheckSaturday on social media to spread the news about this National Day to your family and friends with little ones.


    National Day Calendar continues to research when Car Seat Saturday began. However, over the years, the observance has grown. Many state and local agencies participate annually to maintain safety and awareness. While the observance is usually the fourth Saturday in September, it occasionally lands on the third Saturday.

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  • NATIONAL SINGLES DAY – Saturday of Singles Week


    National Singles Day takes place on the Saturday of Singles week in September. The day recognizes nearly half of the U.S. population who, whether by choice or circumstance, remain unattached.


    The single population continues to be an integral part of growing businesses, organizations, and communities.

    Singles contribute to their families and communities in a variety of ways, too. Some of the statistics may be surprising, but they shouldn’t be. For example, more singles help out with ailing parents than their married siblings. However, it’s not always for the reasons one might think. Yes, many married couples have small children shrinking the time they have to spare, but even couples without children helped out less often than their single siblings.

    The day not only celebrates the accomplishments of singles but aims to break down myths surrounding the single lifestyle. Most singles don’t go through life depressed and directionless. Their social lives are active and full of purpose. They contribute actively to their communities and pursue long-range goals. While some may prefer solitude, others seek interests outside their work-life while staying connected to friends and family.

    Not everyone is part of a power couple. The day celebrates their unique qualities and opportunities to network with ingenuity and independence.


    As a growing part of our society, celebrate the single people in your life. Make room for them in your plans and if you are one, become a part of the growing crowd of singletons. Other ways to participate:

    • Host or join an event for singles near you.
    • Share your experiences as an independent single.
    • Invite other singles to join you on a trip or night out.
    • Count the reasons why being single is right for you.
    • Join a social group for singles.

    Whether you wear it as a badge of honor or are seeking to change your single life, join the celebration. Use #NationalSinglesDay to share on social media.


    The Buckeye Singles Council of Columbus, Ohio first observed National Singles Day in the 1980s. The date was moved in 2017 to coincide with National Singles Week in September.

    24 September 2022
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  • SAVE YOUR PHOTOS DAY – Last Saturday in September


    Save Your Photos Day is always on a Saturday in September. This is a great day to back up those digital photos and organize all those boxes of Polaroids.


    As part of Save Your Photos Month, the day reminds us these precious memories are perishable. Whether through natural disasters like floods, fires, or tornados or the human ones like spilled liquids and computer viruses, photos in any form are fragile.  Backing them up and preserving them is necessary for the long haul.

    Some of the older photographs that have made it this far may be missing vital information. Many of our grandparents didn’t take the time to write the names of the people in the pictures, never realizing that generations later would be as fascinated by the people in the images as they were by taking them.

    There are several ways to create order from the chaos. Take charge of the modern photos now. Label as you go by including names, dates, and information about the event on the picture. Back up the digital photos regularly. Share your favorites and display those that bring a smile.

    When it comes to tracking down information on old family pictures, start with relatives. There may be someone who knows someone with a long memory. Take a road trip with your photographs for a visit. Connect through ancestry and family tree websites. Some of the oddest things will help connect one photo to another.


    Take time to protect your photographs, whether you use your phone, a digital camera, or film to take pictures. Attend workshops on how to preserve photographs. Scan, preserve, and share the photos with family members to be shared for future generations as well. Other ways to participate include:

    • Sharing your skills – Invite others to learn how to organize their photos, research their history, and document the stories.
    • Take a class – Learn about photo preservation and editing. Bring those old photos back to life.
    • Start scanning – Preserve old photos digitally to share with other family members.
    • Make it a habit – Document your photos with dates and names.

    Use #SaveYourPhotosDay to share on social media.


    Save Your Photos Alliance (developed by The Association of Personal Photo Organizers) created Save Your Photos Day.  

    24 September 2022
    30 September 2023
    28 September 2024
    27 September 2025
    26 September 2026
    25 September 2027
    30 September 2028
    29 September 2029
    28 September 2030
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  • NATIONAL GHOST HUNTING DAY – Last Saturday in September


    On the last Saturday in September, as part of the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt, National Ghost Hunting Day kicks off an annual international investigation of the paranormal.


    Ghost hunting stirs up images of abandoned mansions with murderous histories. For others, ghost hunting involves specters guarding ancient crypts. Centuries-old ghost stories around the world focus on historical records or literature. Science, religion, and academia debate their existence. Even their use by Shakespeare and other playwrights is often considered a continuation of that discussion.

    Legendary Ghosts

    Seeking paranormal activity isn’t limited to crumbling ruins and darkened, forgotten corners of the world. Public places boast eerie tales of spectral voices or haunting mists. For example, both the Tower of London and the White House in Washington, D.C. crackle with the electricity of paranormal activity. The former is thought to be haunted by Ann Bolyn’s ghost. With regards to the White House, the stories are plentiful, too.

    Enthusiasts bring attention to historic properties. They also have an interest in preservation. As part of the adventure, sleuths visit Civil War-era towns like Old-Salt Sulphur Springs, Virginia. Others join ghost walks like the one at Rohs Opera House in Kentucky. For train lovers and train-loving ghosts, hop on board in Colorado. There are many historical locations ready for sleuthing and investigation on National Ghost Hunting Day.

    Perhaps it’s the anticipation for the novice – someone yet to experience the thrill of witnessing a restless soul making contact for the first time. Lured into their first haunted journey, the novice remembers the first spooky ghost story read by flashlight under the bedsheets. Or perhaps it was an unexplained blur on a snapshot. Sometimes, just the prospect of a spirit lingering nearby piques the investigator’s interest. However, actual sightings are rare and fleeting.

    Modern Ghost Hunts

    With the increase of movies and television shows going on the hunt, interest grows. Societies worldwide continue developing methods of proving the existence of ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal activity. Typically, a ghost hunting team attempts to collect evidence they see as supportive of paranormal activity. Devices such as an EMF meter, digital thermometer, handheld, and static digital video cameras, audio recorders, and computers are all part of a team’s toolbox.  However, they also employ traditional techniques like conducting interviews and researching the history of a site.

    Of course, skeptics remain. Considered a pseudoscience by most educators, academics, and science writers, ghost hunting leads to noble acts. For example, some ghost hunts launched preservation campaigns. They also preserve the American Folklore Story and integrate known scientific tools for challenging dimensional theories. Thus, with a tremendous sense of discovery and enthusiasm, National Ghost Hunting Day is celebrated.


    National Ghost Hunting Day will kick off with the Shot-Gun start at The ScareFest in Lexington, KY.  To join in the coast-to-coast simultaneous hunt, find a satellite team near you! In addition, national ghost hunting societies will be participating across the country investigating local venues. Use #NationalGhostHuntingDay to share on social media.


    Haunted JourneysHaunted Travels founded National Ghost Hunting Day to kick off a season full of haunted attractions and fall festivities. They encourage enthusiasts to pursue their interests in the mysteries surrounding the supernatural and carry on ghost hunters’ long-held traditions. One hundred percent of funds raised through ticket sales go to local non-profit pet shelters in each participating community. The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in July of 2016.

    Ghost Hunting FAQ

    Q. What do Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) have to do with ghosts?
    A. EMF meters detect fluctuations in electromagnetic fields. Ghost hunters believe these fluctuations may indicate the presence of a ghost.

    Q. What other tools do ghost hunters use?
    A. Ghost hunters use a variety of tools to identify or prove the existence of a ghost. Some of those tools include:

    • Video and audio recording devices
    • Thermal imaging cameras
    • Infrared cameras
    • Infrasound equipment
    • Motion sensors
    • Digital thermometers
    • Heat sensors

    24 September 2022
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    25 September 2027
    30 September 2028
    29 September 2029
    28 September 2030
    27 September 2031





    On September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day serves up a tasty dessert. Smitten with this simply elegant dessert, cherry lovers celebrate this sweet holiday with delight.


    Auguste Escoffier receives the credit for the Cherries Jubilee recipe. Since he knew Queen Victoria’s fondness for cherries, Escoffier prepared the dish for one of her Jubilee celebrations. However, his original method didn’t include ice cream. Instead, the chef poached the cherries in a simple syrup and poured warm brandy over them. Then just before serving, dramatically set the alcohol aflame.

    Later recipes added the liqueur Kirschwasser and ice cream.

    When is National Chocolate Covered Cherries Day?

    The word jubilee means many things. However, in reference to the vibrant dessert featuring plump cherries, it means a celebration. As we all know, desserts often accompany celebrations.  And cherries jubilee is no exception. The excitement associated with the grand presentation accentuated the event, too.

    Escoffier had a knack for simplicity and elegance. He also created the Peach Melba in honor of Nellie Melba. The famous chef even named a macaron after Sarah Bernhardt. (Though there’s no day on the calendar for it, yet.)


    Find a restaurant near you that serves cherries jubilee. As part of the celebration, order dessert first. Or, try making it yourself. Try this delicious Cherries Jubilee recipe. At the same time, be sure to share a photo of your masterpiece!

    Don’t forget to use #CherriesJubileeDay to post on social media.


    While National Day Calendar® continues searching for the source of this delicious food holiday, we encourage you to #CelebrateEveryDay!

    Cherries Jubilee FAQ

    Q. Are there other cherry-related holidays on the calendar?
    A. Yes! February is National Cherry Month. The sweet red cherry is also celebrated on National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, National Cherry Pie Day, National Cherry Tart Day, and National Cherry Popsicle Day.

    Q. What does the word “jubilee” mean?
    A. A jubilee is the celebration of a significant anniversary. Jubilees are often attached to the 25th or 50th year of an annual event or celebration.





    On September 24th Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving expresses thanks in a way that dates back to 1734.


    The Schwenkfelders are the descendants of a small Protestant sect that sprang up in Germany around the time of the Reformation. They were followers of Caspar Schwenkfeld, a theologian. He and his followers separated from Protestant circles and formed the brotherhoods that still survive as the Schwenkfelder Church. Most Schwenkfelders now live in Pennsylvania Dutch country.


    Cook up a Thanksgiving spread. Celebrate with your garden bounty and the fruits of your labors. Create new traditions to carry forward generation after generation. Give thanks for the blessings and rewards in your life. Use #SchwenkfelderThanksgiving to post on social media.


    In 1733, a handful of Schwenkfelder’s followers arrived in Philadelphia. A second group came from Germany on September 22, 1734. They swore their allegiance to the British king; then they spent September 24th expressing their thankfulness to God for having delivered them from persecution.

    This Thanksgiving event is the oldest continuously observed Thanksgiving event in the United States. The traditional Thanksgiving celebrated at the end of November didn’t get its start until the end of the Civil War.

    While the Pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving feast in 1621, the observance didn’t continue uninterrupted. Days of fasting and thanksgiving on an annual or occasional basis became common practice in other New England settlements. George Washington even proclaimed the Nation’s first Thanksgiving in 1789. And while his successors followed suit, designating days of thanks, they weren’t consistent. It wasn’t until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving for the last Thursday in November. Annually, the country gave thanks on that day until 1939. That year, Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the observance to the fourth Thursday, and that’s where it stayed.



    September 24th Celebrated History


    The first Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving takes place.


    The perpendicular rock formation known as Devil’s Tower is named the first national monument in the United States. The Antiquities Act passed in June of the same year paved the way for President Theodore Roosevelt to begin declaring national monuments. Throughout his term as president, he would declare 17 more national monuments.


    The French Sardine Company of California trademarks its canned fish products under the name Star-Kist.


    Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa found the Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Their first product is a motorcycle.


    The Brooklyn Dodgers play their last game at Ebbets Field. After their 2-0 win of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the team moved to Los Angeles where they still play today.


    Elvis Presley releases the single “Jailhouse Rock” written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. A month later, the film by the same name and starring Presley premieres.


    The news show 60 Minutes premieres on CBS. The program was promoted as a news magazine and was hosted by Harry Reasoner and Mike Wallace, but there was no ticking clock in the background.


    The Big Dibber rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Lancashire, UK sets a world record. That day, the average age of the 32 passengers equaled 75.25, the highest average age ever reported for riders on a rollercoaster.

    September 24th Celebrated Birthdays

    Francis Harper – 1825

    The prominent abolitionist and suffragist became the first African American to publish a short story. She worked closely with influential activists such as George Still and Frederick Douglass to promote anti-slavery campaigns and pursue equal rights.

    Georges Claude – 1870

    If you know a business is open because of the glowing sign in the window, you can thank Georges Claude. The engineer and chemist is noted for inventing the neon light.

    Lottie Dod – 1871 

    The accomplished tennis player was At the age of 15, Dod became the youngest winner of the Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles Championship.

    Franklin Clarence Mars – 1883

    The American businessman founded the Mars company in 1911. Today the company includes a diverse range of products.

    Esther Eng – 1914

    The Chinese American filmmaker made her mark in the cinema when she produced the first American film for a Chinese audience. She also traveled to Hong Kong and began producing films there. In 1941, she directed the film Golden Gate Girl which was also the film debut for actor Bruce Lee. His character was the newborn baby girl.

    Ruth Amonette – 1916 

    At the age of 27, Amonette became the first woman executive vice president of IBM.

    John Watts Young – 1930

    The ninth astronaut to walk on the moon flew six spaceflights, the first person to reach the achievement. As an accomplished pilot, he also flew four different types of spacecraft throughout his missions.

    Jim Henson – 1936

    The puppeteer and filmmaker is best known for his characters known as Muppets. They appear in shows such as Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, and The Muppets franchise.

    Paul Hamm – 1982

    The three-time Olympic gymnast took gold in the Olympic all-around in 2004.



    National Punctuation Day commemorates all punctuation on September 24th. A period, a comma, a semicolon, a question mark, and an exclamation point are examples of some of the punctuation used in writing. They separate sentences and their elements to clarify meaning. Without them, meaning would be lost or up for interpretation.


    When is National Speak In Complete Sentences Day?

    Across the country, punctuation events test skills, educate and even poke fun at some of those embarrassing errors.

    The founder of the observance sends out a challenge every year.  Visit Jeff Rubin’s website to enter the contest.

    • FontFeed credits the observance with the revival of the interrobang.
    • Auburn Elementary School of Auburn, MI celebrates the observance annually.
    • CBS’s Live with Regis & Kelly mentioned the celebration on their morning television show on September 24, 2008.

    For some, the celebration can be a trying one. If you’re not one to use punctuation in text messages, you might be prompted to use a period or two throughout the day.


    What better way to celebrate punctuation than by using it. Seek out unique ways to punctuate your sentences. You can also try a few of these suggestions:

    • Spend the day critiquing others’ mistakes. Or, carefully correct your own.
    • Determine which of your contracts for insurance, warranties, or service have a misplaced comma that might be to your benefit.
    • To avoid punctuation altogether, just complete crossword puzzles all day. They don’t use any punctuation.
    • Write an error-free email and send it to everyone you know. Better yet, write an email with a single error and challenge your friends to find it.
    • Open up a debate about the Oxford comma online. It may get as heated as a political debate.
    • Try using every type of punctuation throughout the day.
    • Create a painting or collage of your favorite punctuation marks.
    • Express how you feel about the evolution of punctuation into emoticons. 😉
    • Make meatloaf and form the loaves into punctuation shapes.

    We all make mistakes (but, not with meatloaf). While some mistakes we find humorous, some are costly. They impact relationships or the bottom line.

    Practice proper punctuation and properly post it using #NationalPunctuationDay on social media.


    Jeff Rubin founded National Punctuation Day in 2004 as a way to promote the correct usage of punctuation.

    Q. Why is punctuation important?
    A. Punctuation is important because sentences that don’t use punctuation are difficult to read Punctuation helps define the end of a sentence a pause and even emotion Without punctuation chaos ensues and the entire world order falls apart Now you wouldn’t want that would you

    Q. Is punctuation overused?
    A. Sometimes. Some people, overuse punctuation. There are lots of ways to overuse punctuation!!!! It’s sometimes, hard to read, sentences that use too much punctuation. More importantly, using punctuation incorrectly is confusing? Examples include; too many commas, exclamation points, and semicolons; using the wrong punctuation, and lack of consistency. Some people consistently use the Oxford comma and others don’t use it at all!?!?!


  • NATIONAL PUBLIC LANDS DAY – Fourth Saturday in September


    National Public Lands Day (NPLD) is the nation’s largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. 


    This fee-free day in many federally managed lands encourages visitors to volunteer conservation or enjoy hiking, exploring, fishing or camping their favorite public lands. Volunteers give back by repairing trails, collecting trash, or other maintenance needed around the parks.

    Our public lands offer outdoor and open spaces for us to explore all year long. Every season, they provide a beautiful bounty of wildlife and nature to explore. We hike the trails, camp, and picnic with family and friends. Some of us have lists of places to visit. There are plenty of vistas to discover all across the country.

    It’s important to keep them pristine for generations to come. Whether the beach calls or the mountains, each one requires us to take care of it. 


    Visit your favorite public land and volunteer. Join an event near you and show your support. We even have a list of the 7 Best Public Lands in the Country for you to check out. While we know there are more, here are a few you might want to explore.

    Find out more about how you can participate by visiting and use #NPLD or #PublicLandsDay to post on social media.


    National Public Lands Day began in 1994 and keeps the promise of the Civilian Conservation Corps, the “tree army” that worked from 1933-1942 to preserve and protect America’s natural heritage.

    Public Lands FAQ

    Q. What are public lands in the United States?
    A. In the United States, public lands are areas owned by the government and part of the public domain.

    Q. What is an example of a public land?
    A. In the United States, public lands include national and state conservation areas, preserves, parks, forests, refuges, monuments, wilderness, historic sites, memorials, battlefields, seashores, trails, rivers, and recreation areas. An example of a public land in the US is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Alger County, Michigan. Another, the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail traverses 16 states and 4,900 miles.

    Q. How many acres are public lands in the United States?
    A. The U.S. public land system is composed of about 640 million acres.


    24 September 2022
    23 September 2023
    28 September 2024
    27 September 2025
    26 September 2026
    25 September 2027
    23 September 2028
    22 September 2029
    28 September 2030
    27 September 2031

  • NATIONAL HUNTING AND FISHING DAY – Fourth Saturday in September


    Each year National Hunting and Fishing Day occurs on the fourth Saturday in September. The day recognizes the conservationists and preservationists found in those who hunt and fish across the country. 


    For those who enjoy hunting and fishing, doing so responsibly is important. Following safety guidelines keeps them and others safe. However, they also strive to keep their hobbies alive. To do so, they follow the laws and guidelines put in place for each season. 

    Every year, limits fluctuate depending on the population of birds, fish, and other game. At times, the population is so high, there’s a need to reduce an invasive species. Other species require careful regulation to prevent overhunting and fishing. 

    While hunting or fishing, many enjoy the beauty of nature. They explore areas of the country they may not normally see. Wilderness brings families together or friends for bonding time. Hunting and fishing are about respect for the land, the habitat, and each other, too.


    Take the day to go out hunting or fishing. Be safe. Follow posted guidelines and hunt within the season. Share your experiences and enjoy the great outdoors. While you’re out, be sure to take an active role in teaching future generations. Use #HuntingAndFishingDay to post on social media.


    The day dates back to the 1960s. In 1972, by Senate Joint Resolution 117, Congress requested the President to declare the fourth Saturday of September 1972 as National Hunting and Fishing Day. On May 2 of the same year, President Richard Nixon signed proclamation 4128 designating the observance to occur the Fourth Saturday in September.


    24 September 2022
    30 September 2023
    28 September 2024
    27 September 2025
    26 September 2026
    25 September 2027
    30 September 2028
    29 September 2029
    28 September 2030
    27 September 2031

  • NATIONAL FAMILY HEALTH & FITNESS DAY USA – Last Saturday in September


    The entire family gets involved with National Family Health & Fitness Day on the last Saturday in September. 


    The day promotes family involvement in physical activity in support of one of the goals of the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health. When families strive to be healthy together, the success rate increases. Incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into a family’s lifestyle takes a team effort. It’s kind of like celebrations. Who celebrates alone? 

    When we make reaching health goals a family goal it becomes a fun activity. One way to achieve better fitness is by cooking together. When we do, we learn which flavors fit their lifestyle best. While learning new exercise routines, families encourage each other, too. Once one member finds success, it challenges the other family members to pick up the pace. We support each other to bike, walk, or stretch through to the next peak. 

    When we make the experience a positive one, we also improve the bonds between family members. We grow together and develop new skills that we will carry with us for a lifetime. 


    Get out and play as a family. It’s important to do something physical every day. Whether the family goes for a walk, throws a Frisbee, or plays with the dogs, get the heart rate up. Another thing to do is learn portion sizes. Then go through the house and reduce or eliminate the unhealthy snacks in the house. Replace them with fruits and vegetables. Start cooking together. Aim for at least one meal week and work up to cooking every day together.

    Other ways to celebrate the day include:

    • Invite the family to suggest their favorite ways to work out.
    • Incorporate vegetables into your breakfast routine.
    • Bring the kids to the grocery store to help them understand their options.
    • Join a fitness group that encourages family activities.

    Find events and more activities at to join in the celebration and use #FamilyHealthAndFitnessDayUSA to post on social media.


    The Health Information Resource Center organizes Family Health And Fitness Day USA each year. The day was started in 1996.


    24 September 2022
    30 September 2023
    28 September 2024
    27 September 2025
    26 September 2026
    25 September 2027
    30 September 2028
    29 September 2029
    28 September 2030
    27 September 2031