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  • NATIONAL PLAY OUTSIDE DAY – First Saturday of Every Month


    If it’s the first Saturday of the month, it’s National Play Outside Day. So, no matter what month it is, everyone put down their electronic devices and get outside!


    All year long, we are given numerous opportunities to get outside and play. But sometimes, life, responsibilities, and distractions keep us from spending time in the fresh air as we should. National Play Outside Day is a reminder to stretch our legs and expend some energy in the great outdoors.

    Benefits of Outdoor Play

    Why is playing outside so good for us? Besides getting us off the sofa or away from the desk, it also gives us an opportunity to explore our neighborhoods. While it’s impossible to list all the benefits of outdoor play, we do have a few to share.

    • Playing outdoors is a freeing activity. It frees us from routines, enclosed spaces, and frames of mind.
    • The outdoors fills us with energy. Whether it’s the fresh air, sunshine, or physical activity, we perk up and become motivated to accomplish things.
    • It clears the cobwebs from our brains. We sometimes get stuck on a topic, project, or issue and are unable to resolve it. A change of scene often brings clarity we didn’t have before.
    • Outdoor play provides terrific physical activity for our bodies. Our hearts pump fresh oxygen to our limbs and brains.
    • We experience new sights and sounds. Children get to experience the world around them.
    • As a social activity, playing outside encourages positive interactions.
    • When you play outside every month, it becomes habit-forming – and this is one good habit to have!
    • It stimulates the imagination. Outdoor play almost has no boundaries. Your yard can be a kingdom or the playground can be a mountain to scale.

    We’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits of outdoor play. There are so many more! So, be sure to get outside with the family on the first Saturday of every month – or even more often than that!


    We know the seasons change, so what we were able to do outside last month will be different this month. However, that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the day. This is your monthly reminder that it’s time to get outside and play. We have suggestions for every season that we’re sure you’ll enjoy!

    • Explore hiking trails near you.
    • Visit the local swimming pool or even take swimming lessons.
    • Check out every park in your neighborhood and climb, slide or swing on every playground set.
    • Start a game of catch, kickball, tag, or Frisbee or make up a game.
    • Go to the beach.
    • Run through the sprinkler.
    • Go camping.
    • Go fishing.
    • Fly a kite.
    • Jump in a pile of leaves.
    • Build a fort – of leaves or snow or whatever is handy.
    • Walk around the block.
    • Go for a bike ride.
    • Build a snowperson.
    • Go sledding.
    • Identify the constellations at night and look for meteors.
    • Visit your favorite state or national park.
    • Check out these 9 Fun Winter Outdoor Activities.

    What’s your favorite way to play outside? Introduce some of the games you used to play to your children. Whatever you do, be sure to get outside and play! Use #PlayOutsideDay to share on social media.


    In 2011, Aaron Wiggans and Rhonda D. Abeyta founded National Play Outside Day as a reminder to explore and play in the world outside. The day encourages healthful habits that will last a lifetime.



    On October 7th, National Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day brings support and education to the general public about a painful condition.


    The trigeminal nerve is the largest of cranial nerves and consists of 12 pairs of nerves that control many functions of the face. Causes of trigeminal neuralgia range from pressure on the nerve, aging, or a disorder that wears away the myelin such as cerebral palsy. Other causes include injury or stroke.

    Those with trigeminal neuralgia may experience severe pain in the face and jaw. Even slight stimulation can trigger pain. The pain can be shooting or jabbing. Before an episode begins, some sufferers experience a burning sensation. The pain may be localized or spread and may worsen over time. It can also last a few minutes or days.

    While treatments such as surgery or medications may provide relief, the condition is progressive over time.

    The observance encourages us to wear teal in support of those who suffer from this debilitating condition. The day promotes advancing the cause of research to help find a cure. It also aims to raise awareness to improve diagnosis and treatment procedures.


    Wear teal while you spread awareness about trigeminal neuralgia. Support research and fundraising efforts. Learn more about the condition that may affect someone you love. Find out ways to support them as they seek treatment and relief from trigeminal neuralgia. Share your stories of success and coping skills. While you do, use #TrigeminalNeuralgiaAwarenessDay to share on social media.


    In 2017, the House of Representatives passed House Resolution 558 naming October 7th National Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day. The resolution calls for action by individuals across the country and acknowledgment of those striving to promote research and treatments.



    October 7th officially marks the sweet and salty goodness of National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day. Whether they’re dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate, be sure to celebrate every mouthwatering pretzel bite!


    Salty, crunchy pretzels and chocolate are the gold mine of the snack world, and their combination is the epitome of the oh-so-popular sweet and salty flavor craze. Change up the chocolate from white to milk to dark chocolate, and they satisfy even a mild sweet tooth.

    History of the Chocolate Covered Pretzel

    Many creative stories have been shared to explain how pretzels and chocolate came together. One tale tells of a German baker joining forces with his chocolatier neighbor in the 1500s to dip pretzels. However, this idea is purely imagination. Dipping into the history of pretzels and chocolate, the story might become a little clearer.

    Historians document the story of chocolate quite well. However, anyone dipping pretzels into chocolate back in the 1500s would have had a soggy mess. Why? Because only drinking chocolate existed in those days. Nearly 300 years later, Casparus van Houten Sr. developed a process to separate the cocoa solids from the butter. Then, in 1828, his creation brought on a candy revolution which led to the development of the most amazing, versatile ingredient we have today: chocolate!

    The first commercial hard pretzels, the kind that makes the combination with chocolate so irresistible, came along in 1861. Julius Sturgis opened a bakery in a house built around 1784 in Lititz, Pennsylvania. He used a recipe given to him by an unnamed friend. How long people had been making hard pretzels before then is unknown.

    The marriage of two delicious treats, chocolate, and pretzels, came along sometime after that. However, the point is that the celebration starts now! We celebrate all shapes and sizes of chocolate covered pretzels, too. Beyond the twists, rings, and rods, there are pretzels perfectly decorated with sprinkles and infused with flavors that will put your favorite coffee shop to shame. Chocolate covered pretzels adorn cakes, bars, and ice cream, too. As unique favors, who wouldn’t want to find an assortment of their favorite sweet and salty snack in a party bag?


    Pick up your favorite combination of pretzels, chocolate, and toppings. Share a few, gift a few (and don’t forget to treat yourself, too!) Add chocolate covered pretzel pieces to popcorn or dip them into Nutella or ice cream. Then share your favorite indulgences by posting #ChocolateCoveredPretzelDay photos on social media.


    Fatty Sundays® founded National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day in 2019 to celebrate the most delicious treat of all time! With so many inventive ways to savor and enjoy chocolate covered pretzels, we really wonder why it took so long to discover them in the first place.

    In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day to be observed annually on October 7th.

    About Fatty Sundays®

    Fatty Sundays is a Brooklyn-based gourmet chocolate covered pretzel business co-founded by 2 sisters, Ali Borowick Zmishlany and Lauren Borowick. Inspired by their Mom Karen’s famous sprinkles pretzels, the sisters set out to reinvent and modernize everyone’s favorite sweet and salty treat. Since 2012, their fun flavor list and family business have been growing as they share their unique pretzels and gifts with the world.

    All of Fatty Sundays pretzels are dipped in high-quality, milk, dark or white chocolate and then decorated with different flavored toppings. Some of their best-selling flavors include: Toffee, Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel and the oh-so-classic rainbow Sprinkles. In addition to the standard flavor pretzels, Fatty Sundays specializes in completely custom chocolate covered pretzels, where customers can pick the sprinkle colors and design their own packaging. Their custom pretzels and gifts are perfect for any special events or holidays. Year-round, Fatty Sundays ships all products throughout the USA and Canada.



    National Inner Beauty Day on October 7th focuses on raising awareness and supporting victims of human trafficking. Everyone has a story, a passion that expresses who we are as individuals.  Our strength lies in embracing that story without filtering it through someone else’s definition of beauty.  When our core values reflect on the outside, we have given the world the gift we were born to give.


    National Inner Beauty Day and the launching of its 2017-2018 #InnerBeauty Challenge coincided with the opening weekend of the movie, Trafficked.  The Inner Beauty Day team attended the movie’s Los Angeles premiere.   

    Deanna Pappas Stagliano


    Donate to Saving Innocence to help continue their work with victims of human trafficking. Take the Inner Beauty Challenge.

    “Each person taking up the challenge along with their friends, family, or anyone else they know is encouraged to give to a charitable anti-human trafficking organization of their choice. The National Human Trafficking Referral Directory of the Polaris Project is a good resource for connecting people to service providers helping victims and survivors. Polaris is a leading nonprofit, nongovernmental organization in this global fight and operates the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888). Saving Innocence, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization well known for its work in helping victims of trafficking, has been a supporter of the #InnerBeauty Challenge from its inception. Donations can be made directly to Saving Innocence.” 

    See the #InnerBeauty Challenge that DeAnna Pappas Stagliano posted by clicking here.  Use #InnerBeautyDay when posting to social media.


    Roma Newton, owner of 6Degrees Management, in partnership with National Day Calendar® created National Inner Beauty Day in 2016. Her goal is to celebrate the exceptional core qualities of the human spirit that we often overlook – inner beauty. 

    In partnership with Saving Innocence, an organization that helps victims of human trafficking, we aspire to bring beauty and wholeness to a world that may not yet understand its own self-worth. We challenge you to join this cause and add your voice by expressing your #InnerBeauty.

    Media Contact

    Contact Roma Newton ( for interview requests and sponsorship opportunities.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Inner Beauty Day to be observed annually in 2017.



    October 7th may be an unusually illuminating day considering it is National LED Light Day.


    We are all born as incredible detectors of light. We intuitively notice differences in color and brightness. And lighting professionals know that much of human sensation is visual. People respond emotionally to light and color, using its consistency to draw us in, like moths to a glowing light. The power of LED lighting affects all of us in emotional, economic, and environmental ways, too.


    Unlike other light sources, LEDs can create a more appealing display for a variety of environments. Let’s say you drive by two gas stations. Station A is illuminated throughout by bright white LED lights, while Station B’s illumination varies from yellow to white and one panel is dim. You will likely go to Station A because its color consistency feels comforting, clean, secure, and high-quality. You may not even be conscious of that decision.


    LED lights help save on our energy costs. The low power consumption, high reliability, and long lifespan allow us to realize significant energy savings. They also reduce maintenance over the lifetime of an LED fixture.


    The fewer LED bulbs changed means there are fewer bulbs thrown away. LED bulbs also have a much smaller impact on the environment than other light sources. Furthermore, because LEDs use electricity very efficiently, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.


    Explore the many benefits of LED lighting. Visit a showroom near you or share your favorite ways to use LED lighting. Show off your favorite displays of LED lighting. Whether it’s at work or home, share your personal favorites. Use #NationalLEDLightDay to share on social media.


    On October 7, 2014, Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura received the Nobel Prize in Physics for the development of blue light-emitting diodes. To understand why this was a Nobel-worthy achievement, we must know the history of LED lighting.

    The earliest LEDs created in the late 1950s and early 1960s produced only a red-colored light. Slowly researchers developed other colors, but blue stumped them. Its shorter wavelength proved harder to reproduce. With Akasaki, Amano, and Nakamura’s invention, white LEDs were now possible.

    bridgelux logoBridgelux founded National LED Light Day in May of 2016 to recognize one of the most important scientific achievements in recent history. The day also celebrates the advancements of this versatile technology.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in 2016.


    Q. Do LED lights come in a solar energy model?
    A. Yes. LED lighting is available with solar charging capacity for a variety of uses.

    Q. Do manufacturers make LED grow lights for house plants?
    A. Yes. LED grow lights for plants come in several different designs to meet your plant growing needs.

    Q.What is the average lifespan of an LED bulb?
    A. Depending on the manufacturer, LED bulbs can last between 35,000 to 50,000 hours. Compare that to an incandescent bulb at up to 2,000 hours.


    October 7 Celebrated History


    The first commercial railway opens. Granite Railway hauled granite from quarries in Quincy, MA to the Bunker Hill Monument. Horses, not steam engines, hauled the granite destined for the Bunker Hill Monument. Gridley Bryant designed the innovative system and portions of the four-mile route remained in use until the 1960s.


    Georgia Tech and Cumberland University of Tennessee played the highest-scoring game in American football history. After a record 32 touchdowns by Georgia Tech the final score was 222 to 0.


    The far side of the moon gets its own photoshoot when NASA’s Luna 3 takes its first photos. It’s the first time Earthlings get to view that side of the Moon. Since the Moon’s rotation is so slow, the same side always faces the Earth.


    Toni Morrison receives the Nobel Prize in Literature. The award-winning author of the Beloved Trilogy brings depth to her characters and sheds light on the less than savory aspects of humanity. Some of her other works include the Song of Solomon, Tar Baby, and God Help the Child.


    Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes begin broadcasting the Fox News Channel.


    Space Shuttle Atlantis lifts of from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on mission STS-112 carrying payloads to further equip the International Space Station.


    The first predicted near-Earth asteroid strikes the Earth’s atmosphere above northern Sudan. While small asteroids like the 2008 TC3 enter the atmosphere throughout the year, this one was identified the day before by Richard Kowalski.

    October 7 Celebrated Birthdays

    Niels Bohr – 1885

    The Nobel Prize-winning physicist led the development of quantum physics.

    Alice Dalgliesh – 1893

    As an author, Dalgliesh published several books of children’s historical fiction, including The Courage of Sarah Noble and The Silver Pencil.

    Mildred Earp – 1925

    The right-handed pitcher played four seasons with the Grand Rapids Chicks in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

    Lorna Wing – 1928

    Through her work as a psychiatrist, she brought a greater understanding of autism and its spectrums.

    Graeme Ferguson – 1929

    The filmmaker and innovator launched IMAX Corporation in 1967.

    Desmond Tutu – 1931

    The Nobel Prize-winning theologian is a South African Anglican cleric.

    Yo-Yo Ma – 1955

    The critically acclaimed cellist began playing at the age of four and has been awarded 18 Grammys.

    Simon Cowell – 1959

    The record executive is best known for his roles on the music competition shows America’s Got Talent, Britain’s Got Talent, American Idol and The X Factor.



    National Frappe Day on October 7th honors a versatile drink with numerous combinations, so there are flavors to suit everyone. Frappes typically are blended drinks made with either coffee or espresso and topped with whipped cream.


    A Frappe may also refer to:.
    • Frappe coffee – a blended coffee beverage
    • A frozen fruit-flavored dessert made with shaved ice
    • A milkshake
    • Any blended frozen beverage, including a more savory drink made with clam juice

    Recipes for coffee frappes can be found in the late 1890s. These blended beverages refreshed and delighted. Adding cream gave the beverages a smoother texture. Even a blended, frozen tea on a warm day took on a whole new flavor.


      If you missed National Coffee Day, make up for it with this celebration. Stop by your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a Frappe with a friend. Or, enjoy one of the recipes below. 

      Coffee Frappe
      Godiva Strawberry White Chocolate Mint Frappe
      Fresh Fruit Frappe
      Pink Pineapple Frappe
      Caramel Frappe for Two

      Use #NationalFrappeDay to post on social media.


       National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this beverage holiday.

      Frappe FAQ

      Q. Will a frappe give you brain freeze?
      A. It can if you drink it fast enough, a frappe can give you brain freeze. Though, some people never experience brain freeze. At least, that’s what we heard. We don’t understand it.

      Q. What are some ways to stop brain freeze?
      A. Brain freeze is a temporary discomfort from drinking icy cold liquids too fast. Here are a couple of suggestions to help you alleviate that discomfort.

      • Put down the drink.
      • Sip from a warmer liquid.
      • If a warmer liquid isn’t available, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth.
      • Cover your mouth and nose with your hand. Breath through your nose. This allows warmer air to circulate through your sinus passages.
      • Return to drinking your frappe at a slower pace.

      Q. What is the difference between a frappe and an iced coffee?
      A. A frappe is blended while iced coffee is not. However, both are cold and fabulous!