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    Savory and sweet collide for a soulful celebration of flavor on October 20th as we celebrate National Chicken and Waffles Day. Imagine a world where ingredients of every spice and spirit find their way into the honeycombs of thick and crispy waffles. Well, that day has arrived.


    From LA to NYC, this quintessential meal of the rural south made a slow migration to the urban communities to the north and west. But, as odd as it seems, chicken and waffles have been around for more than 150 years. And while no one knows who first put chicken and waffles on the same plate together, we do know the meal was a staple of both African-American cooks and the Pennsylvania Dutch. Part breakfast part supper, everyone can enjoy Chicken and Waffles any time of the day.

    The meal also serves up some hearty combinations. Our only limit is our imaginations. Not only does #ChickenAndWafflesDay bring together two food groups, but it also unites others. For example, friends and families, communities and organizations, and multiple generations.


    Enjoy your favorite version of chicken and waffles. The limitless combinations entice people to create their own versions. You can, too! Add some gravy or go traditional. Turn yours into a sandwich or make it a mini. Herb it up or go sweeter.

    When you order your favorite, give a shout-out to the restaurant – like Roscoe’s House of Chicken N’ Waffles. They’ve been serving this delicious staple for over 46 years!
    No matter how you celebrate, be sure to invite someone to join you and use #ChickenAndWafflesDay on social media.


    MAIN ROSCOEs LOGO HIGH+RESRoscoe’s House of Chicken N’ Waffles in Southern California founded National Chicken and Waffles Day in 2021 to highlight this delicious cuisine pairing and to dedicate the day as one of service and volunteerism. Check out Roscoe’s foundation website to see more ways to get involved and celebrate National Chicken and Waffles Day.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Chicken and Waffles Day to be observed on October 20, 2021, and annually thereafter.




    Every year on October 20th, International Day of the Air Traffic Controller celebrates those who work hard to keep air travel safe. It’s also a day to learn more about the profession of air traffic controller.

    About 100,000 flights around the world take off and land each day. In just one year, over 4 billion passengers travel by plane. With so many planes in the air, it’s amazing that flying by plane is as safe as it is. The safety of air travel is largely attributed to air traffic controllers. These professionals direct air traffic on the ground at airport runways and taxiways. Air traffic controllers also monitor and direct the movement of planes through airspace. Additionally, they issue landing and takeoff orders to pilots.

    The job of air traffic controllers is extremely difficult. Their job requires intense concentration. Sometimes the plane is only a blip in a sea of darkness. No wonder it’s one of the 5 most stressful professions. There is never a time when the skies are not monitored by air traffic controllers. They work day and night, including weekends and holidays, to keep pilots and their passengers safe. They must also direct planes during inclement weather and a variety of emergency situations.

    Air traffic controllers that work for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) must be at least 30 years old. They must also retire by the age of 56. However, if they have exceptional skills, they may work until the age of 61. In the United States, there are more than 14,000 air traffic controllers.


    On the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, members of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association gather together to discuss ways to improve air safety. It’s also a day to encourage air traffic controllers and thank them for doing a great job. To participate:

    • Learn more about the profession of air traffic controllers.
    • Watch a movie that features air traffic control, such as Aftermath, Pushing Tin, High Tech Airport or 9/11: Cleared for Chaos.
    • If you know an air traffic controller, thank them for their hard work and dedication.

    Spread awareness for this day on social media with #InternationalDayOfTheAirTrafficController


    In 1956, Jacob Wachtel proposed his idea of an international federation for air traffic controllers. Wachtel was the founder and first chairman of the Israel Air Traffic Controller’s Association. On October 20th, he along with representatives from 12 different countries, formed the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association (IFATCA) on October 20th, 1961. The IFATCA is registered in Switzerland but has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. To mark the IFATCA’s anniversary, the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller is held every year on October 20th.




    International Chefs Day is celebrated each year on October 20th. The day focuses on educating kids around the world about eating healthy. It’s also a day for chefs to pass on their knowledge and skills to the next generation of chefs.

    There are approximately 942,000 chefs, head cooks, and food and serving supervisors in the United States. Along with overseeing the daily food service operation of restaurants, chefs also direct other cooks in the kitchen. Chefs use their creativity and knowledge to create and prepare recipes. Additionally, chefs must deal with a multitude of food-related concerns.

    The different kinds of chefs include:

    • Executive chef – as managers for multiple outlets, executive chefs do very little cooking.
    • Head chef – manages kitchen staff and controls the whole kitchen.
    • Sous chef – the chef that is second in command to the head chef.
    • Chef de Partie – runs a specific part of the kitchen.
    • Commis chef – a junior member of the restaurant staff that works under a chef de partie.
    • Kitchen porter – assists with basic food preparation, such as peeling potatoes.
    • Dishwasher – washes all the dishes and cutlery. It’s not uncommon for a dishwasher to work their way up the chef ladder.

    Some chefs specialize in preparing certain kinds of food. For instance, a butcher chef is in charge of preparing meats and poultry. A grill chef manages the grill. A pastry chef is responsible for creating desserts.

    No matter the type of chef, it’s not just about making food. Chefs consider their profession an art and a science. They enjoy creating delicious combinations of food but want to make it look good, too.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalChefsDay

    Over 100 chef associations participate in International Chefs Day. These associations host events that promote the career of chefs. Chefs from all over the world also participate in this global observance. In recent years, nearly 5,000 chefs volunteered their time and energy to reach 37,000 children in 55 countries. Events have included culinary competitions, educational presentations, and networking opportunities. One of the most important aspects of International Chefs Day is to stress the importance of cooking and eating healthy foods.

    To take part in the festivities:

    • Make a favorite healthy recipe and share the meal with loved ones
    • Teach a child how to make a fun and healthy recipe
    • Watch a cooking show on the Food Network
    • Host a cooking competition with your family or friends
    • Go to your favorite restaurant and personally thank the chef
    • Commit to taking cooking lessons
    • Visit a local culinary school to see what it’s like to become a chef
    • Share this day on social media with #InternationalChefsDay


    Esteemed chef Dr. Bill Gallagher created International Chefs Day in 2004. Gallagher was also the president of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WorldChefs). Since 2004, WorldChefs has used International Chefs Day to celebrate the nobility of this culinary profession.

    Past themes for International Chefs Day have included:

    • 2019: How Healthy Food Works
    • 2018: Healthy Foods for Growing UP
    • 2017: Foods for Healthy Heroes
    • 2016: Art on a Plate




    Building a framework of positive role models is vital to developing responsible, confident young adults. Incidentally, National Youth Confidence Day, on October 20, encourages us to connect and inspire today’s youth for tomorrow’s success.


    National Youth Confidence Day celebrates the energy, spirit and potential of young people. The day is an acknowledgment of all they will accomplish, respectively. Guidance, leadership and mentors will help light the path, indeed. In addition, today’s youth will navigate the obstacles that will inevitably lay before them.

    Take the opportunity to welcome a young person into your life and accept their mistakes. Interestingly, their mistakes will be similar to ones you’ve made yourself. Offer encouragement that these mistakes are merely lessons. Therefore, let them know they will only need to learn from them and gain experience to attain their goals. Share your wisdom and listen to their fears. Celebrate their successes and help them to learn from their defeats, respectively.


    There are several ways to participate in National Youth Confidence Day:


    Hearing about youth inspires us to feel more confident. Share a story about a young person who inspires you. From overcoming an obstacle or achieving academic success, to helping someone in the community, it’s all about being uniquely them. Especially, highlight their inspiration by using #NationalYouthConfidenceDay and tag @Confidentgirlmentoring to share on social media.


    Post photos and videos of your youth, friends and anyone who exudes confidence, inner beauty or self-worth. Use #NationalYouthConfidenceDay and tag @Confidentgirlmentoring to share on social media.


    Show a young person in your life you care. Provide them with the tools to reach their potential. Most importantly, offer them the knowledge, skills and know-how to build their confidence. Above all, by planting a seed and watching it grow, you celebrate their achievement.

    Use #NationalYouthConfidenceDay and tag @Confidentgirlmentoring to share on social media.


    Tiffany R. Lewis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc. founded National Youth Confidence Day in 2018. Furthermore, it’s her goal to encourage a strong foundation of positive relationships to mentor today’s youth. As a result, National Youth Confidence Day is a Celebration of Confidence for young people everywhere.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Youth Confidence Day to be observed annually on October 20.

    About Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc.

    Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc. (CGMP, Inc.) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that utilizes evidence-based interventions to empower. Furthermore, they also aim to build confidence in youth, teens and young adults ages 7-19 in New York State. CGMP, Inc. is an active member of MENTOR, which is a national mentoring partnership. As a matter of fact, they are the unifying champion for expanding quality youth mentoring relationships in the United States.

    The program works to strengthen youth’s level of confidence. Moreover, it provides them with a vision to see beyond barriers as they open their minds to new ways of thinking. Because of this, the program inspires them to see the world as a much broader place. Especially, a place that offers more diversity than their community.

    Unsurprisingly, when youth have spent a whole day with Confident Girl Mentoring Program, Inc. they leave saying they are strong and empowered. They also feel beautiful and emit confidence.



    On October 20th each year, we celebrate the delicious food holiday known as National Brandied Fruit Day!


    Brandied fruit first became popular around the Victorian era. During this time, people discovered brandy added to fruit easily helped preserve it. Incidentally, the process also preserved the flavor of freshly harvests fruit crops while also creating a delicious dessert for adults.

    Brandied fruit is created by soaking sweet fresh fruit in brandy, sugar, and spices. After the initial preparation, the fruit will sit for nearly 30 days. Then it is ready to top desserts, pies, and cakes. Interestingly, brandied fruit is used as a starter for Friendship Cake. Similar to the concept of a starter for sourdough bread, Friendship Cake takes time to prepare. However, once you’ve completed the process, you’re sure to enjoy one of the most delicious treats ever!


    Celebrate by making brandied fruit! Our National Day Calendar Recipe Collection even has a Brandied Fruit recipe for you to try. Not only is it super easy to make, but you don’t need any canning skills to make it either.

    Other ways to celebrate the day include:

    • Spoon it over ice cream
    • Add chopped brandied fruit to cake batter before baking
    • Drink the sweetened liquid as a sweet cordial
    • Use as a topping for bread pudding
    • Spoon over a softened brick of cream cheese and serve with crackers
    • Layer in a trifle with cubed pound cake and whipped cream

    The best way to celebrate #BrandiedFruitDay is to enjoy some with family friends. Use #BrandiedFruitDay to share on social media and show the world how you #CelebrateEveryDay!


    The history of brandied fruit is uncertain. Because of that, we have been unable to find the creator of this delicious food holiday.

    Brandied Fruit FAQ

    Q. How long do I let the fruit sit in the brandy for brandied fruit?
    A. For the best flavor, leave your fruit in the brandy for at least a month. However, storing the fruit in the branding for longer will only improve the flavor.

    Q. Do I need to give the brandied fruit a hot water bath?
    A. No. Even though many people use canning jars to make brandied fruit, do not seal the jars using a hot water bath. The brandy will preserve the fruit. However, be sure the brandy covers the fruit and that you store the jars in a cool place.

    Q. What fruits are best for brandied fruit?
    A. Almost any fruit makes delicious brandied fruit. However, some fruits should be avoided such as bananas due to their texture and softness. However, other fruits such as cherries, pears, nectarines, plums, and berries make fantastic brandied fruit.


    October 20th Celebrated History


    The steamboat named New Orleans is launched. It is the first steamboat to travel the Mississippi River.


    In January, Alice Paul joins thousands of other women marching for women’s right to vote. Charged and convicted of obstructing traffic, Paul began a seven-month jail sentence on October 20th. However, she continued her protest for women’s suffrage by going on a hunger strike.


    The Kansas City Monarchs triumphed over the Hilldale Athletic Club in the first Negro League World Series. Nearly 50 thousand fans attended the nine-game-series, watching future Hall-of-Famers such as Judy Johnson and Bullet Rogan.


    Ford produces the first Model A. The new model came in four colors and replaced the Model T.


    Harry Belafonte records the “Banana Boat Song” written by Irving Burgie and William Attaway. Belefonte featured the song on his Calypso album.


    The Monterey Bay Aquarium in California opens. At the time, it was the largest aquarium in the United States. Today, the aquarium hosts numerous exhibits and teaches visitors about the importance of conservation.


    Geffen records release its first album. Donna Summer’s The Wanderer hit number 13 on the Billboard 200 and was a certified gold hit.


    Major League Baseball plays the first World Series game outside the United States. The Toronto Blue Jays beat Atlanta 3-2.

    October 20th Celebrated Birthdays

    Bela Lugosi – 1882

    A native of Hungary, Lugosi is one of the best-remembered actors to ever play Count Dracula in film.

    Enolia McMillan – 1904

    The civil rights activist was the first woman president of the (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) NAACP.

    Joyce Brothers – 1927

    Often called America’s favorite shrink, the psychologist hosted a television talk show and wrote a syndicated advice column.

    Mickey Mantle – 1931

    The Hall of Famer played 18 seasons with the New York Yankees. The savvy hitter also played outfield.

    Tom Petty – 1950

    The award-winning singer-songwriter led Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and joined the Traveling Wilburys before launching into a solo career.

    Julie Payette – 1963

    In 2017, the former astronaut was elected to the office of Governor-General of Canada.

    Snoop Dogg – 1971

    Born Calvin Broadus, the talented rapper and actor has won numerous awards for his music. However, to date, he has not won a Grammy despite being nominated 16 times. In 2018, he earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  • NATIONAL MAMMOGRAPHY DAY – Third Friday in October


    Every year on the third Friday in October, National Mammography Day joins in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


    This day serves as a reminder to all women that the best defense is early detection. A mammogram can often detect a problem before there is any outward physical sign. 

    Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States according to the CDC. The CDC statistics also report that breast cancer is the most common form of cancer diagnosed among women. Screenings and breast exams are a part of the early detection process. 

    When you schedule an annual appointment with your physician, make sure a breast exam is completed, too. Tell your doctor about any changes. If you or your doctor notices any signs, the doctor can order tests, including a sonogram or mammogram.

    Finally, a preventative mammogram is the first line of defense. Today’s mammograms offer more vivid detail of the breast tissue. Baseline mammograms are provided around the age of 35 unless family history indicates sooner. The baseline mammogram provides a comparison view for your physician should something develop later down the line. Women age 40 and over are recommended to receive yearly preventative mammograms.


    Visit your doctor and set up a mammogram. Encourage loved ones in your life to also schedule a mammogram. Know your family history and share it with your physician. Some with high risk will need to have their first mammography sooner. Use #NationalMammographyDay to post on social media.


    President Bill Clinton proclaimed this National Day in 1993.

    Mammography FAQ

    Q. Are mammograms uncomfortable?
    A. Mammograms can be uncomfortable, but they don’t take long to complete. They can also be awkward, but the technicians are professional and do their best to maintain your dignity.

    Q. What types of mammography are available?
    A. Medical providers offer three types of mammograms today.

    • Conventional mammogram – This traditional form of mammography creates film images using low-dose X-rays.
    • Digital mammography – Using a digital chip instead of film, digital mammography records digital images.
    • 3-D Mammography – This technology is also called tomosynthesis mammography. As the name suggests, this type of mammography creates a 3-D image allowing radiologists a more detailed view for interpretation.

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  • NATIONAL GET SMART ABOUT CREDIT DAY – Third Thursday in October



    National Get Smart About Credit Day on the third Thursday in October annually promotes learning about good credit. It is a national campaign where volunteer bankers help counsel young people on responsible credit habits.


    The importance of sound financial management is something that can and should be taught at a young age. Learning healthy credit habits can be one of the most valuable lessons a young person can learn. 

    What Affects Credit Scores
    • Amount of debt you carry– Paying off the amount you charge to your credit cards each month helps to improve this amount.  Showing that you are reducing debt each month gradually increases your score over time.
    • Age of credit history– The older your credit history (and the longer it is in good standing) shows a trend toward reliable financial standing.
    • Reports to collections agencies– Any inaccurate reporting to a credit agency needs to be reported immediately. The sooner you resolve an inaccuracy, the quicker your credit report can be corrected.  Obtain a letter from the collection agency once you have been able to confirm the error and submit it to all the credit reporting agencies.
    • Late payments– Any time make a late payment, especially on a credit card or loan, this will be reflected on your credit report. Pay early, pay on time.  If you use your online banking system to make payments, remember to review your bank’s turn-around time for payments. Take their delays into account and schedule accordingly to avoid any late payments.
    • The number of hard inquiries for credit– If you are considering a loan for a car or house, each inquiry will be registered on your credit report.  When your credit is in good standing, it doesn’t have a big impact.
    • The number of accounts– Opening and closing accounts can have an impact on your credit score. Depending on the number of accounts, the impact on your score could be huge.


    Make sure you are smart about credit. Access tools and resources to help you improve your credit score. Make it a routine to check your credit score and maintain it. Take steps to improve your credit score. Share your experiences and tips using #GetSmartAboutCreditDay to post on social media.


    In 2003, the American Bankers Association (ABA) Education Foundation originated this National Day.

    Credit FAQ

    Q. How can I build credit without a credit card?
    A. There are several ways to build credit without having a credit card.

    • Pay existing balances on time. For example, if you have a student loan, car loan, or home loan, paying these existing bills on time will improve your credit standing.
    • Pay rent, utilities, and other service providers on time. Then ask your landlord and service provider to report it to the data to credit agencies.
    • Apply for a credit-builder or personal loan. A credit builder loan requires you to make fixed payments before you can access the money. While the amounts are low, there are fees and interest due to the lender on this type of loan. It’s helpful for those with bad credit to establish a better track record of making regular payments on time.
    • A personal loan is typically a small amount and is often used for things like car or home repair, consistent and on-time payments will help boost your credit rating.

    Q. Does missing a payment impact my credit?
    A. Unless your lender has a forgiveness policy, one payment can impact your credit. Missing or being late with several payments can severely impact your credit.

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