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    On November 25th, National Play Day With Dad encourages fathers to spend the day focused on fun with their kids. It’s a day designed for bonding and memories.

    A dad play day allows the children of fathers a focused time to bond. For busy dads, the observance provides an opportunity to get to know one another better. Some dads may choose to make positive memories. Others may want to schedule time to take pictures and capture those new memories as keepsakes. The day also gives men a chance to become the real heroes every child and community needs.

    Fatherhood is a grand experience. It even leads to great dad experiences. Investing in our children and their memories and adventures teaches them more than just how much we care. It provides them with a foundation they rely upon for a lifetime. They will continue to grow and build upon those gifts we give them. And someday, we will enjoy the rewards of their happiness and success. Sometimes, that includes the love they share with their children of the next generation.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #PlayDayWithDad

    Dads, set the day aside. Clear your schedules and focus on your children.

    Find out what interests your off-spring and pledge to join the fun.

    • Find out what interests your off-spring and pledge to join the fun.
    • Play arcade games together.
    • Love, hug, smile, dance with your children.
    • Have a photo-shoot with your family.
    • Play a ball game together.
    • Watch your child compete in something.
    • Join your off-spring (adult children) while they are working on a project (at work).
    • Tell your child stories about your father, and share your family history.
    • Ask your child – How can I be a better father?
    • Promote positive fatherhood.
    • Read a book to your children.

    Share with us how you’re spending the day using #PlayDayWithDad socially. And share pictures of your dad, and tell Share Our Style Foundation about him. Like, Share, Comment your support socially to illustrate positive images of fatherhood.


    Share Our Style Foundation National Play Day With Dad in 2019 to remind fathers that their most important role in life will be to be a hero to their children. Every other role falls to the wayside when children come into our lives. Being a good parent stands out more than anything ever will. When we ace that job, we make the whole world better. Join Share Our Style Foundation in their mission for excellence in parenting.

    In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Play Day With Dad to be observed on November 25th, annually.

  • SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY – Saturday after Thanksgiving


    Small Business Saturday reminds us of the prime shopping opportunities right in our own communities. Not only do the small businesses where we work, live, and play offer numerous gift-giving possibilities, they are hands-on and ready to complete your shopping list with quality, thoughtful gifts. 

    Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Shop Small movement energizes small business owners to prepare for customers in every way possible. That includes the traditional brick-and-mortar customer and the online shopper. The single-day event continues to grow each year.  That means business owners are ready for you to shop their stores!

    Small businesses feed our communities. They keep our main streets thriving and employ nearly half of the American workforce. Supporting small businesses means you’re supporting your local economy, local business, tax base, schools, and infrastructure. Your holiday shopping will put food on the tables of people you know. 

    You will be doing your community some good, and you will also be finding quality gifts. Small businesses take pride in their work. They’ve worked hard for their dream, and it shows in their craftsmanship. 

    HOW TO OBSERVE #SmallBusinessSaturday

    Keep these tips in mind when shopping this holiday:

    • Check your holiday shopping list for those who would like handcrafted items and buy locally.
    • Handcrafted means a lot of things. For example, woodworking to sewing, pottery to quilting, welding to jewelry, baked goods to preserves and so much more!
    • Small businesses may specialize in one area or they may offer a variety of services. Don’t hesitate to walk in and explore the store. You may be surprised to find what they offer, and discover the one thing you’ve been looking for. 
    • Who has a hard-to-shop-for family member? We all do, right? Ask the shop owner for help. They often have ideas you’ve never considered that will fill your empty stocking. 

    Explore your community while supporting small businesses. While finding your amazing gifts, give a shout-out to your favorite small business, too! Be sure to use #SmallBusinessSaturday to post on social media.


    American Express founded Small Business Saturday in 2010 to get more customers into small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

    Small Business FAQ

    Q. What kinds of small businesses can I shop locally?
    A. Small businesses come in every shape and form, and you might be surprised by the selections available. Nearly every community has a diverse collection of businesses though some are more common than others. 

    Small Businesses Near You
    • Food and Drink – gift certificates, swag, specialty gifts
    • Tattoo artist – gift certificates, t-shirts, hats, and local art
    • Pet care – grooming, training, supplies, books, toys, 
    • Book stores – books, book bags, bookmarks, games, comic books, art
    • Photographers – portraits, frames, classes, art
    • Butcher – meat packages, gift certificates, smoked meats, 
    • Fitness centers – gift certificates, spa packages, training sessions, swag
    • Music stores – music, instruments, gear, classes, art
    • Hobby store – kits, crafts, tools, projects, supply, art, decor
    • Sporting goods – equipment, clothing, games, caps
    • Floral shops – gifts, gift cards, candy, gift baskets
    • Clothing stores – wearables, jewelry, shoes, hats
    • Technology centers – unique gifts, services, classes
    • Salons – gift certificates, spa treatments, manicure, pedicure

    Q. Is it too late to request a custom piece for the holiday season?
    A. If you want to give a custom gift, it’s important to contact the craftsperson as soon as possible. Many businesses that create custom gifts start booking orders well before Halloween. They often know how many orders they can fill in a set time frame. 

    Q. What kinds of gifts are custom made?
    A. Custom gifts come in a variety of forms, and they are often offered by small businesses. Craftspeople often customize gifts with names, colors, or styles. They design large pieces to fit the decor, personal needs, or preferences. If you have an idea for a custom piece, contact someone local to work out the details.

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  • NATIONAL PARFAIT DAY – November 25

    NATIONAL PARFAIT DAY – November 25


    National Parfait Day kicks off breakfast, lunch, snack, or dessert just right on November 25th! This versatile dish serves up sweet or healthy in layers of goodness.

    Usually served in a specially styled glass, a parfait presents ingredients in appealing layers. Fruit, yogurt, or ice cream provide the basis for transitions between nuts, chocolate, or even whipped cream. 

    A French word that literally means “perfect” was originally used to describe a kind of frozen dessert beginning in 1894.

    In the United States, most restaurants and ice cream shops serve parfaits in the traditional French style. They use ingredients such as parfait cream, ice cream, gelato, or pudding and layer them in a tall clear glass. To finish the parfait, a dollop of whipped cream is added or even fresh fruit or a drizzle of flavored liqueur.   

    The Northern United States expanded on the parfait and began to use yogurt layered with nuts or granola or fresh fruits. Some of the fruits include but are not limited to strawberries, blueberries, bananas, or peaches. The idea spread quickly across all parts of the country, and the yogurt parfait gained popularity as a breakfast item.

    When is National Chocolate Parfait Day?

    Over the years, combinations changed. Now parfaits are made up of almost any dessert mixture that works well layered in a tall, clear glass. Some popular ingredients include:

    • Cake and cookie pieces
    • Pretzel and cookie pieces
    • Oatmeal, nuts, seeds
    • Gelatin, pudding, cream fillings
    • Coconut, chocolate chips

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalParfaitDay

    Enjoy a parfait for breakfast or dessert. Invite the kids to help you make them, too. They’re so easy to make. They can get creative and make their own flavors. Set up a parfait bar. Invite friends to join you. That’s the best way to #CelebrateEveryDay! Try these recipes below and share your favorites.

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfaits
    Fresh Orange Cream Parfaits
    Tropical Tapioca Parfaits

    Use #NationalParfaitDay to post on social media.


    National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this delicious food holiday.

    Parfait FAQ

    Q. What is the origin of the word “parfait”?
    A. Parfait is the French word for perfect. Parfaite is the feminine form and parfait is the masculine.

    Q. I don’t have a parfait dish. What can I serve parfaits in?
    A. Parfaits can be served in a variety of glassware. Some recommendations include:

    • Wine glasses
    • Canning jars
    • Tall drinking glasses
    • Ramekins
    • Margarita glasses




    Shopping Reminder Day kicks off an unofficial countdown of sorts. Whether you’re finishing up or just getting started, holiday shopping is a task that either stresses people or excites them.

    For those who look forward to holiday shopping, the idea of finding the perfect gift for someone they love tickles them with energy. However, others like the thrill of the hunt for deals. Still, others just love the energy of giving during the holidays. 

    On the flip side, those who dread holiday shopping dread the crowds and traffic. Budget constraints and the commercialism drive them indoors. 

    Somewhere there must be a balance for all of us. We select the gifts with meaning and fulfill the expectations while keeping those who need the most in mind during this holiday season.

    If you have holiday shopping to complete, this day is here to remind you there are only so many days left.  

    • There are 30 days until Christmas.
    • There are 31 days until the start of Kwanzaa.
    • There are 15 days until the start of Hanukkah.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #ShoppingReminderDay

    Use the reminder to complete what you can. Select the best shopping method for you. We even have a few tips for you to use.

    • Make a list of who you have left to shop for. Be sure to mark them off your list when you’ve finished, otherwise, you’re likely to end up with two gifts. 
    • Be sure to communicate. Many families draw names. Not only does this save money for each family, but the gift-giving takes on a special quality. 
    • Make sure you’re staying within the dollar limit. If your mother sets a $30 limit, don’t go over that limit to outshine an in-law. That’s not what the holidays are about. 
    • While shopping the big box stores online may seem to save you a few dollars, nothing beats the quality of a local craftsperson. Besides, if there is something wrong with the product, you do know who you can speak with to get it fixed. 
    • Many local businesses offer gift cards. If you can’t find the perfect item now or the right item is out of stock, you can give a gift card for a later purchase. 

    If you have tips, use #ShoppingReminderDay to post on social media.


    National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this string on the finger holiday.

  • BLASE’ DAY – November 25


    Blasé Day is observed annually on November 25th. We aren’t certain if we should feel excited about it or if we should feel blasé about Blasé Day. 

    This unique observance gives us permission to be blasé toward just about anything. 

    Of French origin meaning to be indifferent or bored with life, unimpressed, as or as if from an excess of worldly pleasures.

    Unimpressed by pumpkin spice everything? It’s okay to be blasé about it today. Heard the same pop song for the 4th time today? Be blasé. Nothing on TV tonight? Just be blasé. Bored by your friend’s team winning their 266th game in a row? Yep, you got it. Whether it’s that 20 page Christmas letter, your mom’s constant picture taking or the fifth night of leftover pizza, you can be blasé.

    However, there are things we shouldn’t be blasé about. For example:

    • Contributing to your 401k
    • Making your car payment
    • Restocking the coffee
    • Singing happy birthday with a 2-year-old
    • Being sure to Celebrate Every Day®

    HOW TO OBSERVE #BlaseDay

    There are also several ways to express your blasé feelings. Meh. Yawn. Tune out. Use #BlaseDay to post on social media.


    Thomas & Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays created Blasé Day.

    Blasé FAQ

    Q. What if I’m not feeling blasé on Blasé Day?
    A. Lucky you. 

    Q. What if Blasé Day lands on Thanksgiving Day?
    A. You can still feel blasé, but remember to bring a storage container to dinner for your leftovers.

    Q. Why do these FAQs feel different from the others?
    A. We felt a little blasé about the questions.


    November 25th Celebrated (And Not So Celebrated) History


    Henri Nestlé registered the Nestlé trademark for condensed milk.


    The United States Patent and Trademark Office granted International Cellucotton Products Company the trademark for Kleenex. It’s interesting to note, that unlike Nestlé, the brand name Kleenex became universally used for the type of product Kleenex was – a tissue. The use of such eponyms often happens when a product becomes a household name. For example, we Xerox to make copies, even if we’re not using a Xerox machine. In the winter, we coat our lips with Chapstick but the brand of lip balm we’re really using might be something else. And if you’re Googling an eponym right now, what search engine are you using? Oh, and chocolate isn’t a brand name of any kind and Nestlé never replaced it.


    Robert S. Ledley Received patent No. 3,922,552 for what became known as the Automatic Computerized Transverse Axial or first Whole-Body Computerized Tomography Scanner.


    The comedy starring Steve Martin and John Candy, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles premiered in U.S. theaters. Written and directed by John Hughes, the holiday film follows two unlikely companions as they travel home for the holidays.

    November 25th Celebrated (And Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

    Andrew Carnegie – 1935

    The steel industry made him a millionaire in the late 19th century. Then Carnegie turned his interests toward philanthropy, developing libraries, advancing education and supporting his cause for peace.

    Karl Benz – 1844

    In 1885 after many setbacks, Benz succeeded in building the world’s first automobile powered by an internal combustion engine.

    Carrie Nation – 1846

    The radical temperance activist became notorious for attacking bars and taverns, often wreaking havoc with her hatchet on her mission to end alcohol use.

    Sybil Stockdale – 1924

    The wife of POW Vice Admiral James Bond Stockdale, Sybil fought for better treatment of POWs.

    John F. Kennedy Jr. – 1960

    The son of President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy founded the magazine, George. Kennedy died in a plane accident in 1999 and the magazine folded two years later.



    On November 25th International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women raises awareness regarding an ongoing human rights issue. Today, many women around the world are still subject to rape and other types of violence.

    Through the years, government officials and international leaders have lead the charge to curb violence against women and girls. Unfortunately, however, it is still all too common. Violence against women continues to be a widespread and persistent human rights violation.

    • One in three women worldwide experience physical or sexual violence — mostly by an intimate partner.
    • Globally, 35% of women and girls will experience some form of physical and/or sexual violence. In some countries, the statistics are closer to 70%.
    • Nearly half of all human trafficking victims around the world are women.
    • 650 million women and girls in the world are forced to marry before the age of 18.
    • 200 million women and girls have undergone female genital mutilation in 30 countries.
    • About 15 million girls between 15 and 19 experience forced sex at one point in their lives.

    Many women and girls who experience violent acts against them do not seek help. Even though 144 countries have laws pertaining to domestic violence, they are not always enforced. Along with creating awareness, this day seeks to remove the silence, stigma, and shame surrounding these acts of violence against women.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #OrangeTheWorld

    Each year on this day, communities around the world hold marches to spread awareness and show support for women. Some of the cities organizing these marches include Bogota, Paris, San Jose, and Lima. With over 150,000 participants, Rome has one of the largest marches.

    To Participate:

    • Organize a march in your community
    • Reach out to women who have experienced violence against them
    • Donate to an organization that supports sexual assault survivors
    • Take a firm stand against the rape culture
    • Take part in the UNiTE campaign to end violence against women by wearing orange to symbolize a brighter future for women.

    Share the day on social media with #OrangeTheWorld


    Since 1981, women right’s activists have observed a day against gender-based violence. They chose November 25th in honor of three Mirabal sisters. The sisters were political activists in the Dominican Republic who opposed the dictatorship of Rafael Trujillo. They were brutally murdered on November 25th, 1960. On December 20, 1993, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women. Their goal was to eradicate violence against women and girls on a global scale. On February 7, 2000, the UN officially designated November 25th as the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This day kicks off 16 days of activism, which ends on December 10th, Human Rights Day.