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  • NATIONAL SEAT BELT DAY – November 14


    As the holidays approach, National Seat Belt Day on November 14th encourages everyone to buckle up to save lives. No matter where you sit in a vehicle, wearing a seat belt is proven to save lives.

    Just over 90 percent of Americans buckle up, saving an estimated 15,000 lives each year. However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 47 percent of passenger fatalities in 2017 were not restrained. Seat belts are proven to reduce the risk of serious injury and save lives.

    It’s been 60 years since the invention of the three-point seat belt, and this restraint has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Since then, the industry has added advanced safety devices to automobiles. However, alone, many of these advancements may not save a life unless a seat belt restrains the driver and passengers. Airbags, for example, work most effectively when paired with proper seat belt use. On its own, the force with which an airbag deploys can be fatal without the restraining hold of a seat belt.

    During this holiday travel season and every season, be sure everyone buckles up. Everyone safely arriving will be worth celebrating!

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSeatBeltDay

    Everyone buckle up every time. Drivers, ensure each passenger buckles up, too. No matter if it’s a quick trip to the store or a road trip to see family, before you hit the road, buckle your seat belt. Even when ridesharing, buckling up is just as important. Encourage others to wear their seat belts, too. Let them know how important it is to see them alive and safe. For parents, let your children see you buckling up every time. And when they remind you (because we know they do), listen.

    Accidents aren’t ever planned and occur in an instant. There’s never enough time to put on a seat belt as an accident happens, but there is always time before you leave the driveway.

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    In 2019, the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), Volvo, and Uber teamed up to remind everyone of the importance of buckling up by launching National Seat Belt Day. The first year marked the 60th anniversary of the modern seat belt’s invention, which was created by Volvo.

    In 2020, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Seat Belt Day to be observed on November 14th, annually.


  • NATIONAL FAMILY PJ DAY – November 14


    Comfort comes in the form of National Family PJ Day. Celebrated each year on November 14th, the day invites everyone of all ages to wear their favorite pajamas for a party.

    Whether we snuggle in for extra sleep or binge watch our favorite television series, the day will be filled with family highlights. Board games in our warm flannels or pillow fights while wearing our best footie PJs will create lasting memories. Do a little holiday shopping online while the youngest family members catch up on their sleep.

    You know you have a favorite pair of pajamas. How many have matching sets for everyone in the family? Set up the camera and take a family picture. What a priceless way to mark the occasion. PJs, the family, and a cozy day together.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalFamilyPJDay

    Pick out your coziest PJs. Sleep in, snuggle in and spend all day in them. Bring the entire family together. Matched, mismatched. Even your furbaby can cuddle up and catch some shut-eye with you. What better way to enjoy this celebration than in the comfort of your PJs surrounded by the love of your family? Take that selfie and share it on social media using  #NationalFamilyPJDay.


    Soma® founded National Family PJ Day in 2019 to celebrate lounging around with our nearest and dearest during Sleep Comfort Month. Soma offers a range of comfortable sleep options their customers know and love. After all, sleep is an extremely important aspect of healthy living, and everyone deserves to be comfy. During the holiday season, Soma’s sleep collection becomes their most popular product category. They don’t blame everyone out there trying to get a little shut-eye with the hecticness this time brings. They even have items for the family dog, so don’t leave them out of the celebration.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Family PJ Day to be observed on November 14th annually.

  • WORLD DIABETES DAY – November 14

    Around the globe on November 14th, World Diabetes Day raises awareness and provides education concerning a disease that affects over 400 million adults internationally.

    Diabetes is a metabolic disease that causes high blood sugar levels. It is also a leading cause of blindness, amputation, heart disease, and kidney disease. Besides causing severe medical issues, the condition also causes millions of premature deaths each year. In fact, diabetes has become one of the leading causes of death around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 1.6 million people died from diabetes in 2016. By the year 2045, approximately 629 million adults will have diabetes.

    A large number of people affected by diabetes is a source of concern for global health care workers. Awareness, education, action, and research all can make a difference. In many cases, Type 2 diabetes is preventable.

    Ways to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes:
    • Eliminate sugar and refined carbs
    • Work out regularly and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle
    • Make water the primary beverage
    • Maintain a healthy weight
    • Quit smoking
    • Eat a high fiber diet
    • Optimize Vitamin D levels
    • Take natural herbs, such as curcumin and berberine, that increase insulin sensitivity

    Type 2 diabetes is not preventable for everyone. However, making healthy choices provides the best chance of not getting it. In the United States, 9 out of every 10 cases of diabetes can be avoided if the above lifestyle changes are implemented. Families, schools, workplaces, communities, and healthcare providers can all work together to make healthy choices easy ones.

    While Type 1 diabetes is not as preventable, it can be managed well with insulin injections. Managing Type 1 diabetes might also require frequent blood sugar monitoring, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and maintaining a healthy weight. Education is key to learning how to manage symptoms of Type 1 diabetes.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldDiabetesDay

    To observe this day, many healthcare professionals, companies, celebrities, and politicians host a variety of activities to spread awareness about diabetes. To participate:

    Learn more about both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by visiting

    • Find out how to get screened for diabetes.
    • Talk to your family and loved ones about diabetes prevention.
    • Encourage one another to make healthy choices.
    • Wear blue for diabetes awareness.
    • When sharing on social media, use #WorldDiabetesDay.


    The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) was founded in 1950 in Amsterdam. Together with the WHO, the IDF created World Diabetes Day in 1991. The goal was to raise awareness of the rising threat of diabetes around the world. In 2006, the day became one of the official United Nations Days. World Diabetes Day is held on November 14th each year to commemorate the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting who co-discovered insulin in 1922. Today, this day is observed in 170 countries and territories.

    Recent themes for World Diabetes Day include:

    • 2018-2019: Families and Diabetes
    • 2017: Women and Diabetes
    • 2016: Eyes on Diabetes
    • 2015: Healthy Eating
    • 2014: Go Blue for Breakfast




    National Spicy Guacamole Day brings together some fresh flavors on November 14th. Call your friends, get the chips ready, and celebrate with a bowl of spicy guacamole dip.

    Originating with the Aztecs in Mexico, guacamole is an avocado-based sauce. It’s become popular in American cuisine as a dip, condiment, and salad ingredient. 

    Guacamole is made by using a mortar and pestle to mash ripe avocados and then mixing in sea salt. Sometimes tomatoes, onion, garlic, lemon juice, chili, yogurt, or other seasonings are added. Jalapenos, chilis, cumin or red pepper can be added to the recipe to make the guacamole spicy.

    When is National Avocado Day?

    Super Bowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo celebrations feature guacamole as a staple snack. As a result, avocado sales have soared to 30 million pounds on those two days each year. 

    A simple avocado carries a healthy punch of unsaturated fat (the good one). Additionally, a single avocado includes substantial amounts of Vitamins C and E. Good things come in small packages, though.  There are nearly 400 calories in 1 cup of guacamole.

    Does an avocado ever give you trouble when you have a hankering for guac? Well, there are some tricks to getting it just right. Make sure your avocado is ripe and add a few drops of lemon to keep the avocado from browning. It also adds a bright flavor. While picking ripe avocados can be daunting, it doesn’t have to be. A ripe avocado typically has mid-green to darker skin. It will give a little when lightly squeezed. However, a bruised avocado will be dimpled.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #SpicyGuacamoleDay

    One of the easiest snacks to make is guacamole. Add a hint of spice and your celebration is ready. You only need to add some chips and maybe a few friends to share it with you. Give a shout out to those you know who makes the best guacamole, too.

    Don’t have a recipe? Here’s a simple one to try:

    Spicy Guacamole

    Use #SpicyGuacamoleDay to post on social media.


    National Day Calendar® continues researching the origins of this super tasty food holiday.

    Guacamole FAQ

    Q. How do I pick a ripe avocado?
    A. Unlike many other fruits, color does not indicate ripeness in an avocado. A ripe avocado will give slightly with a little pressure but it will not be mushy. An unripe avocado will be hard.

    Q. How soon should I use a ripe avocado?
    An avocado’s window of ripeness is short. It will turn from ripe to overripe in a short time. However, keeping an avocado cool in the fridge will help keep it fresh and ripe longer for delicious guacamole.


  • NATIONAL PICKLE DAY – November 14


    National Pickle Day recognizes the tart, sometimes sweet, and even spicy pickle. Each year on November 14th, pickle lovers pop open pecks of their preferred preserved pickle. It may be a Dill, Gherkin, Cornichon, Brined, Kosher Dill, Polish, Hungarian, Lime, Bread and Butter, Swedish and Danish, or Kool-Aid Pickle. No matter your choice, eat them all day long.

    The term pickle comes from the Dutch word pekel, meaning brine. In the United States, the word pickle typically refers to a pickled cucumber. However, just about any fruit or vegetable can be pickled.

    The process typically starts with a blanching process, depending on the fruit or vegetable. Then the product is packed into jars with seasonings that will give the pickles their flavor. They can be spicy, tart, or sweet. However, the tartness and sweetness come from the brine. A basic brine includes vinegar and water. Various amounts of sugar adjust the level of sweetness in the brine. 

    Pickle Facts

    We consume a phenomenal 5,200,000 pounds of pickles each year in the United States. While pickles can be high in sodium, they are a good source of vitamin K. In moderation, they make a great snack.  

    • Food vendors sometimes serve pickles on a stick at fairs or carnivals. They are known as stick pickles.
    • A rising trend in the United States is deep-fried pickles. The pickle is wrapped in dough or dipped in breading and deep-fried.
    • The popularity of the pickle dates back thousands of years to 2030 B.C. At that time, traders imported cucumbers from India to the Tigris Valley. Here the people first preserved and ate the cucumbers as pickles.
    • Cleopatra attributed her good looks to her diet of pickles.
    • Even Julius Caesar craved the benefits of pickles. He believed pickles lent physical and spiritual strength and gave them to his troops. 

    Snack on a pickle to celebrate, but don’t stop there. This snack is multipurpose. They make delicious additions to salads and sandwiches. Grind them up and make a relish. Experimenting with pizza? Top it with some pickles. If your Sloppy Joe is missing a little zing, add some pickles. While not everything is better with pickles (ice cream?), a little experimentation goes a long way with pickles.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPickleDay

    Try tasting pickled carrots, cauliflower, or watermelon. Even some proteins are pickled, such as eggs. What’s your favorite kind of pickle? Sweet, spicy, dill? Let us know by using #NationalPickleDay and posting on social media. 

    Educators, visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for project ideas, puzzles and more to use in your classroom.


    While this holiday has been celebrated for 70 years on various days, National Day Calendar has not identified the founder of the day. However, in 1949, the first observance began with encouragement from the Pickle Packers Association. 


    November 14th Celebrated (And Not So Celebrated) History


    Inventor Friedrich Soennecken developed the two-hole puncher. He designed the tool to punch holes in numerous sheets of paper at the same time. He also receives credit for developing the binder.


    In an attempt to replicate the journey made by Phileas Fogg in the novel by French author Jules Verne and travel Around the World in Eighty Days, pioneering journalist Nellie Bly (aka Elizabeth Cochrane), departed from Hoboken, New Jersey on the Steam Ship the Augusta Victoria. She would complete the trip in 72 days.


    From a makeshift deck on the USS Birmingham, Aviator Eugene Burton Ely completes the first shipboard takeoff off the coast of Hampton Roads, Virginia.


    The British Broadcasting Company begins broadcasting in London.


    The three-member crew of Apollo 12 are launched into orbit for the second mission to land on the Moon. Commander Charles Conrad, Pilot Alan L. Bean, and Command Module Pilot Richard F. Gordon executed the mission.

    November 14th Celebrated (And Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

    Robert Fulton – 1765

    Fulton partnered with Robert R. Livingston to bring the steamboat to a successful commercial operation.

    Claude Monet – 1840

    The artist was the founder of the French impressionist movement. Some of his most recognized works of art include Bouquet of Sunflowers, Water Lilies, and The Water Lily Pond.

    Mamie Geneva Doud – 1896

    Mamie Doud married Dwight D. Eisenhower and served as the 36th First Lady of the United States. Her tenure followed World War II, and she became known for her ability to organize dinners and events.

    Mary Greyeyes – 1920

    During World War II, Greyeyes became the first Indigenous woman to join Canada’s armed forces. A member of the Muskeg Lake Cree Nation, she joined the Canadian Women’s Army Corps in 1942 and served until 1946.

    Edward H. White II – 1930

    On June 3, 1965, White became the first person to walk in space. He was tragically killed in 1967 during a flight simulation aboard Apollo 1. The other casualties included Virgil I. Grissom and Roger B. Chaffee. They were the first human losses of the U.S. space program.