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  • PRIME MERIDIAN DAY – November 1


    On November 1st, Prime Meridian Day celebrates the imaginary line that divides Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. It’s also a time to learn more about the prime meridian.

    You have probably looked at a map or globe and noticed lines of latitude and longitude. These lines were developed to make it easier to find certain places. We use lines of latitude to give a coordinate that is north or south of the equator. Lines of longitude are used to give coordinates east or west of the prime meridian. A Greek astronomer named Hipparchus first used these lines of latitude and longitude to find a specific location. Hipparchus lived from 190 to 120 BC.

    The prime meridian (which is 0 degrees longitude) could have been set anywhere. However, for many years, governments of different countries disagreed on the prime meridian’s location. For example, mapmakers in France marked the prime meridian in Paris while the Chinese government published maps with 0 degrees longitude going through Beijing. It wasn’t until 1884 that governments from various countries agreed on Greenwich, England, as the prime meridian’s official location.

    Along with making travel easier, the prime meridian serves a few other purposes. For instance, it sets the Coordinated Universal Time. Every country and region measures its time zones according to the Coordinated Universal Time. There are a total of 24 time zones in the world. One more reason for the prime meridian is that it helps establish the International Date Line. This line is located at 180 degrees and marks the halfway point for the Earth. When you go west past the International Date Line, you add a day. When you go east from the International Date Line, you subtract a day.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #PrimeMeridianDay

    Schools, mapmakers, and geographers hold special events on this day to educate the general public on the prime meridian. It’s also a fun day to learn more about maps, globes, and lines of latitude and longitude. To participate:

    • Have a contest with friends to see who can find the most places on a globe using lines of latitude and longitude.
    • Learn more about the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England.
    • Find out what time it is in different parts of the world.
    • List countries in the Western Hemisphere and also in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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    In October of 1884, U.S. President Chester Arthur called for an International Meridian convention. It was here that representatives from 25 countries agreed on the official location of the prime meridian. They chose to set the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England at 0 degrees longitude. Despite this agreement, it took several years for every country in the world to agree on the official location for the prime meridian. In recent years, Prime Meridian Day has been observed each year on November 1st.


  • DAY OF THE DEAD – November 1


    Every year on November 1st, people in the country of Mexico observe Día de Los Muertos, which is translated as the Day of the Dead. This is a day for Mexicans to welcome the souls of their deceased relatives back for a brief reunion. The day is not one of mourning, but instead an opportunity to portray death in a positive light, as a part of the human experience.

    When a person dies, it often brings feelings of loss and grief. People in most cultures believe they will never see their deceased love one again. Some, however, feel their departed loved one will always be with them in spirit. They believe their departed loved one sends signs that they are still there and provides help in times of need.

    One thing many cultures have in common is that when the body dies, it turns into an eternal soul. Where this soul resides is debated among faiths and cultures. Many Mexicans believe they can be reunited with their deceased loved ones. This is what the Day of the Dead is all about. It’s a way to encourage departed loved ones to come back for a brief visit. On this day, those who celebrate it exchange mourning for celebration.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #DayOfTheDead

    Many people celebrate this day by creating Calaveras, which are representations of human skulls. The skulls are brightly colored and contain smiling faces, to show that death is not scary. Many cities in Mexico and the United States have parades where people paint their faces and dress up in costumes.

    Other ways to celebrate this day include creating offerings at makeshift alters that contain yellow marigold flowers, photos of the departed, and their favorite foods. These offerings encourage visits from departed loved ones. Another way to participate is to watch a movie that features the Day of the Dead, such as the James Bond movie Spectre or the animated hit Coco.

    You can also say, “Feliz dia de los Meurtos” or share this day on social media with #DayOfTheDead.


    The origins of this day go all the way back to the ancient Aztecs. They had a unique view of death and saw it as an ever-present part of life. Upon dying, the Aztecs believed a person traveled to a place called the Land of the Dead. After several years of going through nine challenging levels, their soul could finally come to rest. To aid their departed loved ones for the journey, they often brought food and water to their loved one’s graves. For many years, this day was mostly celebrated in the rural, indigenous parts of Mexico. In the 1980s, this celebration began spreading to the cities. UNESCO added the Day of the Dead to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2008. In 2016, Mexico City hosted its first-ever Day of the Dead parade.


  • ALL SAINTS DAY – November 1


    Every year on November 1st, All Saints Day honors all the known and unknown saints of the Roman Catholic Church. The day is also called All Hallows’ Day and the Feast of All Saints.

    You might be aware that certain saints have been canonized by the Catholic Church. When a saint becomes canonized, the pope decrees that person to be holy and in heaven with God. Through the years, the Catholic Church has canonized about 3,000 people. Some saints are selected as patron saints. This means they are special protectors or guardians over particular occupations, situations, churches or countries. Catholics are encouraged to pray to these patron saints for provision and protection.

    These aren’t the only saints that are honored on this day, however. The Catholic Church defines a saint as one who has died and ascended into heaven. This means that this All Saints Day is also a day to honor all those who have died and gone to heaven. This is why they honor the unknown saints as well as the known ones. Martyrs, or those who have died for the Christian faith, are also honored on this day.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #AllSaintsDay

    The Catholic Church considers this day a Holy Day of Obligation. For this reason, Catholics around the world attend Mass. In some countries, such as France and Germany, the day is observed as a public holiday. Businesses are closed in these countries. Not just Catholics observe this day, however. Some Protestant denominations recognize this day by giving God thanks for the lives and deaths of saints.
    You can participate by attending a worship service that honors the saints. You can also learn more about the Catholic religion. Also, be sure to share this day on social media with #AllSaintsDay.


    The earliest observance of All Saints Day goes back to the early fourth century. Pope Boniface IV began the tradition when he consecrated the Pantheon in Rome to the Virgin Mary and all martyrs of the faith. Pope Gregory III (who reigned from 731 to 741 AD) continued with the tradition by dedicating a chapel in the Basilica of St. Peter to all saints. He established the official date of November 1st. In 837 Pope Gregory IV extended All Saints Day to the entire church, not just in Rome. He ordered Catholics in all regions to observe the day each year on November 1st.




    We all look at the world in our own unique ways. However, people with autism experience the world differently from most of us. They approach the world in often novel ways. Maybe one of the most important ways we all connect to and understand the world is through communication. Autistics Speaking Day on November 1 encourages autistic people to tell their stories using whatever means works for them. And everyone else is encouraged to listen, hear, read and comprehend their stories from their point of view.


    On November 1, autistic people will flood the internet with their challenges and their celebrations, their interests and their dislikes. They will speak about their rights and advocacy in many languages. Some may speak with art, others with poetry or memes. They may also be speaking through podcasts. Their words and stories may be difficult to hear, but they will be speaking. But, most importantly, they will be speaking about themselves for themselves. And if you want to understand, it will be a day for you to listen.


    If you’re autistic, join the movement. Tell your stories for friends and family to hear. Reach out through the internet and connect with others speaking on November 1. Take the opportunity to express your thoughts, feelings, fears and ambitions. When you do, use #AustisticsSpeakingDay to help others find your story.


    Autistic Self Advocacy Network founded Autistics Speaking Day in 2010 as a way for autistic people to speak for themselves – to advocate, share their experiences and communicate openly about autism in a meaningful way. A post by Corina Becker in response to an October autism awareness campaign sparked the idea for Autistics Speaking Day. Both the day and the organization were created by people with autism, illustrating the importance of self-advocacy by those who live with autism every day. The observance is open to everyone with autism, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, their friends and families.




    Biologic coordinators are some of the most important advocates for patients in healthcare—yet too often, their work goes unrecognized. That’s why, on November 1, National Biologic Coordinators Day will recognize the daily commitment of biologic coordinators everywhere.


    Biologic therapy can be an important treatment option for patients. However, obtaining access to these treatments can be challenging, and patients often need help navigating the process. That’s where biologic coordinators come in. A biologic coordinator is a key member of a medical practice’s office staff. They can be a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, medical assistant, or an office/practice manager. These individuals help patients navigate the sometimes arduous and complex process of obtaining access to prescribed biologic medications.

    A biologic coordinator also works collaboratively with the patient, prescribing specialist, specialty pharmacy, manufacturer, and insurance company. Each step of the way, they guide patients through the many steps needed to start and stay on their biologic medication.


    As a leader in healthcare, the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson is inspired by the connectivity, dedication, and compassion of these unsung heroes for the patients they work tirelessly to support.

    You can show your support for these important patient advocates by sharing a story of, or photo with, a biologic coordinator using #BeCauseYouCare and #NationalBiologicCoordinatorsDay on social media.


    Janssen launched the first National Biologic Coordinators Day in 2021 to make sure the work of biologic coordinators is recognized—not just among patients and physicians, but also among the industry and general public.

    While being a biologic coordinator is a year-round job, the open enrollment period is one of their busiest times. Open enrollment is an annual period typically from November 1 to December 15 when people can enroll in a health insurance plan. In honoring and celebrating this important group of healthcare workers on November 1, Janssen hopes to establish a positive kickoff to this busy time.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Biologic Coordinators Day in 2021.


  • WORLD VEGAN DAY – November 1


    World Vegan Day kicks off World Vegan Month on November 1st with education and awareness about vegan diets.  Vegans abstain from eating animal products of any kind. This includes meat, eggs, dairy products, and honey. There are different types of vegan diets. The most common ones include:

    • Dietary vegans – they avoid eating animal products but still use them in clothing, shampoo, and other products
    • Whole-food vegans – eat whole foods only, such as fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and grains
    • Junk food vegans – eat large amounts of processed vegan food like cookies, non-dairy ice cream, and nonmeat frozen dinners
    • Raw-food vegans – eats raw foods or food cooked below 118 degrees F.
    • Low-fat, raw-food vegans – Limits high-fat foods. It relies mainly on fruit and small amounts of other plants.

    There are many reasons people choose to become vegans. Some vegans believe that all animals have a right to live and are not meant for human consumption. These types of vegans fight for the rights of animals. They speak out against certain farming practices, such as keeping poultry in cages. Other vegans choose a plant-based lifestyle because they believe it’s healthier than eating meat and animal products. There is some research to back up this claim. Plant-based diets might reduce the risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancers.

    Besides ethics and health, one more reason some choose to go vegan is they believe farming practices are bad for the environment.
    It’s hard to know exactly how many vegans there are in the world. What is known, is that this type of diet is gaining in popularity. Some restaurants promote vegan meals. The Los Angeles school district recently began serving vegan lunches. The vegan diet is especially popular among millennials. It’s also becoming the diet of choice for an increasing number of celebrities and athletes.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldVeganDay

    The Vegan Society and other vegan organizations hold a variety of events to mark this day. Some of these include vegan yoga retreats, vegan winter festivals, and healthy food markets featuring vegan foods. It’s not uncommon for new vegan restaurants to hold their grand opening on this day.
    If you want to participate, don’t eat meat or any animal products. Learn more about the different kinds of vegan diets. Learn about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet. Feed your family a vegan meal or host a vegan lunch at work. Commit to eating a vegan meal at least once a week. Share your favorite vegan recipes on social media. When doing so, don’t forget to use #WorldVeganDay.


    The Vegan Society began in 1944 when a group of vegetarians decided to distinguish the difference between the two types of diets. In 1994, the Vegan Society celebrated the first World Vegan Day on November 1st.




    The holiday season warms up with National Cinnamon Day on November 1st. It’s the spice that ushers in a season while being versatile all year long.


    What other spice flavors the holidays than cinnamon? Of course, cinnamon’s quintessential warmth fills our homes with welcoming scents like no other. For generations, cinnamon elicits fond memories of holidays with family. It sweetens apple pies and is the base for pumpkin spice. With just a touch, it kisses the snickerdoodle, too. We raise a toast with it on chilly evenings in frothy beverages. And cinnamon preserves our bounty all season long.

    When is National Cinnamon Crescent Day?

    Hot, cold, savory, and sweet cinnamon fills our memories throughout the holidays. In fact, according to IRI data, cinnamon was the most purchased holiday spice in 2018. It’s the ideal spice to create gifts and bring cheer into the home. How will you use cinnamon this season?


    Share your favorite cinnamon recipes and memories. Invite the family to join you as you bake up those special cinnamon recipes. Create new traditions and find the latest ways to use cinnamon in your home and in your cooking, too. There are so many delicious ways to use cinnamon, and it’s so good for us, too. Add ground cinnamon to your morning coffee grounds or top your toast with cinnamon and sugar. There are so many ways cinnamon makes things better. No matter how you use it, from the scent to the flavor, your guests will feel welcomed home.

    Share your creations using #NationalCinnamonDay on social media.


    McCormick_CPD_brand_logoMcCormick & Co., Inc. founded National Cinnamon Day in 2019 to celebrate the versatility of one of the most popular spices in America’s kitchens. The holiday encourages us to make new memories and share the joy cinnamon brings with your best recipes.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Cinnamon Day to be observed on November 1st, annually.



    If the air is resplendent with the aroma of garlic and tomato sauce on November 1st, it might just be time to celebrate National Calzone Day.


    Calzones take the delicious toppings and cheese of a pizza and tuck it up tight in a warm garlicky, crusty package. Also known as calzoni in some parts of Italy, like the pizza, it originated in Naples. It looks much like a turnover. As varied as pizzas come these days, so does the calzone.

    The loose translation of the word calzone from Italian to English is trouser legs. This translation may explain the purpose of calzone, which is essentially a pizza hand pie. However, carrying out the task of eating a calzone while walking on two legs is mighty improbably. Consider that they overflow with a bounty of cheeses, meat, vegetables, and sauces!

    Calzone dough is infused with garlic and butter to add flavor. Sauces made from scratch with Italian herbs and spices lend that old world flair to every calzone recipe. By the time the mozzarella, provolone or parmesan melts into the sausage, spinach or whatever choice ingredients, aromas fill the air. No wonder our mouths begin watering.

    So take a seat, invite some friends, and enjoy the evening savoring a well-made calzone.


    Experience a fresh, hot-from-the-oven calzone and use #NationalCalzoneDay to share on social media.

    minskys-national-calzone-day-with-photoNATIONAL CALZONE DAY HISTORY

    Minsky’s Pizza founded National Calzone Day in 2016 to celebrate its 40th anniversary and their passion for delicious, handmade calzones.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the day to be observed November 1st, annually.

  • NATIONAL STRESS AWARENESS DAY – First Wednesday in November



    National Stress Awareness Day on the first Wednesday in November aims to identify and reduce the stress factors in your life.


    Everyone has stress. Some stress is good for us. It helps us to respond to changes in life. Stress is our body’s way of protecting itself from harm. However, too much stress causes harm to our health and relationships.

    Identifying the stressors impacting our physical and mental health is important. Sometimes, health problems are the cause. But our health can also be affected by external stressors such as physical abuse, stressful work environments, financial stress, or other family health issues.

    Once we identify the causes of stress in our lives, we can begin to eliminate or reduce stress. Some tools that help with stress include:

    • Develop coping skills for anxiety.
    • Identify and let go of the things you cannot change.
    • Exercise to help us to let go of built-up anxiety.
    • Eating a balanced diet fuels our bodies so we’re able to better cope with the stress.


    Develop a routine to help you lessen your tension. Go for a walk, do some deep breathing, get some exercise or a massage, or take a long, relaxing bath. If you’re struggling with the amount of stress in your life, seek help. You can speak to your doctor or check with your employer for an assistance program designed to help employees balance their life. Post your ideas using #StressAwarenessDay on social media.


    Carole Spiers, Chair of International Stress Management Association, founded National Stress Awareness Day.

    Stress FAQ

    Q. Can stress be a good thing?
    A. Yes, it can. Psychologists call good stress “eustress.” This good stress is missing one element that would make it bad stress – fear. Without fear, we tend to look forward to these stressful moments with excitement even if we’re a little bit anxious. We might experience eustress when we anticipate good things to happen – planning a party, playing in the championship game, completing the final exam to a degree, or preparing to go on a trip. While this type of stress may not last long, it motivates us to reach for that good stress again.

    Q. How do we benefit from stress?
    A. Stress potentially improves learning, memory, and focus. However, long periods of stress are also potentially harmful.

    Q. Do some people handle stress better than others?
    A. Yes. However, depending on the stressor, even those who normally handle stress well can crumble under the pressure. No one is immune to stress. It’s like snakes, spiders, and mice; a person who has no issue with snakes and spiders might have their anxiety spike at the mere mention of mice. You know who you are. Yes. It’s me.

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  • NATIONAL BRUSH DAY – November 1



    National Brush Day on November 1st reminds us all to follow the American Dental Association’s guidelines. Sometimes the day is referred to as Brush Your Teeth Day.


    The day follows Halloween, which traditionally is the single most significant day of candy consumption in the USA.  The simple act of brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes can have a substantial impact on cavity prevention. It also impacts a myriad of oral diseases such as gingivitis.

    When is National Toothfairy Day?

    It’s important to encourage brushing after meals and especially after sugary snacks. Teach your children a two-minute song to hum while brushing their teeth. Some good tunes to learn are:

    • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
    • Row Row Your Boat
    • Wheels on the Bus


    Spend some extra time explaining the importance of brushing your teeth to children.  Replace your toothbrush.  Use #NationalBrushDay when posting on social media.


    The Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives launched National Brush Day in 2013 as an extension of the Kids’ Healthy Mouths public service advertising (PSA). The coalition of more than 35 leading oral health organizations and the Ad Council began the campaign in August 2012. The observance is designed to remind and encourage parents to get their kids brushing their teeth for just two minutes, twice a day.