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    9 Great Places to Eat Rocky Mountain Oysters


    (Across Colorado)

    If you don’t know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are, you’re in for a treat! No, these nuggets of fried deliciousness don’t come from the sea. Nor are they served on the half-shell. They can, however, be pickled, smoked and (usually the most popular way) fried. What are they, you ask? They are the testicles of livestock, usually cattle, sheep, bison, and pigs. We’ve explored 9 great places to eat Rocky Mountain Oysters so you can sample the best the first time around!

    1. Sagebrush BBQ & Grill – Grand Lake

    Throw a rock in Colorado and you’re likely to hit a trail, snow-capped mountain, or send it skipping along a glassy lake. Grand Lake is no different. Nestled along Mount Craig, explore the great outdoors before ordering up your Rocky Mountain Oysters at Sagebrush BBQ & Grill with a side of wild boar, elk, or buffalo bratwurst. Take in the scenic views and plan your next hike or lake excursion.

    2. Lucy’s Place – Sedgewick 

    This full-service diner will fill you up and get you ready to explore Jumbo Reservoir or the drag races near Julesburg. The Rocky Mountain Oysters are the tastiest in the area too!

    3. Bruce’s Bar – Severance

    Severance, CO, is a bustling small town east of Ft. Collins that is over 100 years old. Bruce’s Bar opened in 1957 and the menu features both beef and buffalo Rocky Mountain Oysters. You’ll have to take a gander at the menu for the theme Bruce’s has going on.

    4. Chappy’s Mountain View Bar and Grill – Boulder

    Home to the University of Colorado, Boulder is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The city is a virtual art gallery with several eye-catching murals. When you finish the tour, find your way to Chappy’s Bar and Grill. Not only do they fry up you know what, but they also deep fry cheesecake!

    5. The Fort – Morrison

    Southwest of Denver in Morrison, The Fort recommends reservations and is noted for its fine dining, but more than one (wink, wink) of the menu items are straight out of the Old West. They also offer fresh guac, and marrow bone. And that’s just their starter menu!

    6. Rustic Station Restaurant – Bailey 

    The charming western town of Baily is home to the Sasquatch Outpost where sightings are said to abound. The North Fork South Platte River is another Baily feature as it flows right through town. Visit the Rustic Station for some fresh-made vittles, including the star of our show, Rocky Mountain Oysters.

    7. 4 Kings Bar and Grill – Silver Cliff 

    Next door to Westcliffe, Silver Cliff boasts scenic views and rich history. The 4 Kings Bar and Grill offers all your favorite bar food, including those delicious Rocky Mountain Oysters you’ve been waiting for.

    8. South Side Food & Drink – Limon 

    Located southeast of Denver along I-70, Limon features wetlands and fine dining. Visit the South Side and settle in for some delicious food and bar pours.

    9. Ol’ Miner Steakhouse – Gunnison 

    Take in Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park and get a clear view of the mountain sky at Gunnison Valley Observatory. Then settle in at Ol’ Miner Steakhouse for a side of Rocky Mountain Oysters, signature steaks, seafood, or burgers.

  • NATIONAL FAMILY FUN DAY | Sunday Before Memorial Day


    Today is May 28 and the Sunday before Memorial Day at National Day Calendar and we are celebrating National Family Fun Day. This National Day is encouraging families to celebrate everywhere to create some family fun during the long weekend and every day!


    People across the U.S. use Memorial Weekend as the time to begin summer fun. Families are camping for the first time this season, attending graduations, and having family reunions. National Family Fun Day is your reminder that you don’t have to plan a huge event to enjoy today’s National Day.

    We know that not everyone has opportunity to plan a get away. Some people work, some may not be able to afford a long vacation for their family, and some people are too exhausted to go on a weekend getaway. National Family Fun Day presents a unique opportunity for families to create their own fun and make memories. No matter where they are. Let’s celebrate National Family Fun Day and enjoy the day with our family. In fact, we are going to explain how you can have a family fun day close to home.

    Why is it important to spend time with family?

    Families are busy and it can be difficult to spent time together. Sadly, many get caught up in the daily activities of children, work, and family obligations. Families that spend time together are supportive of one another. When families spend time together they tend to have a greater sense of purpose and feel supportive of one another.

    Studies show that healthy family relationships encourage security and love. Spending time with family offers the benefits of forming unbreakable bonds. As a family, we learn to offer support and encourage other family members to excel.

    5 Important Reasons to Make Family Time

    1. Builds confidence.
    2. Creates a strong emotional bond.
    3. Improves communication between family members.
    4. Builds lasting memories.
    5. Promotes better behavior for kids.

    It’s not always easy to make time to have fun, especially if you are extremely busy. However, it is important to find a balance. There are simple things you can do to ensure your family relationships remain strong. Quality time means spending time together and doing something everyone enjoys. Incorporating a fun element is easy once you realize being together to make memories is the fun part.


    Family fun begins with getting together and enjoying the day. In fact, there are so many activities you can plan where fun doesn’t have to mean expensive. Fun can mean finding simple, easy, stress-free activities for your family to participate in. Family fun can be:

    1. Planning a picnic at the local park or lake.
    2. Taking a nature walk and identify bugs, critters, and leaves.
    3. Hosting a cookout and playing yard games.
    4. Baking and then enjoying the yummy goodness together.
    5. Planning, preparing, and eating dinner with your family.
    6. Making s’mores around a campfire and stargaze afterwards.
    7. Starting a small garden for you and your family to work on together all summer long.
    8. Visiting a local museum.
    9. Researching your family history and documenting everything for future family.
    10. Sharing your family fun on social media by tagging #NationalFamilyFunDay.


    National Day Calendar created National Family Fun Day in 2023 to encourage families to spend time together. Today’s National Day reminds people to take a step back and do something fun together. We want everyone to enjoy the little things in life and family fun is a small way to relax, laugh, and unwind and #CelebrateEveryDay.

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    Today is not only June 2, it is also International Volkswagen Bus Day and we are celebrating an iconic past while taking a ride into the future. Come along as we celebrate a global icon with an unmistakable design that has brought smiles to the faces of generations–the Volkswagen Bus.


    The Volkswagen Type 2, better known as simply the Volkswagen Bus (VW Bus), is an automotive icon that continues to captivate people from around the globe. Introduced in 1950, it has become a vehicular symbol of a counterculture movement.

    The original Volkswagen Bus design was specifically for commercial use. However, it would quickly adapt to a family vehicle because of its ability to transport people comfortably. Interestingly, the bus has also been used for a wide variety of other applications, including campers, ambulances, and even a mobile recording studio. In fact, the most famous and well-known association for the VW Bus may be its association with the 1960s era. This is especially true after the bus became a cultural icon for those in attendance to the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival in 1969.

    Volkswagen ID. Buzz Arrives in America

    On June 2, 2023, Volkswagen of America will introduce a modern-day reincarnation of the Volkswagen Bus-–the ID. Buzz to the general public. The new ID. Buzz brings the nostalgic vibes of the original Volkswagen Bus into the 21st century. The ID. Buzz is an all-new, all-electric version of the beloved VW Bus classic.

    5 Fun Volkswagen Bus Facts

    1. Since the 1960s, the VW Bus has been an inspiration for art, including paintings and photographs.
    2. The VW Bus will forever be associated as a “hippie van” because of the impact it had while traveling to Woodstock in 1969.
    3. The VW Bus has been popular in television and film, including That ’70s Show and Cars, the animated film by Pixar.
    4. The VW Bus has a huge enthusiast following. In fact, the bus is often a main feature in car rallies and shows around the world.
    5. The original VW Bus is a highly sought after vehicle for car collectors and vehicle restoration specialists. The rarity of finding an original VW Bus is becoming harder and harder.


    1. Share you photos, stories, and memories about your VW Bus on social media using #VWBusDay.
    2. Join Volkswagen Bus owners and enthusiasts, media influencers, and the general public on June 2 in Huntington Beach, California to celebrate International Volkswagen Bus Day.
    3. Take a road trip in your Volkswagen Bus with your family.
    4. Attend a car show and register your VW Bus to be in the show.
    5. Attend an car auction to see how the VW Bus and other VW vehicles sell to collectors and buyers.
    6. Learn about the great features the new ID. Buzz will offer consumers.


    National Day Calendar and Volkswagen of America began a collaboration to establish International Volkswagen Bus Day to be celebrated each year on June 2. This International Day celebrates the iconic Volkswagen Bus and the new ID. Buzz, bringing smiles to the faces of generations, past, present, future.

    Volkswagen of America is committed to the heritage of the Volkswagen Bus.

    Are there any museums I can see vehicles from the Volkswagen through the years? Absolutely! There are a few museums in the U.S. where you can see a variety of VW vehicles and here is our shortlist:

    1. The Petersen Museum | Los Angeles, CA
    2. America’s Car Museum | Tacoma, WA
    3. Museum of Drag Racing | Ocala, FL
    4. Volo Museum | Volo, IL
    5. The National Automobile Museum | Reno, NV

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  • MALCOLM X DAY | Third Friday in May


    Today is May 19 and the third Friday in May on the National Day Calendar and we are honoring the life of civil rights activist Malcolm X. Join us as we explore his life and see how one man became an inspiration for change and equality inspiring Malcolm X Day.


    Malcolm Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha Nebraska and was the fourth of seven children. He spent most of his childhood years in foster care after his father passed away. Malcolm dropped out of high school and would pursue odd jobs to make a living. For a short period of time, he would move to Boston to live with his sister, eventually moving to Michigan. It was here he met John Elroy Sanford, who was an aspiring comedian, later known as Redd Foxx. Interestingly, Sanford and Malcolm both had reddish hair that would earn them the nicknames Chicago Red (Sanford) and Detroit Red (Malcolm) on the streets of Detroit.

    In 1946, Malcolm was arrested for larceny and burglary and would serve 10 years in prison for his crimes. During his prison sentence, Malcolm began to transform into a religious man who also had interest in politics. He would join the Nation of Islam and adapt his life around encouraging Black people to empower themselves to achieve economic and social success. It was also during this time Malcom would remove Little as his last name and add the letter “X” as reference to his identity during slavery.

    After his release from prison in 1952, Malcolm X would continue following the Nation of Islam, speaking to people everywhere. In fact, he was an eloquent and charismatic speaker and quickly became one of the organizations most influential representatives. For over 12 years, he would advocate for Black people fighting racial injustices.

    Life Changing Experience

    In 1964, Malcolm X travelled to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to participate in a holy pilgrimage. Unbeknownst him, this trip would become a life-changing experience, changing the way he viewed mankind. Before going to Mecca, he thought in order for Black people to survive, they must separate themselves from white people. This thought process was largely in part due to the teachings of the Nation of Islam. However, after his experience in Mecca, Malcolm would return to the U.S. with a new belief system as a result of the people he met during the pilgrimage. He began preaching to all people that success of a nation meant working together, despite their racial differences.

    “In fact, what I have seen and experienced on this pilgrimage has forced me to ‘rearrange’ much of my own thought‐pattern, and to toss aside some of my previous conclusions.”

    Malcolm X, Interview with the NY Times, May 8, 1964

    The unfortunate belief system of the Nation of Islam to promote violence towards non-supporters became something of the past for Malcolm X. In fact, after his pilgrimage, he would abandon the beliefs of the organization, resulting in an uneasy relationship. Because Malcolm X was a prominent individual in Black American, the organization would become extremely volatile towards him.

    5 Accomplishments of Malcolm X

    1. Beginning in 1965, Malcolm X was the most prominent minister at the Nation of Islam mosques Temple No. 11 (Boston), Temple No. 12 (Philadelphia), and Temple No. 7 (New York).
    2. Malcolm X lead one of the nations largest civil rights events in 1963 at Unity Rally in Harlem.
    3. The NY Times names Malcolm X as the second most sought after speaker in the U.S. in 1963.
    4. In 1964, Malcolm X created the Organizations of Afro-American Unity (OAAU) after forming Muslim Mosque, Inc.
    5. During the 1960s, Malcolm X gave several interviews, participated in debates, and appeared on television promoting equality among all people.

    On February 21, 1965, Malcolm X was shot 15 times by three members of the Nation of Islam during a speaking engagement in Manhattan. Over 1,500 people attended Malcolm’s funeral in Harlem. Friends and family buried Malcolm X themselves as a way to honor the man and the contributions he made to the civil rights movement.


    1. Read a book about the life of Malcolm X.
    2. Watch the award winning movie Malcolm X.
    3. Attend a lecture about Malcolm X at a local university.
    4. Learn about the civil rights movement.
    5. Volunteer to support an organization that advocates for equal rights.
    6. Share your thoughts and support on Malcolm X Day using #MalcolmXDay on social media.

    Organizations are trying to help make Malcolm X Day into an official state holiday across the country. So far, the day is an official holiday in:

    1. California
    2. District of Columbia
    3. Florida
    4. Georgia
    5. Illinois
    6. Minnesota
    7. Missouri
    8. Nebraska
    9. Ohio
    10. Oregon
    11. Pennsylvania
    12. Tennessee
    13. Texas
    14. Washington
    15. Wisconsin

    Watch and listen to the iconic speech “The Ballot or the Bullet.”

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  • NATIONAL DRAGONFLY DAY | Second Saturday in June


    We are celebrating National Dragonfly Day on the second Saturday in June to bring awareness to one of nature’s most beautiful insects. Join us today as we buzz around learning facts about the big-eyed bug also known as the dragonfly.


    Evidence shows dragonflies are nearly 300 million years old. Paleontologists have discovered dragonfly fossils with 3-foot wingspans. Interestingly, some scientists say dragonflies may have been just as large as the size of an eagle today. Let’s celebrate National Dragonfly Day together and learn why this beautiful insect is one of nature’s most wonderful bugs.

    Dragonflies are a common summertime insect living in areas of wetlands where you can see them sliding on the surface of the water and then lifting away. They vary in color, ranging from bright metallic to light pastel colors. Their wings are large making them the fastest of all insect species. However, dragonflies must warm up their muscles in order to fly properly.

    Dragonflies are expert fliers in comparison to any other insect. The average dragonfly has the ability to fly like a helicopter. In fact, they fly straight up or down, forward, and even hover keeping perfectly level. In addition, the dragonfly is extremely fast and agile. The fastest speed ever documented was 35 mph. Their flying skills and speed help them catch food for survival. If a dragonfly cannot fly, it does not survive.

    6 Unusual Facts About Dragonflies

    1. Most adult dragonflies live for only a few weeks, but some do live up to a year.
    2. The average dragonfly has nearly 30,000 eye facets. In fact, they have 360-degree vision, including the ability to see behind them.
    3. Dragonflies help control the mosquito population, eating up to 100 mosquitos per day.
    4. Dragonflies can live in the winter but are normally small and stumpy in size.
    5. Dragonflies use their feet to catch their food.
    6. Dragonflies can live for years underwater.

    The dragonfly has symbolic meaning in almost every part of the world. In fact, many cultures believe this insect symbolizes good luck. Because dragonflies have such short lifespans, they also represent new beginnings and change, especially for strength, growth, courage, and happiness. A few ancient cultures say dreaming about a dragonfly indicates you are in a powerful transition in your life.

    5 Symbolic Dragonfly Beliefs

    1. Asian culture believes the dragonfly represents good luck, prosperity, and new beginnings.
    2. Native Americans believe a dragonfly symbolizes life transformations.
    3. South American cultures believe the dragonfly symbolizes good luck and prosperity. In fact, artists include the dragonfly in their pieces
    4. Africans believe dragonflies are a sign of spirits and bring good luck. Africans also hold dragonflies in high regard because they are water gods who bring rain.
    5. European cultures see the dragonfly as a symbol of change and adaptability. Unsurprisingly, you can find dragonflies included in many European folklore stories and beliefs.

    There are around 5,000 species of dragonflies around the world. A dragonfly is classified as an Odonata, which is a family of flying insects that includes dragonflies and damselflies. Though insects are considered unpopular, dragonflies tend to be watched with fascination because of their beauty.

    What are the 3 classifications of dragonflies?

    1. Aeshnoidea Super Family is the first classification of dragonflies.
    2. Cordulegastridae Super Family are also known as the Flying Adders and have yellow, black, or brown bodies.
    3. Libelluilode Super Family is the most commonly seen dragonfly. This classification is the largest family of dragonflies and is often referred to as the skimmer dragonfly.


    If you are looking for ways to celebrate National Dragonfly Day, we have a few ideas for you. If you have more ideas, let us know on social media!

    1. Learn about the different species of dragonflies.
    2. Take a walk near a lake or pond to view dragonflies in their habitat.
    3. Learn about the symbolism of dragonflies in your own culture.
    4. Paint a dragonfly picture.
    5. Capture a dragonfly on camera and post it on social media using #NationalDragonflyDay.

    Check out this amazing video about dragonflies by National Geographic:

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    Today is May 27 and we are celebrating the sweetness of National Grape Day by encouraging everyone enjoy one of natures most delicious foods.


    Grapes are one of the most popular fruits from around the world. National Grape Day on May 27 celebrates the juicy and flavorful varieties available for snacking, sharing, and even drinking.

    Archeologists say grapes have been around for 130 million years. In fact, they are one of the oldest plants on earth. Early records indicate grapes were originally cultivated 6,000 to 7,000 years ago for trading in western Asia, including Egypt, Iran, Israel and Cyprus. Interestingly, grapes were also found in tombs during the pre-Christ era. Today, there are nearly 10,000 known varieties of grapes from around the world, with about 1,300 specific varieties found in vineyards for making wine.

    5 Common Table Grapes

    1. Concord grapes are a purple grape with a sugary taste. They have large seeds and are best when used in candy, pies, jellies, and juice.
    2. Crimson Seedless is a reddish-green grape most commonly found in grocery stores. This grape is firm and has a subtle sweetness with a hint of tartness.
    3. Sultana grapes, or Thompson Seedless grapes, are possibly the oldest grape available today. This greenish/white grape is a smaller table grape with a sweet, juicy flavor.
    4. Niagara grapes, or white Concord grapes, are a light green grape that has a sweet, lemony flavor. Niagara grapes are great for making white grape juice.
    5. Flame Seedless grapes is a popular table grape and purchased often because of availability. The grape is a purple-reddish color and is a hybrid of a Thompson Seedless and the Cardinal grape.


    According to archeological finds, the art of winemaking goes back about 6,000 to 7,000 BCE after discovering wine production in the Georgia region. However, many archeologists believe wine was made long before this time. Interestingly, the winemaking discovery has allowed scientists to analyze the grapes discovered by archeologists to determine the evolution and histories of grapes.

    What grapes make good wine? It is important to understand wine grapes are smaller and sweeter than grapes we buy in the grocery store. Though table grapes and wine grapes are very similar, wine grapes require specialized care when growing because of their use.

    Wine grapes grow all over the world. In fact, specific regions produce the best grapes for wine. However, some people are unaware the name of wine actually reflects the name of the grape.

    6 Common Wine Grapes

    1. Merlot
    2. Pinot Noir
    3. Cabernet Sauvignon
    4. Chardonnay
    5. Riesling
    6. Pinot Gris

    The flavor of wine is depends on the region the grapes grow. Vine management during the growing season requires skill and dedication to ensure the harvest season is a successful one. Picking grapes at the exact ripeness is important to deliver a delicious wine product.


    1. Toasting wine glasses originated in ancient Rome when adding toast to wine to help minimize the acidity of wine. 
    2. In ancient Greece the host of a party would drink the first glass of wine to prove to guests the wine was not poison. This became known as drinking to someone’s health.
    3. The oldest alcoholic beverage was discovered in China around 7,000 BC, where a drink was made from fermented grapes, honey, and rice.
    4. Wine fraud is an ancient law originating in Mesopotamia and is known as The Code of Hammurabi.
    5. Christianity in ancient Rome began using wine as a religious ritual to promote the use of wine to help the wine industry flourish.


    A bottle of wine goes a long way to enhancing the flavor of a meal. It also loosens the tongue and improving conversations. While most of us don’t need an excuse to open a bottle of our favorite wine, it doesn’t hurt to celebrate it when we do! There are many ways to celebrate National Grape Day, including 9 Wine Celebrations You Don’t Want to Miss. Here are a few more ways to celebrate:

    1. Add grapes to your green salad for additional flavor.
    2. Make a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich.
    3. Add sliced grapes to your chicken salad.
    4. Attend a wine tasting to learn about the different varieties of wine.
    5. Visit a winery to learn and sample wine.
    6. Participate in a wine exchange with a group of friends.
    7. Share your grape celebrations on social media using #NationalGrapeDay

    Wine is often an essential ingredient to may celebrations, too. It’s no surprise we celebrate wine throughout the calendar. Other National Days on the Calendar worth celebrating: