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  • TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK – First Monday through Friday


    National Teacher Appreciation Week on the first Monday through Friday in May honoring those who have dedicated their lives to education.


    The entire week focuses on those amazing and inspiring people who see the talent and skills in even the meekest of us. Teachers manage to zero in on the one ability that will help us focus and master a topic, or at least get through it. They turn Greek into…well…Greek! Chemistry is magical and algebra is something you might actually use. These are the reasons we appreciate our teachers.

    Public and private school teachers provide students with the tools and resources they will build upon for the rest of their lives. Not only do they educate, but they also serve as mentors and guide our youth, too.


    Visit for ways to thank a teacher. From Amazing to Zealous and every adjective in between, use all your adjectives to describe how terrific your teachers are. Support teachers by volunteering in the classrooms. Ask teachers in your area what their most important needs are. Send a shout out to a fantastic teacher, past or present using #TeacherAppreciationWeek on social media.


    The National PTA founded Teacher Appreciation Week in 1984.



  • NATIONAL HOSPITAL WEEK – First Full Week of May


    Recognizing the care and support provided by over 6,000 hospitals across the country, National Hospital Week kicks off on the first full week of May.

    Each year, this celebration recognizes the dedicated personnel who provide quality care every day. The work can be stressful but it is also extremely satisfying. The care they provide brings life into the world, saves lives, and eases our exits from the world. They answer our questions, ease our pain, and support our recovery.

    National Hospital Week recognizes hospital workers in every hospital setting including long-term, short-term, children’s hospitals, Veterans Health Administration, and psychiatric hospitals. The care they provide includes everything from emergency care, labor and delivery, minor surgery, and specialized care from hospitals big and small. Their services fill a vital need in communities. Every nurse, doctor, practitioner, and staff member is necessary to deliver the compassion and quality services needed. During National Hospital Week, the dedicated personnel are at the celebration’s center.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHospitalWeek

    • Thank a hospital worker.
    • Learn about hospital administration.
    • Talk about your role whether it be patient care, admitting, sanitation, records, or administration.
    • Consider a career in the medical field.
    • Use #HospitalWeek to share on social media.


    The American Hospital Association founded National Hospital Week and promote the annual campaign.


  • PUBLIC SERVICE RECOGNITION WEEK – Begins the First Sunday in May


    Beginning the first Sunday in May, Public Service Recognition Week honors federal, state, county, and local employees across the nation.

    Public servants work at every level of government from small communities to the federal government. They renew our driver’s licenses and they collect our garbage. Public servants govern, legislate and enforce our laws. The public workforce keeps our cities, states, and country running smoothly. Many civil servants work behind the scenes running programs and activities that are vital to many levels of government, social services and so much more.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #PublicServiceRecognitionWeek

    • Attend an event, celebration, or gala to recognize the public servants where you live.
    • Thank your public servants.
    • Learn about what it means to be a public servant.
    • Recognize a public servant who has gone above and beyond for your community.
    • Visit for ideas to recognize employees.
    • Use #PSRWeek to share on social media.


    Since 1985, the Public Employees Roundtable has organized Public Service Recognition Week.



    North American Occupational Safety and Health Week - First Full Week in May


    Across North America, Occupational Health and Safety is in the spotlight during the first full week of May. Employers, employees, and safety organizations come together to improve work environments and celebrate safe habits.

    Occupational safety and health protocols protect employees from injury, disease, and death. These protocols are reviewed on a regular basis and upgraded based on the changing needs of the job, employee, and environment. Depending on the workplace, an employee faces various hazards. They may include:

    • Physical hazards that place the employee at risk of falls, cuts, electrocution, and other injuries.
    • Biological hazards that may cause illness.
    • Chemical hazards that may cause poisonings, burns, or other risks to an employee’s health.
    • Ergonomic hazards that may cause musculoskeletal injuries due to repetitive movements, improper posture, or improper assistance.
    • Psychological hazards related to work stress may cause mental health issues.

    The week is an opportunity to address hazards and maintain comprehensive protocols to prevent and eliminate risk in the workplace.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #FocusOnSafety

    • Review safety protocols.
    • Update training procedures.
    • Visit to find out more.
    • Use #FocusOnSafety to share on social media.


    Since 1997, North American Occupational Safety and Health Week has been observed through an agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico.


  • NATIONAL PET WEEK – First Sunday through Saturday in May


    Beginning the first full week in May, National Pet Week celebrates the relationship and the circle of life between pet and human. The week is also an opportunity to review your pet’s health to help ensure a long and lasting relationship.

    The relationships between animals and humans have developed for thousands of years. Dogs provided protection and improved hunting. They also rid farms and homes of vermin as do cats. Pets also provide companionship.

    Taking care of our pets is part of the relationship between humans and animals. They require our care to feed, shelter, and care for their health. Having a pet is a long-term commitment involving training, grooming, nutrition, exercise, and visiting the veterinarian. This cycle continues daily throughout the life of the animal.

    Despite all the responsibilities that come with pet ownership, homes with pets are on the rise. So, National Pet Week serves to provide resources and support to pet owners to guide them on their way to a happy and healthy relationship.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPetWeek

    • Check-in with your vet and confirm your pets are up-to-date on their care.
    • Share stories about your pet.
    • Volunteer at a shelter and consider adoption.
    • Take your dog for a walk.
    • Inspect your pet’s toys and throw out any that are damaged.
    • Visit to find out how to celebrate.
    • Share your favorite pet stories and use #NationalPetWeek to share on social media.


    The American Veterinary Medical Association founded National Pet Week in 1982 and continues to provide healthy tips, tools, and resources to help your pet live a longer and healthier life.


  • SCREEN-FREE WEEK – First Full Week in May


    A full week to get away from the glowing screens of computers, TVs, phones, and games, Screen-Free Week during the first week in May encourages everyone to unplug and re-engage with those around us.

    We get it. Digital devices are all around us. We use them for work, school, and play. We stay connected to others through these devices. They offer hours upon hours of entertainment. But they also keep us from engaging with those who are in the same room with us—our families, our friends, our peers.

    Screen-Free Week isn’t just about avoiding our phones, televisions, tablets, and computers. It also frees us to reconnect with each other and use our minds and bodies in the ways they were intended to be used. We don’t have to be tethered to a device to do these things. We don’t have to track our steps because we know we’re walking and enjoying it because we invited a friend to join us. No device can capture the sound and the thrill of the world around us better than our own five senses.


    And what’s wonderful

    HOW TO OBSERVE #ScreenFreeWeek

    • First, take the pledge to be screen-free and put away the electronics.
    • Explore nature
    • Exercise your brains and bodies
    • Having real, face-to-face conversations
    • Problem-solve with your children
    • Developing new skills
    • Relax
    • Read, write, play card games
    • Teach a hobby
    • Visit with your neighbors
    • Explore your communities
    • Play or watch sports
    • Make real meals with real food with your own hands
    • Find out more at
    • Use #ScreenfreeWeek to share on social media.


    Fair Play for Kids founded Screen-Free Week to engage families, children, and communities in screen-free activities. 


  • SMALL BUSINESS WEEK – First Week in May


    Recognizing their outstanding service, innovation, and development, Small Business Week celebrates small business owners around the country. Small businesses account for half of America’s workforce, and more new jobs come from small businesses than any other source. They are vital to keeping America running.

    And shopping small isn’t a once-a-year event; It’s a year-round necessity. When our small businesses thrive, our communities thrive. Small business include the traditional brick-and-mortar customer and the online shopper. 

    The week puts small businesses in the spotlight and encourages everyone to shop local and small. It’s a great way to get to know your neighborhood and how it’s growing and evolving. That’s one of the benefits is shopping small too! You know your dollars will stay local. Small businesses are constantly reinvesting in their communities. They donate to school programs and local organizations. That keeps your money local and makes every dollar you spend in a small business more valuable.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #SmallBusinessWeek

    • Visit to nominate your favorite small business and to find out more.
    • Support local small businesses or find out how to give your small business the boost it needs.
    • Give a shout-out to your favorite small businesses.
    • Encourage someone who is just starting or thinking of starting a small business.
    • Partner with another small business and celebrate the week with specials or open houses.
    • Use #SmallBusinessWeek to share on social media.


    The United States Small Business Administration has recognized the contributions of entrepreneurs and small businesses since 1963.


  • CHOOSE PRIVACY WEEK – First Full Week in May


    Kicking off the first week of May, Choose Privacy Week encourages those who use library resources to improve their privacy practices.

    Libraries are a major resource for many in the digital age, and due to the growing risks of identity and information theft, libraries need to take steps to improve technologies to protect their users. Choose Privacy Week provides many resources and programs addressing the current issues libraries are facing.


    Visit Choose Privacy Week to find out the many ways to choose and use #ChoosePrivacyWeek to share on social media.


    The American Library Association founded Choose Privacy Week.

  • NATIONAL EMS WEEK – Third Full Week of May


    Each year during the third full week in May, the country recognizes National EMS Week and honors all the first responders and medical professionals who dedicate their lives to saving ours.

    Across the nation, communities and medical professionals will honor the contributions of EMS practitioners. From rural communities with little to no local health care services to major cities teeming with humanity, dedicated first responders provide immediate care during a health crisis. Whether there is an accident or an illness, these trained professionals work around the clock to quickly ensure care is available. Keeping up with the latest training ensures they know the most effective life-saving emergency treatments. EMS practitioners are professionals of the highest caliber.

    The week is an opportunity to recognize these home-grown heroes and to highlight some of their achievements.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalEMSWeek

    • Recognize the accomplishments of EMS professionals in your community.
    • Reward them with a smile, home-baked goodies, or a community banquet.
    • Thank a first responder who came to your rescue.
    • Host an event recognizing their contributions.
    • Use #NationalEMSWeek to share on social media.


    The first National EMS Week was observed in 1974 when President Gerald Ford declared the week to acknowledge the crucial work of this critical link in emergency medical care.


  • RIGHT OF WAY PROFESSIONALS WEEK – Second full week of June


    The second week of June is designated National Right of Way Professionals Week. In order for pipelines, transmission lines or other facilities to be constructed on public and private property, landowners must give permission for the right of way.


    Most often, rights of way are easements granted by landowners to the developer, giving the utility permission to run wires, cables, or pipelines across the landowner’s property.  Right of Way Professionals around the world has been trained to secure property rights on behalf of third parties by negotiating these easements through negotiations with landowners.

    HOW TO OBSERVE Right of Way Professionals Week

    Use #RightofWayProfessionalsWeek to share on social media.


    Right of Way Professionals Week was submitted by Contract Land Staff as a way to honor the professionals in this niche industry for their commitment to leadership and service.  It was approved by the Registrar at National Day Calendar in 2016.

    Begins Sunday, June 12, 2022.