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    Each year on May 9th, National Home Front Heroes Day honors millions of civilians, past and present, who provide support to service members from the home front. Dedicated heroes roll up their sleeves, support neighbors, communities, and our nation at home while our service members are abroad. As a result, service members have a peace of mind knowing their families, businesses, and communities are taken care of at home.

    For hundreds of years, military service members have left home to serve their country. Historically, World War II had the most impressive number of Home Front Heroes that would keep the country going. In fact, during the war Americans stepped up to the task with remarkable determination. In addition, the civilian contribution to the war effort was extraordinary. In return, it led to encouragement for service members to complete successful military operations overseas.

    Contributions made by Home Front Heroes is a long one, respectively. However, there are few well-known contributions which include:

    • Women joining the production lines;
    • Hosting charitable food, metal, and medical drives;
    • Businesses shifting to military production;
    • Rationing goods, such as sugar, coffee, and rubber; and
    • Victory Gardens planted to ensure adequate food supply on the homefront.

    Today, Home Front Heroes are still making it possible for military service members to honor their commitment to our nation. Unsurprisingly, Home Front Heroes continue to actively participate in charitable organizations, volunteer in their communities, provide relief work, and dedicate time and money to help support service members and their families.

    OBSERVING #HomeFrontHeroesDay

    Your help in honoring Home Front Heroes is just as important as being a hero. You can do your part by:

    • Planning Home Front Hero events such as parades, teas, and luncheons;
    • Honoring a Home Front Hero in your neighborhood, community, or organization;
    • Encouraging city and state officials to celebrate the day;
    • Posting photos and videos of Home Front Heroes from your area;
    • Sharing or listening to stories about a Home Front Hero you know; or
    • Promoting #HomeFrontHeroesDay on social media.
    • Read Official Proclamation for National Home Front Heroes Day.


    Forefront LivingThe Home Front Heroes Day National Committee submitted National Home Front Heroes Day in 2022 to honor the contributions made by millions of Home Front Heroes. The day also acknowledges civilian dedication, support, hard work, and sacrifices made at home for military service members.

    “We have Memorial Day. We have Veterans Day. We have Fourth of July. But we don’t have any day devoted to recognizing and thanking those millions of people who made it possible for us to prevail. There is no day for acknowledging the people on the home front who do their duty, too, and I hope to change that.” ~Major John “Lucky” Luckadoo

    View Official Home Front Heroes Day Proclamation.

    In 2021, Major John “Lucky” Luckadoo, a Forefront Living Community Presbyterian Village North resident in Dallas, received the LeadingAge Inspirational Senior Texas Award. He began using the award as a platform to further his mission to establish a National Home Front Heroes Day. His 100th birthday wish the following year was to establish May 9th as Home Front Heroes Day. Lucky was a proud service member of the United States Airforce B-17 Flying Fortress. Unfortunately, he is the last living member of the World War II Eighth Air Force 100th Bombardment Group. He reflects daily about the vast amount of support civilians gave at home during his service. He is especially grateful for the support, sacrifice and dedication civilians continue to make for all service members.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Home Front Heroes Day in 2022 to be observed annually on May 9th.



    Beautiful letters and clever language come together in one celebration on May 9th. National Alphabet Magnet Day recognizes the ingenuity and creativity of making words from magnetic letters.

    Have you ever spent the morning rearranging the alphabet magnets on your fridge while you sip your coffee? Perhaps your child sits at your feet, practicing the alphabet while shuffling the letters.

    Incredibly, these colorful classic letters have been around for 50 years. In 1972, Fisher-Price first released the School Days Desk. The small plastic case served dual functions as storage and a desk. Beneath the chalkboard top, the desk held word cutouts and magnetic plastic letters.

    A decade before, advertisements for magnetic chalkboards began appearing. The sets included plastic or wooden letters with magnets attached to the backs. Around the same time, inventor Samuel Hardcastle developed magnetic molded letters for use in the space industry.

    Following the release of the School Days Desk, these colorful magnetic letters made their way to our refrigerators. In the decades to come, they evolved into a decorative way to leave short messages, experiment with wordplay, or wax poetic. National Alphabet Magnet Day celebrates this intriguing history and invites you to get creative with magnetic letters.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalAlphabetMagnetDay

    • Begin an anagram game on your fridge or magnetic board.
    • Leave sweet messages. We suggest “Happy National Alphabet Magnet Day!”
    • Compose a haiku.
    • Use the letters to teach your children the alphabet.
    • Share photos of your favorite letter sets and word combinations.
    • Follow the celebration by using #NationalAlphabetMagnetDay on social media.
    • Read Official Proclamation for National Alphabet Magnet Day


    TTSC-Logo-R-800pxIn 2022, The Type Set Co. founded National Alphabet Magnet Day on May 9th to commemorate the creation of these classic alphabet magnet toys. They encourage everyone to exercise their word genius using alphabet magnets.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Alphabet Magnet Day to be observed on May 9th, annually.

    Ashley and Paul Jankowski founded The Type Set Co. in 2017, creating beautiful alphabet magnets sets for the modern family.


  • EUROPE DAY – May 9


    Every year on May 9th, Europe Day recognizes the diversity of the world’s 2nd smallest continent. It’s also a day that the European Union (EU) celebrates peace and unity in Europe.

    Europe is divided into the southern, northern, eastern, and western hemispheres. According to the United Nations, there are currently 44 countries in Europe. Twenty-seven of these countries are part of the EU. The largest and most populous country in Europe is Russia. There are nearly 146 million people in Russia. The next most populous country is Germany with nearly 84 million people. Europe is also comprised of four dependencies or territories. These include the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Faeroe Islands, and Gibraltar.

    While the most commonly spoke language in Europe is English, Europeans speak 200 languages there. Of these languages, 24 of them are official. Other widely spoken languages include French, German, Spanish, and Russian. More than half of all Europeans are bilingual and many Europeans speak 3 languages. About 10% of Europeans speak four languages.

    Important historical events in Europe include:

    • The Renaissance
    • Colonialism and Imperialism
    • The Protestant Reformation
    • The Enlightenment
    • French Revolution
    • Industrial Revolution
    • The Russian Revolutions

    Europe is also where World War I and World War II began and ended. Today, Europe is known for its beautiful cities, cultural diversity, delicious food and wine, and romantic destinations.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #EuropeDay

    Europeans all across the continent celebrate the day with a variety of events. These events include parades, concerts, debates, art exhibits, and more. You don’t have to live in Europe to celebrate this day, either. Here are some ways you can participate:

    • Have a contest with friends or family to see who can name the most countries in Europe.
    • Learn the history of famous European landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, The Louvre, the Sistine Chapel, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
    • Read some works by famous European authors such as Leo Tolstoy, Victor Hugo, the Brothers Grimm, and C.S. Lewis.
    • Watch movies that take place in European countries like The Sound of Music, Notting Hill, Pride and Prejudice, French Kiss, and Mamma Mia.
    • Dive into foreign-language films from Europe, too.

    Spread awareness for the day by sharing #EuropeDay on social media.


    In 1985, the European Communities, which later changed to the EU, introduced Europe Day. The date of May 9th commemorates the Schuman Declaration, given in 1950. French foreign minister, Robert Schuman, gave the declaration. He proposed to unite the French and West German coal and steel industries. This led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community, which became the first European Community. Since the formation of the EU in 1993, Europe Day celebrations have increased significantly. In some countries, the day is an official public holiday.




    On May 9th, National Sleepover Day provides an opportunity once again for girls to confide in their friends in a way that can be inspiring, therapeutic, and confidence-building. Sleepovers play an important role in both friendships and memory-making. It’s a time when women and girls share stories and realize the more we’re different, the more we’re alike.

    A sleepover offers more than just movies and gossip. It’s an opportunity to be among friends and be yourself. Let your hair down or put it up. Tell hair-raising stories and laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh. Either way, you’ll be among friends, and everyone there thinks you’re smart and beautiful, strong, and courageous, too. And if they don’t. Well, they soon will because at sleepovers, we tend to bare our souls.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalSleepoverDay

    Celebrate with a sleepover. Bring out the pillows and comfy pjs. Pop lots of popcorn and pick out your favorite movies. Plan makeovers, manis, and pedis. It’s an excellent time to catch up and unwind. Share your deepest secrets and express yourselves, too. Sleepovers encourage bonding and boost friendships, too.

    Join in the celebration by sharing your sleepover memories by using #NationalSleepoverDay and #SleepintheBare on social media.


    bareMinerals and Cosmopolitan created National Sleepover Day as a holiday to celebrate spontaneous sleepovers and bareMinerals’ Original and Matte Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 15’s newest claim – Makeup So Pure You Can Sleep In It™. The two brands are also encouraging women worldwide to bare their souls, share their deepest beauty secrets, and express themselves through the hashtag #Sleepinthebare.
    In 2017, the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the day to be observed on May 9th, annually.


    National Butterscotch Brownie Day on May 9th each year recognizes a delicious treat. Butterscotch Brownies, also known as Blondies or Brookies (brownie + cookie) made their debut before chocolate brownies. Recipes date back to the 19th century and are made up of flour, brown sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, and vanilla. Walnuts, pecans, or butterscotch chips are sometimes added to the brownies.

    These brownies taste delicious with a dollop of ice cream on top. They also make terrific trifles when cut up into chunks and layered with puddings or mousse, and whipped cream. Make them for bake sales or tasty little gifts. No matter what excuse you use to make them, be sure to share them!

    HOW TO OBSERVE #ButterscotchBrownieDay

    Want to keep it simple?  Enjoy this recipe from Taste of Home. Share your favorite recipes and combinations, too! Use #ButterscotchBrownieDay to post on social media. Don’t forget to serve your butterscotch brownie topped with ice cream and butterscotch or caramel sauce.  YUM!!! Use #NationalButterscotchBrownieDay to share on social media. 


    Butterscotch Brownies are a deliciously sweet dessert bar that dates back to the 19th century.  Sadly, we were unable to identify the founder of this dessert holiday.. 






    On May 9th, raise your glass and toast National Moscato Day. Moscato, or Muscat in Italian, is one of the oldest known varieties of grapes grown in the world.

    The Moscato grape ranges in color from white to almost black. Its flavor varies, too, from sweet to dry. Winemakers use this quite versatile grape to make everything from sparkling and dessert wines to dry and floral wines. Where one Moscato may pair well with a steak, another will go well with fresh fruit and a sharp cheese plate.

    In February of 2012, it was reported that Moscato wine became the third most popular white wine consumed within the United States.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalMoscatoDay

    Prepare a nice plate of fresh cheeses and fruit. Grab a bottle of your favorite Moscato and pour a glass to enjoy the day. Invite friends to share a bottle of Moscato (yes, you can share) or attend a wine tasting. Wine tastings are a great way to learn about wines and their best pairings. (Remember always to drink responsibly and never to drink and drive.) Use #MoscatoDay and #NationalMoscatoDay to share on social media.

    You can also explore other wine celebrations. Read 9 Wine Celebrations You Don’t Want to Miss.

    As you savor your glass of Moscato, enjoy coloring this adult coloring page. Download and print it and color it with the vibrant colors of the vineyard, or whatever inspires you. 


    In 2012, the Gallo Family Vineyards created National Moscato Day. The Gallo Family Vineyards is a family-owned business that has been in operation since 1933. 


    May 9th recognizes a fun and unique holiday, National Lost Sock Memorial Day. It is time to say “good-bye” to all of the single socks, the ones where their mates have been lost to the unknown. Where do all the missing socks go? Is there a washing machine heaven? This is a question people have been trying to solve for many centuries.  An answer may never be found to this problem, and life will go on.  How sad to have lost such a close-knit friend!

    Of course, since before the dawn of Tupperware, inventors have attempted the prevention of such separation anxiety. Alas, if they had succeeded, mismatched socks wouldn’t be popular today. And, we there wouldn’t be pausing to remember them every May 9th.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #LostSockMemorialDay

    National Lost Sock Memorial Day reminds you that it’s time to move on. Let go of those lost socks. Clean out all of your left behind socks. Some ways to celebrate this unusual holiday include:

    • making sock puppets
    • turn them into dust rags
    • chose to never wear matched socks again
    • turn them into chew toys for pets 
    • make wrist warmers
    • make sock monkeys
    • fill them with beans and use them for your corn hole game
    • fill with rice and make a door stop
    • open up both ends of a long sock and make a plastic bag holder

    What are some creative ways to use old socks? Share your ideas and say your final goodbyes to your lost socks using #LostSockMemorialDay.


    National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this fun holiday. 


    May 9th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


    The U.S. Patent Office issued patent No. 257,487 to William F. Ford for his invention of a stethoscope. His design improved upon previous designs by reducing noise unrelated to the examination.


    The U.S. Patent Office issued patent No. 624,749 to John Albert Burr for his invention of a rotary blade lawnmower.


    President Woodrow Wilson signs a proclamation declaring the second Sunday in May to be Mother’s Day.


    MIT researchers bounce a beam of light off the surface of the Moon for the first time. Raytheon made the laser for the MIT Research Laboratory in Cambridge. The returning beams were captured on a receiver and recorded on a cathode ray tube as tiny flashes on a screen.

    May 9th Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

    Harriet Lane – 1830

    As the 16th First Lady of the United States, the young niece of James Buchanan performed the hostess duties in the White House. While she’s not the only relative to step into the role of First Lady, Lane is the only one to do so for the only lifelong bachelor to become president.

    Belle Boyd – 1844

    At a young age, Belle Boyd became a Confederate spy during the Civil War. She gained a notorious reputation for her daring.

    J.M. Barrie – 1860

    In 1904, the Scottish playwright produced the popular play “Peter Pan; or The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up.”

    Howard Carter – 1874

    In 1922, the English archaeologist and Egyptologist discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun. The tomb of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh was the best-preserved tomb of a pharaoh ever found in the Valley of the Kings.

    Mike Wallace – 1918

    The American broadcast journalist was one of the pioneering hosts of the CBS show 60 minutes.

    Vance Brand – 1931

    The distinguished NASA astronaut flew four space missions during his career. One of his most historic missions included the first meeting in space between American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts during the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975. During the mission, Tom Stafford and Deke Slayton joined Brand aboard Apollo. Aleksey Leonov and Valeriy Kubasov crewed the Soyuz.