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    International Medical Science Liaison Day, on March 27th, recognizes the vital role Medical Science Liaisons (MSL) play in the success of a company.


    Since being first established by Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in 1967, MSLs have become increasingly important to the companies’ success that employs them. According to the MSL Society website, “Today, MSLs are scientific experts to internal colleagues at their companies; they help to ensure that the drug or product they support are utilized effectively by physicians, and serve as scientific peers and resources within the medical community.”


    • Show pride in your profession.
    • Share The International MSL Day logo on social media.
    • Take a photo where you are showing off your MSL pride!
    • Share your story of how you became an MSL.
    • Share why you love the MSL career.
    • To learn more about how to get involved, visit:
    • Give a shout-out to an MSL you know who is dedicated to the job. Use #InternationalMSLDay to share on social media.


    International MSL Day Logo-Background_300x250 - Blue

    In 2020, The Medical Science Liaison Society established International Medical Science Liaison Day to raise awareness of the importance of the MSL role in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and other companies that employ them. Their role ultimately improves patients’ lives.

    Dr. Samuel Dyer, CEO of the MSL Society, commented: “Establishing International Medical Science Liaison Day is a way to celebrate our profession and demonstrate our commitment to the profession on a global scale. MSLs make important contributions in helping to advance science and medicine, which ultimately improves the quality of life for patients dealing with various diseases and conditions. Having an official day dedicated to MSLs is a unique way to recognize the profession and raise awareness of the importance of the global MSL profession.”

    Paul Q. Ward, National MSL Lead, AstraZeneca, commented, “I’m very excited to have March 27th mark the first-ever International MSL Day and have this day set aside to recognize MSLs around the world for the incredible work they do. MSLs play an important part of educating prescribers on the disease state, safety, efficacy, and appropriate use of medications that ultimately lead to improvements in the care of patients. More and more, MSLs are being turned to for their scientific and clinical skills as a trusted source of information by health care providers. I am proud to be a part of the MSL Society and the work it does to grow, develop and recognize the contributions of MSLs around the world for all they do. Congratulations and thank you MSLs!”

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed International Medical Science Liaison Day to be observed on March 27th, annually.

    About The Medical Science Liaison Society

    The Medical Science Liaison Society is the only 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization exclusively dedicated to advancing the global MSL profession. Serving as a voice for the profession, the organization builds further awareness of the important contributions that MSLs make in advancing science, which ultimately improves the quality of life for patients dealing with various diseases and conditions. Additionally, The Medical Science Liaison Society provides numerous resources for those interested in the MSL career, as well as professional growth and development opportunities for current MSL Managers and individual MSLs.

    The MSL Career has exploded in growth over the last several years, and the MSL has become vital to the success of pharmaceutical companies. As the MSL role continues to grow and evolve, The Medical Science Liaison Society will provide resources to members to increase their industry knowledge, connect them to the global MSL community, and give them the tools and resources they need to advance in their careers.

    Medical Science Liaison FAQ

    Q. How much education is required to become a Medical Science Liaison (MSL)?
    A. An MSL requires a minimum of a master’s degree in a medical or scientific field, but most positions require a PhD or an MD.

    Q. What are the job prospects for an MSL?
    A. The MSL career is a growing field worldwide.

    Q. Where do MSLs work?
    A. MSLs work with a variety of healthcare and technology organizations including pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and other healthcare-related settings.

    March 27th Celebrated History


    Branch managers of the American Bell Telephone Company in Boston, MA made the first long-distance telephone call when they called the branch managers in New York.


    The Coca-Cola Company officially submits Coke as a registered trademark.


    The MGM musical Singin’ in the Rain premieres in New York City. Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen directed the romantic comedy. Gene Kelly plays opposite Debbie Reynolds in a film about a production company and cast transitioning into the world of talkies.


    NASA launches Mariner 7 on its mission to study the atmosphere and surface of Mars. Five days earlier, Mariner 6 launched with the same mission. However,  Mariner 7 would successfully return usable data five months later.

    March 27th Celebrated Birthdays

    Patty Hill – 1868

    The American educator composed songs for children with her sister Mildred Hill. They would publish Song Stories for Kindergarten. The melody for one composition, “Good Morning to All” gained worldwide fame. We know it by the name “Happy Birthday to You.” In 2013, the song became the focus of a class-action lawsuit when the copyright came under scrutiny.

    In 1996, the Songwriters Hall of Fame elected to induct both Patty and Mildred Hill posthumously into the Hall of Fame.

    Effa Manley – 1897

    In 1935, Effa Manley became part-owner of the Negro League team the Brooklyn Eagles.  And she grew it into a successful business. Effa was also known for her fierce stance on equal rights, often hosting Anti-lynching Days at games. Later known as the Newark Eagles they would win the 1946 Negro League World Series.

    Quentin Tarantino – 1963

    The award-winning director made his debut in 1992 with Reservoir Dogs. Two years later, Tarantino earned his first Oscar with the film Pulp Fiction.

    Mariah Carey – 1970

    The award-winning singer-songwriter is known for her broad vocal range. Carey rose to stardom in the 1990s with her self-titled album.

    Notable Mentions

    Wilhelm Rontgen – 1845
    Sato Eisaku – 1901
    Nathan Fillion – 1971
    Dustin Byfuglien – 1985



    National Scribble Day on March 27 inspires children to kindness through art.


    Each of us starts out as a little colorful, wrinkled up human being with eyes, nose and sometimes a shock of hair. Our personality develops as we go. We’re a bit like a scribble.

    Children’s scribbles become more than just scribbles when eyes and a smile are added. Somehow a personality leaps onto the page and with it, encouragement for children to grow and express themselves. The positive result looking back at them spreads a surge of joy that is infectious.

    That’s what’s so wonderful about scribbles – anyone can make them no matter their ability. This means everyone from Grandpa to the smallest family member can join in the day.  Gather up the crayons in every color and scribble up smiles for everyone!


    • Scribble with a child on National Scribble Day. Whether it laughs, dances or grins, it doesn’t really matter. The child can laugh, dance and grin, too!
    • Educators, visit for resources and to sign up for stickers.
    • Families, you can participate at home by bringing out the crayons and art supplies. Let the kids of all ages get creative with their scribbles. Art is an excellent way to relieve anxiety and there are no lines to stay between here!
    • Challenge your household to scribble sudsy scribbles – you know, ones that use the right amount of soap when they wash their hands.
    • Have fun naming your scribbles.
    • Turn your final scribbles into a game of who’s who. For example, whose scribble looks most like Mick Jagger or Marilyn Monroe?
    • Educators, also visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for projects and ways to celebrate the day with your students.
    • Use #NationalScribbleDay to share your scribbles on social media.


      Diane Alber, author of I’m NOT Just a Scribble, founded National Scribble Day in 2019 to share a message of kindness and acceptance and to encourage children to create art no matter their ability. Every artist started with a scribble!

      The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Scribble Day to be observed annually on March 27th.

      Scribble FAQ

      Q. What other days on the calendar are perfect for scribbling?
      A. There are several but these three are perfect:

      Q. Are scribbles similar to doodles?
      A. Yes, they are similar but doodles are somewhat more structured.



      March 27th is the annual observance of National Spanish Paella Day. A rice dish from Spain, paella has become very popular and is known worldwide. It originated in its modern form in the mid-19th century in Valencia, on the east coast of Spain.


      At lunchtime, workers in the fields would make the rice dish in a flat pan over a fire. They mixed in whatever they could find – such as rabbits, snails, and vegetables. Later, for special occasions, chicken was added. Paella has spread to every region of Spain and worldwide, using almost any type of ingredient that goes well with rice.

      There are many versions of recipes of paella. Key ingredients are saffron and olive oil. Saffron is an essential spice that also turns the rice into a beautiful golden color.


      • Order Spanish paella tonight for supper.
      • Master this Spanish rice dish and share it with family and friends.
      • Use #SpanishPaellaDay to post on social media.


      National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this delicious food holiday.

      Spanish Paella FAQ

      Q. Can paella be served as a side dish?
      A. Yes, though it is also a perfect main dish.

      Q. Are other rice dishes celebrated on the calendar?
      A. Yes. Celebrate these:

    • NATIONAL JOE DAY – March 27


      National Joe Day on March 27th encourages everyone to enjoy a cup of joe with all your friends named Joe, Jo, Joey, Joseph, and Josephine. While you’re at it, don’t forget Joette, Jody, Johanna, Jodie, or any other variant of the name Joe. If you didn’t know it, you could create quite a few nicknames from this one name. 


      According to the Social Security Administration, Joseph ranked No. 6 from 1893 to 1899 behind John, William, James, George, and Charles. In 1910, it moved to No. 5. From 1911 to 2005, it ranked No. 12 or lower. Famous Joes, Jos, and Jo Anns, populate the world. They fill many roles, too. So their name does not define them. Just check out the variety of hats they wear!

      Famous Joes:
      • American football player and coach – Joe Montana 
      • Politician – Jo Ann Emerson
      • Comedian, musician, and actor – Joe Pesci 
      • Politician and lawyer – Joe Biden 
      • Musician, singer, dancer -Josephine Baker
      • Theatrical producer, entrepreneur, film producer – Joseph Gordon
      • American football player – Joe Namath 
      • Opera singer – Dame Josephine Barstow
      • Formula one endurance driver – Jo Gartner
      • Politician, soldier – Joseph Stalin 
      • Songwriter, musician, singer – Joey Ramone 
      • Journalist – Jo Coburn
      • Baseball player – Shoeless Joe Jackson
      • Olympic medalist, swimmer – Josephine McKim
      • American football player – Joe Green
      • Actress – Jodie Foster
      • Musician – Joe Jonas
      • Businesswoman, politician – Jo Ann Davis
      • Baseball player, actor – Joe DiMaggio
      • Author – Josephine Cox
      • Musician – Joe Cocker
      • Boxer – Joe Frazier
      • Athlete, sprinter – Joanne Cuddihy
      • Baseball player – Joe Mauer
      • Journalist, author – Josephine Lawrence
      • Press Secretary – Jody Powell
      • Musician – Joe Walsh


      • Honor all people with the name “Joe.”
      • For the day, change your name to a name of your choice.
      • Everyone changes their name to a version of “Joe” or “Jo” of your choice.
      • Read the science fiction novella Call Me Joe by Poul Anderson.
      • Another way to celebrate the day is by telling stories about friends and family named Joe.
      • Use #NationalJoeDay to post on social media.


      National Day Calendar continues to research the origins of this day. In the meantime, you can call us Joe, and we’ll call you Joe, too. It’s a great way to create confusion while avoiding it. 

      Joe FAQ

      Q. What is “Joe” short for?
      A. Well, “Joe” or “Jo” can be short for Joseph, Josephine, Jo-Ellen, Josy, Jonah, Josiah, Johannes, and Joel, just to name a few.

      Q. Why is coffee called Joe?
      A. No one is really sure, but there are several theories. The first one came about in a way similar to the 80s-era economic policy that came to be known as Reaganomics, and the word gerrymander came from Massachusetts governor Elbridge Gerry. In 1914, Joseph Daniels was appointed Secretary of the Navy by President Woodrow Wilson. Secretary Joe prohibited the use of alcohol aboard ship, and the strongest brew the sailors could drink became coffee. However, since it didn’t become common usage for another decade and a half, linguists point to other reasons for calling coffee “joe.” For example, the island of Java was known for planting coffee. We return to the Navy for further explanation. When combining coffee and chocolate (mocha), the sailors would call the combination a jamoke and then later shortened it to joe.