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  • BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB WEEK – Changes Annually


    National Boys & Girls Club Week recognizes the invaluable service Clubs bring to communities. The week shines a spotlight on the 61,000 caring, trained youth development professionals who mentor kids and teens every day in 4,300 Clubs across the nation and on U.S. military installations worldwide.

    The Boys & Girls Club of America The week shines a spotlight on the 61,000 caring, trained youth development professionals who mentor kids and teens every day in 4,300 Clubs across the nation and on U.S. military installations worldwide.

    The beginnings of the Boys & Girls Club began in 1860 thanks to three women, Organizers in Hartford, Connecticut united to create the Boys Club Federation of America in 1860 to offer a positive alternative to boys roaming the streets. In 1931, the organization became the Boys Clubs of America. Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin, and Elizabeth Hammersley. What started as a way to bring children off the street and focus their attention on positive goals and organized activities, continues to reach out to young people and keep them at the center of everything they do.


    • 1860 – The Boys & Girls Clubs of America take root in Hartford, Connecticut when the first club is created.
    • 1906 – Several clubs unite into the Federated Boys Club. This date is the official beginnings of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
    • 1931 – The Boys Club Federation of America becomes the Boys Clubs of America.
    • 1956 – On their 50th anniversary, Boys Clubs of America received a U.S. Congressional Charter.
    • 1990 – Girls are as much a part of their mission, and as such, the organization’s name is changed to Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


    Check out the Facebook page. Visit a local Boys and Girls Club – especially after school or on a Saturday to see the tutoring, skill building and the healthy activities that go on in the Club.

    Use #BCGWeek to follow on social media.


    For more than 75 years, the Boys & Girls Club has celebrated their volunteers, members, and mentors for a week at the end of March or the beginning of April.


  • MEN’S HEALTH WEEK – Week Ending on Father’s Day


    Men, this week is for you! The week leading up to Father’s Day focuses on the health of men. When it comes to a healthier body and mind, prevention is critical. Many of the risk factors for disease are preventable. Learning what to look for and what changes to make, can help lower those risks.


    This Week takes place during Men’s Health Month and is strategically placed during the week of Father’s Day when most of us are thinking of those important men in our lives. During the same week, Wear BLUE Day gives us an opportunity to schedule events and raise awareness for men’s causes, too.

    Encourage the men in your life to keep scheduled checkups, learn their risk factors and start or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Scheduling screenings as recommended will help detect disease early, making intervention possible.

    HOW TO OBSERVE Men’s Health Week

    • Visit with the men in your life about their health.
    • Find low-cost and free screenings near you.
    • Attend a health clinic or start the health program recommended by your physician.
    • Participate in Wear BLUE Day the Friday before Father’s Day.

    Learn more about this National Week at and use #MensHealthWeek to share on social media.


    Men’s Health Network promotes the Week. Quoting from their site:

    The Goal
    The purpose is to heighten the awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.

    This week gives health care providers, public policymakers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury. The response has been overwhelming with hundreds of awareness activities in the USA and around the globe.


  • NATIONAL FLAG WEEK – Week of June 14


    National Flag Week takes place during the week of June 14th. Annually proclaimed by the sitting president, National Flag Week is a call to citizens to display the red, white and blue standard.

    While many different flags were flying over the original 13 colonies, Old Glory’s official history dates back to June 14, 1777, when the Second Continental Congress passed a resolution establishing the young country’s banner.

    The thirteen stripes alternated red and white representing each of the original colonies. A circle of thirteen white stars in a field of blue represented the union.

    For a time, the stars and bars included 15 of each! In 1795, after Vermont and Kentucky were granted statehood in 1791 and 1792 respectively, a new design represented the newly appointed states.

    In 1818, the U.S. flag returned to 13 strips and would never add another.


    Fly the red, white and blue. For information on how to properly fly the Flag of the United States of America, visit The American Legion.

    Attend Flag Day observances, parades, and events at significant historical sites across the country.

    Use #NationalFlagWeek to share on social media.


    On June 9, 1966, Congress authorized the President by joint resolution Public Law 89-443 to annually proclaim National Flag Week during the week of June 14.

    There are over 1,500 national days. Don’t miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day with National Day Calendar!

  • NATIONAL PLAY CATCH WEEK- Third Full Week in June


    Beginning the week of Father’s Day, National Play Catch Week encourages everyone to pick up a ball, grab a buddy and head out to the nearest park or green space and #PlayCatch!

    Whether you dig up an old pigskin, softball or baseball, get out there and #PlayCatch. There’s always someone yearning to learn and another who needs to loosen up an underused shoulder and show off – pass along – those old skills. Can you still throw a spiral? Does your two-seam fastball still move like it used to?

    Don’t worry about the fancy stuff. Dust off the gear and start at the beginning. Playing catch is an excellent way to burn off some energy while spending time with family, friends, and coworkers. A ball doesn’t take much space, doesn’t need fancy electronics and it doesn’t tell you to work harder. In fact, the only thing you have to do is keep your eye on the ball.

    That’s easy enough to do while carrying on a conversation with a son or daughter, father, mother, friend, or even a stranger who chooses to receive your wild pitch. The fun that ensues during National Play Catch Week could create a lasting routine.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #PlayCatchWeek

    It’s simple. You. Ball. Someone to play catch with. Repeat! What more could you ask for during a beautiful week in June than to spend time with someone, getting fresh air, and exercise all at the same time? Capture the moment and use #PlayCatch and #PlayCatchWeek to share on social media.


    The Play Catch Foundation founded National Play Catch Week the Third Week in June to bring awareness to the benefits of playing catch with people. Rhett Grametbauer with Foam Finger Nation has played catch with people all around the country and attests to the joys it brings through his book and film. Both can be found at

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Play Catch Week to be observed the Third Week in June beginning in 2018.

    June 19-25, 2022
    June 18-24, 2023
    June 17-22, 2024
    June 15-21, 2025
    June 21-27, 2026
    June 20-26, 2027
    June 18-24, 2028

  • NATIONAL DAY FLAVOR – Week of June 18-24


    This week on National Day Calendar stacks up a lot of cool creaminess so get the blenders ready.  Before we get to the sweets, Sunday starts us off with a protein on National Turkey Lovers’ Day followed by National Martini Day.  We round out the week with cookies.  Does that make it a cookies and cream kind of week?

    National Vanilla Milkshake Day June 20


    National Vanilla Milkshake Day is happily enjoyed by many people on June 20th of each year.  You can celebrate this day by making a homemade vanilla milkshake for you and your family today.

    The first time the term “milkshake” was used in print was in 1885.  This milkshake was a concoction of cream, eggs, and whiskey which was often served with other alcoholic tonics such as lemonades and soda waters

    By 1900, a milkshake was often referred to as “wholesome drinks made with chocolate, strawberry or vanilla syrups.”  A few years later in the early 1900s, people began asking for this new treat with a scoop of ice cream.  It was then by the 1930s that milkshakes were a popular drink in malt shops everywhere.

    Maybe you want to top off your vanilla milkshake with a little bit of whipped cream and a cherry on top!!


    Give these delicious recipes a try:

    Vanilla Milkshake by Paula Deen – Food Network

    Creamy Vanilla Milkshake


    Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National Vanilla Milkshake Day.

    Sunday, June 18
    National Turkey Lovers’ Day

    Monday, June 19
    National Martini Day

    Tuesday, June 20
    National Kouign Amann Day
    National Ice Cream Soda Day
    National Vanilla Milkshake Day

    Wednesday, June 21
    National Peaches ‘N’ Cream Day

    Thursday, June 22
    National Chocolate Eclair Day
    National Onion Rings Day

    Friday, June 23
    National Pecan Sandies Day

    Saturday, June 24
    National Pralines Day

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  • UNIVERSAL FATHER’S WEEK – Third Week in June


    Every year during the third week in June, Universal Father’s Week recognizes the important role fathers play in the lives of families. It’s also a week to celebrate father figures around the world.

    Over the past several decades, father involvement has increased dramatically. This is a good thing, as involved dads have a direct impact on their children. Check out what happens when fathers are involved with their kids:

    • 39 percent of children are more likely to earn good grades in school.
    • 45 percent of children are less likely to repeat a grade in school.
    • 60 percent of children are less likely to get suspended from school.
    • 80 percent of teens are less likely to spend time in jail.

    When fathers are involved in their children’s lives, they are also twice as likely to go to college.

    Involved fathers also help with their child’s cognitive and emotional development. This is especially the case for fathers who are affectionate and supportive of their children. When fathers spend alone time with their children, they are increasing the likelihood their kids will become compassionate adults.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #UniversalFathersWeek

    There is a special day for dads, but why not take this opportunity to celebrate your dad all week long? If your father is no longer living, take time to honor a grandfather or father figure in your life.

    Here are some ways to participate:

    • Learn about famous fathers, such as Prince Albert, Jacques Cousteau, George Patton, Jim Henson, and Stephen King.
    • Watch movies about dads, like Three Men and a Baby, Finding Nemo, The Pursuit of Happiness, National Lampoons Vacation, and Daddy Day Care.
    • Give your father the gift of spending time with them, and if you don’t live near them, call or text them every day this week.
    • Commit to continuing a family tradition that your father started when you were a child.
    • Think about an important lesson your father taught you and tell your children about it.

    To help spread awareness for this week, post a picture of your dad on social media with #UniversalFathersWeek


    This week is a continuation of Father’s Day, which falls on the third Sunday in June.


  • NATIONAL NURSING ASSISTANTS WEEK – Begins Second Thursday of Second Full Week


    Honoring all the Nursing Assistants, National Nursing Assistants Week kicks off with a single celebration exhibiting the special care and attention provided by direct care staff.


    Show appreciation to the nursing assistants you know with a card or surprise them with their favorite beverage. If you are a nursing assistant or considering training to become one, take part in events throughout National Nursing Assistants Week.  Visit to find out more. Use #NursingAssistantsWeek to share on social media.


    National Nursing Assistants Week has been observed since 1977.

    June 16-22, 2022
    June 14-20, 2023
    June 13-19, 2024
    June 12-18, 2025
    June 11-17, 2026
    June 17-23, 2027
    June 15-21, 2028
    June 14-20, 2029


  • NATIONAL LITTLE LEAGUE WEEK® – Second Week of June


    During the second week of June, National Little League Week® recognizes a youth program that instills sportsmanship, volunteerism, physical fitness and an appreciation of a game that has been loved for generations.

    The largest youth sports program in the world today, Little League incorporates both baseball and softball.
    It was in 1939 when Carl Stotz and his wife Grayce developed an idea for an organization to promote teamwork and fair play for neighborhood youth. With the help of family, on June 6 the first Little League game was played.


    Find out how you can volunteer or join a Little League program near you! Visit to find out more. Share your Little League memories and use #LittleLeagueWeek® to share on social media.


    President Dwight Eisenhower first proclaimed National Little League Week® in 1964.

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  • NATIONAL FISHING AND BOATING WEEK – Begins First Full Weekend of June

    Cast your line into your favorite honey hole for National Fishing and Boating Week.


    During this outdoor celebration, many states offer free fishing passes on public fishing sites.  Check out to find out more. Get your gear ready and use #FishingAndBoatingWeek to share on social media.


    Our research found National Fishing and Boating Week observed as early as 2001 and first proclaimed nationally by George W. Bush in 2002.

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  • NATIONAL GARDENING WEEK – First Full Week of June


    Green thumbs get your spades ready! National GardenING Week during the first full week of June is for you!

    From the amateur to the master gardener, celebrations, workshops and educational events swing into high gear during National Gardening Week. Gardens provide fresh fruits and vegetables, beautify neighborhoods and communities and provide social and physical activities throughout the year.


    Visit your local library, county extension service, or check local listings for events near you. Visit for more information on how to get involved. Use #NationalGardenWeek to share on social media.


    National Garden Week was founded by National Garden Clubs, Inc.

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