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  • NATIONAL MOVIE NIGHT – Second Friday in June


    Pop some popcorn, grab a blanket and your favorite buddy, put away the cell phones and tablets, and then queue up a string of movies for a fun night of entertainment. National Movie Night on the second Friday in June encourages us to start (or restart) a tradition of movie nights with friends and family.


    Movies have been bringing people together for over 100 years. The stars, the stories entertain us, connect us and help us create memories. As technology evolves, so does how we enjoy our movie nights. From the theater to reel-to-reel home movies, the VCR, DVD, and streaming, we’ve been enjoying movies on big and small screens. Drive-in movies invited us to enjoy films from the comfort of our cars. Today, our video library is as large as we want it to be thanks to streaming services. We can even enjoy movies in our own backyards projected onto screens under the stars.

    Can you smell the popcorn popping? Start your tradition with friends and family on National Movie Night with new and classic movies at the theatre or in your homes.

    HOW TO OBSERVE National Movie Night

    What movie will you watch and who will you invite for National Movie Night? There are so many ways to start a movie tradition:

    • Make a movie night bucket list.
    • Share your favorite movie quotes.
    • Create a group with people who love movies. Plan to celebrate with a night out at the movie theatre.
    • Host a movie night in with the family. Pick a film the whole family will enjoy.
    • Invite friends and family for a movie night BBQ. Hang a sheet or screen to project the movie onto. Wait for it to get dark and then let the entertainment begin.
    • Load up the car and head to the nearest drive-in movie theatre.
    • Create a buffet of your favorite movie snacks and beverages for everyone to enjoy.
    • Ask everyone to write a review and deliver it in their best critic voice.
    • Invite everyone to dress in their red-carpet best for movie premieres and go to the movies in style.

    Don’t forget to share your movie night traditions. Use #NationalMovieNight to share your celebration on social media and follow @movienightjournal. Sit back, hit play, and enjoy the show!


    Movie Night LogoJennifer and Jayda Borget, a mother-daughter duo fluent in movie quotes and authors of the Family Movie Night Journal, founded National Movie Night to create an opportunity to bring new and old movie night traditions to life. Be prepared to laugh, cry or cringe, but most importantly, to make memories! Need a list of suggestions for National Movie Night? This list at will get you started.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Movie Night in 2022 to be observed the second Friday in June and every year thereafter.



    Every year on June 9th, Coral Triangle Day celebrates the rich resources of this epicenter of marine biodiversity. The day also encourages us to learn more about the Coral Triangle.

    There are three mega ecological complexes on our planet. These include the Coral Triangle, the Congo Basin, and the Amazon Rainforest. The Coral Triangle is located in the Western Pacific Ocean.

    The triangular-shaped region includes the tropical waters around the following countries:

    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Papua New Guinea
    • The Philippines
    • The Solomon Islands
    • Timor-Leste

    The Coral Triangle is considered one of eight major coral reef zones in the world. These waters make up just 1.6 percent of the world’s oceanic area. Despite this fact, it is home to 76 percent of the world’s coral species. This area of water has 500 species of reef-building corals. It also contains 37 percent of the world’s reef fish species and half of its razor clam species. Additionally, the Coral Triangle is home to six of the world’s sea turtle species and the world’s largest mangrove forest.

    Around 120 million people live around the Coral Triangle. Over two million of these people are fishers who depend on healthy seas to earn a living. There are many things that are causing environmental issues for the Coral Triangle. Some of these issues include climate change, marine pollution, recreational diving, poor marine management, and ocean acidification. For these reasons, the Coral Triangle is the subject of high levels of conservation management. The region’s governments and nature conservation organizations are primarily responsible for these conservation efforts.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #CoralTriangleDay

    Countries surrounding the Coral Triangle hold a variety of events on this day. These events include beach clean-ups, beach parties, sustainable seafood dinners, bazaars, and exhibitions. All of the events focus on ocean conservation. Even if you don’t have to live near the Coral Triangle, you can still participate:

    • Learn about the importance of coral reefs and the diverse marine life they contain.
    • Donate to a nature conservation organization that works to conserve the planet’s oceans.
    • If you live near the ocean, a lake or river, host a beach clean-up followed by a beach party.
    • Surf the internet to look for pictures and videos of marine life in the Coral Triangle.

    Spread the word for this day on social media with #CoralTriangleDay.


    The Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs, Fisheries, and Food Security (CTI-CFF) started Coral Triangle Day in 2012. The event is held every year in conjunction with World Oceans Day, which is held the previous day, on June 8th.




    Every year on June 9th, World Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS) Day raises awareness for this rare autoimmune disorder. It’s also a day to educate the general public about APS.

    When the body’s immune system attacks normal proteins in the blood, the body responds by mistakenly forming antibodies. These antibodies can increase the chances of dangerous blood clots. These blood clots form in the lungs, kidney, and brain. This is what people with APS live with on a day-to-day basis. Some people struggle with the disease for several years. For others, it is a lifelong illness. This disease can be especially traumatic for pregnant women. APS can cause expectant mothers to miscarry or have a stillbirth.

    Others with APS might experience the following:

    • Stroke at a young age
    • Transient ischemic attack (TIA)
    • Red rash
    • Chronic headaches and migraine
    • Bleeding from the nose and gums

    APS is more common in women than men. People that have another autoimmune disorder or certain types of infections increase their chances of having APS. Left untreated, APS can cause kidney failure, lung problems, and cardiovascular problems.

    There is no cure for APS. However, certain types of treatment can reduce symptoms. Most people with APS will have to take medications that prevent blood clots. These medications are called anticoagulants. A low dose of aspirin may be necessary as well. Lifestyle changes can also help decrease blood clots and reduce symptoms. These include not smoking, exercising on a regular basis, eating a well-balanced diet, and maintaining a healthy weight.


    On World Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome day, people around the world wear burgundy to help spread awareness. Those who have been affected by APS are encouraged to share their story. Other ways to participate in this day is to learn more about this autoimmune disease or donate to an organization that funds APS research. Don’t forget to share this day on social media with #WorldAPSDay.


    The APS Foundation of America founded World APS Day. The organization was founded in 2005. The first World APS Day was held on June 9th, 2010 in celebration of their 5th birthday. APS Support UK has also become a supporter and promoter of the day.




    June 9th each year dedicates National Earl Day to those with a particular qualification and a genuine capacity for achievement. The day honors those legends named Earl. While the name is becoming uncommon these days, hopefully, those who have the privilege of being so named have earned it.


    Earl Baltes

    One enterprising man by the name of Earl Baltes went from bandleader to dirt race track owner in 1954 when he transformed the El dora Ballroom into Eldora Speedway, a quarter-mile dirt track in 1954. By 1958, he expanded the track to its present-day half-mile length.

    Eldora earned a reputation as the favored track for sprint cars by 1962, and Baltes began promoting more tracks and events. Across Ohio and Indiana, Baltes promoted some of the highest paying short track races.   Ohio also named a portion of route 118 the Earl Baltes Highway.

    Fast forward to 2016, one year after Baltes passed, and Eldora Speedway and the events he created are still going strong. Other events such as the World 100 started in 1971, and the King’s Royal part, of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, are held annually at Eldora Speedway as well.

    Facts of the track – Interesting details about Eldora Speedway.

    Earl Scruggs

    About the same time Baltes was making a name for himself, another Earl was picking his way into bluegrass music history. Becoming known for his three-fingered banjo picking, Earl Scruggs was uniquely talented. In his early career, Scruggs was paired with Lester Flatt as The Foggy Mountain Boys. Together they recorded country and bluegrass hits.

    The Foggy Mountain Boys split in 1969 and Scruggs continued making music with his sons. Influenced by his sons’ musical tastes, he became interested in the sound of an electrified banjo.

    From a Beverly Hillbilly to Dueling Banjos, Earl Scruggs had quite an electrifying and influential career. By the time of his death on March 28, 2012, Scruggs had left an enduring mark on bluegrass music.

    Earl Monroe

    While Scruggs’s popular bluegrass song Pearl, Pearl, Pearl was being released, Earl the Pearl, aka Earl Monroe, was just starting his college basketball career. A few years later in 1967, he would be the first-round pick for the Baltimore Bullets. He became a fan favorite with his impressive moves and twisting, hesitating pump shots that often mystified opponents. Averaging 24.3 points per game in his rookie season, Monroe’s points were coined “pearls” hence the nickname.

    Season after season Monroe continued to add up the pearls, but he had his critics. Then in 1971, he was traded to the dreaded rivals, the Knicks.

    Both the Bullets (now the Washington Wizards) and the Knicks have retired Monroe’s jersey. Monroe was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1989.

    Earl Warren

    Sometimes when Earls get down to business, it’s serious business. In the case of Earl Warren, it was Supreme Court business. The 14th Supreme Court Chief Justice, Warren was involved in several prominent decisions including Brown v. Board of Education and Miranda v. Arizona. Warren also headed the investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    HOW TO OBSERVE National Earl Day

    Celebrate the Earls you know. Share their stories or give them a shout-out. You can also share racing history and memories. Use #NationalEarlDay to post on social media.


    Earl and Bernice Baltes
    Earl and Bernice Baltes

    National Earl Day was submitted in 2016 by Roger Slack in honor of Earl Baltes and approved by the Registrar for the 2016 opening day $100,000-to-win Dirt Late Model Dream at Eldora Speedway, which was founded by Baltes in 1954.



    On June 9th of each year, National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day recognizes a delicious and seasonal pie. A tart vegetable, rhubarb is often paired with sweet fruits making for a pleasing dessert.


    Around the country, rhubarb is a perennial favorite for home gardens. One of the first fruits of their labors, gardeners begin to harvest rhubarb in the middle of May and early June, and it finds its way into desserts and preserves. Since it takes on the flavor of the fruit or vegetable it is paired with, it is an excellent complement to many recipes.  

    Not only is rhubarb known for making deliciously baked goods and satisfying the hankering for something from the garden early in the season, but it also has many other qualities. Rub a cut stalk of rhubarb over a burnt skillet and let the high oleic acid content do the work. It’s been a primary ingredient in many cleansers for over 100 years.  

    Rhubarb is so high in oxalic acid, in fact, the leaves are toxic to humans. The stalks, however, are a consumable, rich, and healthful source of oxalic acid. The benefits of enjoying rhubarb could help reduce blood pressure, increase your body’s ability to burn fat, and generate brain myelin. Now, that’s a reason to celebrate National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day!

    HOW TO OBSERVE Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day

    Harvest that rhubarb and pick some strawberries. It’s time to make pie! Break out your favorite recipes or try this one out:

    Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

    Use #StrawberryRhubarbPieDay to post on social media.


    National Day Calendar continues researching the origins of this pie holiday. While we do, explore these other pastry days. Did you know there’s at least one pie day every month of the year? It’s true!




    National Donald Duck Day on June 9th each year commemorates the birthday of a funny animated cartoon character. Donald Duck made his first screen debut on June 9, 1934, in The Wise Little Hen.


    Usually wearing a sailor suit with a cap and a black or red bow tie, Donald Duck is most famous for his semi-intelligible speech along with his mischievous and irritable personality. He has appeared in more films than any other Disney character. Donald was also declared in 2002 by TV Guide as one of the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time.

    His middle name is Fauntleroy. The name means “child king” and derived from Old French.

    During Donald’s second appearance in Orphan’s Benefit, he introduced his comic friend, Mickey Mouse. Donald’s girlfriend, Daisy Duck, along with his nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, were introduced shortly after that. 

    In addition to animation, Donald is also known for his appearance in comic books and newspaper comic strips. One of Donald Duck’s famous sayings is “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.”

    HOW TO OBSERVE Donald Duck Day

    Wish Donald Duck a Happy Birthday! While you’re celebrating, check out these other fun ideas, too:

    • Host a Donald Duck impersonation contest.
    • Bake Donald Duck-shaped cookies.
    • Watch episodes of Donald Duck cartoons.
    • Play Donald Duck trivia games. 

    Use  #DonaldDuckDay to post on social media.


    National Donald Duck Day was first proclaimed by L.A. Mayor Tom Bradley in 1984 on Donald’s 50th birthday. The world’s most famous duck gave the city a silver statue of himself as a gift in memory of the big day. He also toured the country leading up to the big Disney birthday party bash. 

    June 9th Celebrated History


    The U.S. Patent Office issued patent no. 2,641,545 to John H. Kraft for his method to “manufacture of soft surface cured cheese.” The process-related to soft cheeses with a “bloomy rind” such as Camembert, Brie, and Chaource. While these types of cheese were not new, Kraft’s method for producing these cheeses was.


    Ron Turcotte rides Secretariat to a Triple Crown win at the Belmont Stakes.


    Margaret Thatcher is re-elected to Prime Minister of England.

    June 9th Celebrated Birthdays

    Elizabeth Garrett Anderson – 1836

    After being denied entry to medical school in Britain, Elizabeth Anderson pursued her education in France and obtained her license in 1865. She was the first woman in France to do so and also the first British woman to earn a medical degree. She would later co-found the London School of Medicine for Women.

    Cole Porter – 1893

    Composer and songwriter, Cole Porter is known for his catchy Broadway and Hollywood show tunes such as “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”, “I Get a Kick Out of You” and “Anything Goes.”

    Les Paul – 1915

    One of the pioneering names in electric guitars, Les Paul began his career playing music and establishing a jazz band. Paul revolutionized the music world when he invented one of the first solid-body electric guitars in 1941.