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    July shines a spotlight on the most common form of inherited intellectual disability. National Fragile X Awareness Month includes a mission to support those with Fragile X while also celebrating the families who support them.

    During the month-long observance, organizations around the globe promote fundraising, informational events and other activities that improve the lives of those with Fragile X. What is Fragile X? The syndrome is a mutation of the FMR1 gene. While it is the most common form of inherited intellectual disability, it impacts men more than women. Some people may have the gene mutation, but never show signs. Symptoms may also develop later in life. Those who do show signs may have mild or severe symptoms. Physical, intellectual and behavioral symptoms may appear, and they vary between males and females. Women tend to have similar but milder symptoms or none at all.

    While testing and treatment are available, there is no cure and more research is needed. Through raising awareness, the day hope to further the search for a cure. On July 22nd, National Fragile X Awareness Day focuses on the month on the needs of those with Fragile X and the families who support them.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #FragileXAwarenessMonth

    Put families impacted by Fragile X first. Show your support and learn more about the syndrome. You can also take part in seminars, fundraisers, and awareness campaigns across the country. Other ways to celebrate include:

    • Share something every day about Fragile X.
    • Make a donation.
    • Encourage your local clinics to host a seminar.
    • If someone in your family is diagnosed with Fragile X, get tested.

    Use #FragileXAwarenssMonth to share on social media.


    In 2000 and 2001, the U.S. Senate and House respectively passed resolutions in support of National Fragile X Syndrome Day. In recent years, the month-long observance has increased these efforts.




    Every July, National Hemp Month celebrates the roaring comeback of one of the world’s most useful and versatile plants – hemp.

    For more than 80 years, laws banning cannabis also exiled hemp, even though it’s not intoxicating. Now, legal advancements are changing how people view and access hemp. National Hemp Month offers an occasion to rediscover hemp and its usefulness for both people and the environment.

    Hemp provides an all-natural, eco-friendly fiber with many applications, ranging from clothing to paper to “hempcrete.” As a crop, it helps clean pollutants from the soil. Hemp also provides a rich source of CBD, the hottest new addition to the health and wellness world.

    The Return of Hemp

    Hemp is cannabis, but it’s different from its notorious sister herb. The 2014 Farm Bill legally defined hemp as the plant Cannabis sativa L. and any part of the plant that is less than 0.3% THC by dry weight. Therefore, the plant cannot result in any associated “high.” The bill also provided for a limited amount of hemp farming under government supervision.

    The 2018 Farm Bill opened up the farming program and also removed all hemp-based products from the federal government’s schedule of addictive drugs. Thanks to the federal legalization and a national curiosity, the CBD boom was in full effect – with applications ranging from tinctures and patches to topicals and cocktails.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHempMonth

    Learn more about the history of hemp in the United States. For example, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both cultivated many acres of hemp, continuing a tradition from colonial times when Great Britain required farmers to grow it.

    It’s also a good time to check out the growing list of hemp-based products such as:

    Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NationalHempMonth to celebrate the remarkable resurgence of hemp and to continue educating everyone on the potential uses of this universal plant.


    cbdMD submitted National Hemp Month in August of 2019 to promote the benefits and dispel the myths surrounding hemp-based products. The first observance took place in 2020.

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Hemp Month to be observed throughout the month of July, annually.

    About cbdMD

    cbdMD is the Official Founder of National Hemp Month, taking pride in creating premium CBD products for people and their pets. They only source their CBD from U.S. hemp grown with organic farming methods to ensure that all products are pure, high-quality, and THC-free.

    cbdMD founded National Hemp Day, first observed on Feb. 4, 2019. Other CBD retailers and news outlets picked up on it in no time, raising the profile of CBD and other hemp products for millions of Americans.




    The entire month of July celebrates National Contract Sewing Month. Throughout July, we give recognition to all things manufactured with a needle and thread.

    Assembling goods requires intricacy and skill. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the hard working individuals working seamlessly behind the scenes. As a result, we often take them for granted. However, purchasing goods would be impossible if it weren’t for the hard working people in the industry.

    Being a modern contract sewing manufacturer involves a level of sophistication, dedication, and attention to detail. Without this intricate skill, it would be nearly impossible take an idea at conception through mass production to make it become a reality.

    This monthly observance gives recognition to all seamstresses, machine operators, designers, mechanics, and operators. In addition, the day also honors engineers, quality assurance specialists, sourcing managers, and the cut and sew geniuses who make up “the fabric” of the industry.

    There are millions of workers in the sewing industry across the world currently cutting, stitching, and programming away, bringing you a plethora of affordable soft goods. With products ranging from seat belts and EMT bags, to life-improving orthopedics and medical devices, to military and tactical gear, it’s nearly impossible to go a day without coming across an item a contract sewing company doesn’t make.

    OBSERVING #ContractSewingMonth 

    Take a photo of your favorite item that required a thread and needle to make. Let us know how this item impacts your life by using #ContractSewingMonth #CustomFabUSA on social media.


    If you’re part of the contract sewing industry, host a National Contract Sewing month event. It’s easy to create a unique competition. You might also consider putting on an event that recognizes and celebrates manufacturing mastery!


    CustomFab USA founded National Contract Sewing Month as a way to honor those hidden figures who work tirelessly behind the scenes. For those manufacturing the wealth of material goods that are so ubiquitous and necessary to modern day life.

    In 2019, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Contract Sewing Month to be observed in July annually.

    Founded in 1990, CustomFab USA began with a single sewing machine and ultrasonic welder. They quickly grew into the contract sewing industry’s go-to white label Made in USA manufacturer for soft goods. There are many reasons for the company’s success. Their innovative use of ERP software, investments in new technology, and a belief in the American Made industry are all contributing factors to their success. After all, it’s the people who work for them that have made them who they are today. Without the expertise and dedication of their skilled workforce, quality products for everyday life would not be possible. Today, with numbers now over 350 strong, CustomFab USA knows the importance of their employees.

    In recognition of the amazing individuals who work with CustomFab USA, and others in similar industrial sewing companies, National Contract Sewing Month celebrates the dedication of all those in their craft.




    During the entire month of July, we celebrate National Anti-Boredom Month. This monthly observance encourages everyone to identify what makes us bored and find ways to combat it!

    July was selected, according to the founder Alan Caruba, because after July 4th, there’s not much going on and it’s the hotter part of the summer break from school. That’s no excuse to experience boredom during July, though.

    When fending off boredom, it’s important to know what the symptoms are and why we get bored. We often associate being bored with having nothing to do, but that’s not always the case. Many times, we have plenty to do or are even doing it, but the task at hand does not stimulate our minds. It may be repetitive or not challenging enough.

    When this happens, we can become irritable, tired, or begin to not care about how well we do a task. We may also seek out stimulation to relieve the boredom. Depending on what we seek, it may be good or bad for us; We can form good habits or bad addictions.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #AntiBoredomMonth

    Finding creative and healthy ways to beat boredom will improve our everyday lives. Once we’ve identified our causes, approach boredom with a set of positive challenges or stimuli to keep it at bay.

    • Play – Board games are an excellent way to fight boredom.
    • Get physical – Exercise not only provides stimuli but also helps change the scenery and improve health.
    • Learn – Visit a museum, read a book or take a class.
    • Clean -Tackling a cluttered cupboard, closet or even garage brings about a bit of satisfaction for a job well done.
    • Cook – Making in our own kitchen with ingredients we enjoy gives us two ways to be satisfied.
    • Be creative – Even if you usually don’t create, just trying can help break the boredom cycle.
    • Volunteer – Helping someone who needs something more than you often makes us reassess why we were bored in the first place.
    • Get social – Visit a friend or neighbor. Kids, this includes you! Aunts, uncles or cousins would enjoy a friendly conversation over an ice-cold popsicle.

    Try these and ideas and more to beat boredom. Share your best approaches by using #AntiBoredomMonth and follow on social media.

    We have 21 Ways to Beat Boredom if you need more suggestions.


    In the late 1980s, Alan Caruba created National Anti-Boredom Month as part of his on-going boredom themed efforts.




    Summer is the time for the best outdoor cooking, so it is no surprise July is National Grilling Month.

    Don’t let improperly prepared food ruin your summer. Use these grilling tips keep you grilling and enjoying the beautiful weather all season long.

    • Wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer when clean water isn’t readily available where you are grilling.
    • Keep food cold until you are ready to put them on the grill. Letting them sit allows bacteria to grow.
    • Don’t mix raw and cooked foods. Keep raw foods separate from each other. Once cooked, use a clean dish to place your final masterpiece. The bacteria from the raw food will contaminate the freshly cooked meal.
    • Keep hot food warm to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit until ready to be placed in a cooler with ice or refrigerator to prevent bacteria growth. For salads and cold foods, keep them chilled on ice.

    OBSERVING #NationalGrillingMonth

    Invite some friends over and throw something delicious on the grill. Be sure to have some cold beverages and play some upbeat music. The weather is fine! Use #NationalGrillingMonth to share on social media.


    We were unable to identify the source of National Grilling Month, but it has been observed for more than a decade.



    World Watercolor Month, observed annually in July, celebrates art and creativity through the use of watercolors.

    Watercolor (watercolour, aquarelle) is a beautiful medium that has captivated people around the globe for centuries. Today, artists produce amazing paintings each day. In addition, sketchers continue to popularize watercoloring as a wonderful way to add life and color to drawings of the world around them.

    This monthly observance encourages people to paint with watercolor. It’s also a good time to raise awareness about the importance of art and creativity everywhere. Of course, anyone can join the celebration. Whether you’re a master watercolorists or a beginner, it’s your time to show off your art.

    Now is the time to commit to making a watercolor painting or sketch. You have all month to practice. If you’re an expert, it’s never a bad idea to brush up your skills. Consider adding a picnic and friends and make it a fun painting party.

    HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldWatercolorMonth

    Celebrate World Watercolor Month by supporting charitable art organizations near you. There are many ways to get involved, too!

    • Donate watercolor supplies.
    • Volunteer to teach art classes both virtual and in person.
    • Make monetary donations.
    • Support art education and artists in your area and around the world.
    • Host an auction, fundraiser, or another event to keep your local kids painting and creating.
    • Share your favorite watercolors.

    Your help will provide much-needed support for kids in need. Visit to learn more!

    Show us your watercolor art by using #WorldWatercolorMonth on social media. Share it for the world to see!


    Charlie O’Shields, creator of Doodlewash®, is the founder of World Watercolor Month. His love of art led to the creation of a blog and a social artist movement that dedicates itself to promote and connect watercolor artists all over the world. Amazingly, the blog features hundreds of artists sketching and painting with watercolor on all seven continents. According to Charlie, “There’s something magical about watercolor, and it’s my passion to bring all types of watercolor artists together to celebrate each other’s work and the medium we all love!”

    The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed World Watercolor Month to be observed annually beginning in 2016.


  • July Monthly Observations




    National Peach Month recognizes the fuzzy stone fruit that provides us with a bounty of sweet goodness all summer long!

    As an industry, the peach plays a mighty role in our food supply and economy. From orchard to factory, restaurants to bakeries and grocers, this fruit delivers. We enjoy them fresh off the tree and baked into our favorite desserts. Well-thumbed recipes leap off the page ready to be made as soon as the peaches are ripe.

    Generally speaking, there are two types of peaches – freestone and clingstone. The flesh determines the type of peach. How the flesh comes away from the stone or the pit in the middle of the peach gives it the name. When the meat comes away freely from the stone, the peach is a freestone peach; if the flesh clings to the peach, it’s a clingstone.

    While Georgia may be the first state to come to mind when we think of peaches, California actually leads the nation in production. In the United States, 20 states produce peaches commercially. Besides California and Georgia, the other two top producers are South Carolina and New Jersey. Pennsylvania and Washington grow a lot of peaches, too.

    This sweet stone fruit makes delicious ice cream when it’s very ripe and full of peachy juices. However, you don’t have to use fresh peaches to make this ice cream. Buy frozen peaches if the grocery or farmer’s markets don’t have them in yet. The family will love making homemade ice cream together. The best part will be eating up the finished product on a hot summer day.

    All season long, the peach juices are running. Whether we are canning, baking or freezing, or even sending the family out for more, we can’t get enough of peaches!

    HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalPeachMonth

    Enjoy your favorite peach recipes during the height of the peach season. Share some with us! Use #NationalPeachMonth to share on social media.


    In March of 1982, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July to be National Peach Month. The National Peach Council promoted National Peach month activities and encouraged everyone to “reach for a peach” during the month of July.


    January 13 – Peach Melba Day
    April 13 – Peach Cobbler Day
    June 21 – Peaches and Cream Day
    July 17 – Peach Ice Cream Day
    August 24 – Peach Pie Day




    July is an excellent time for National Picnic Month. The fresh air stirs the appetite, and garden vegetables and fruits make outdoor eating easier.

    The word picnic is derived from the French word piquenique. Picnics hearken back to mid-18th-century al fresco French dining. A bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, some cheese and fruit made for an instant meal under the sky.

    Whether we pack meals for tailgating at sporting events, an afternoon get-away or a weekend of camping, picnics provide an excellent way to enjoy the company of friends and family away from home.

    It’s important to keep the meals simple and focus on the company. Sandwiches, finger foods, and beverages may seem plain, but it’s more about spending time with each other and being in nature.

    When we pack them right, picnics make life simple. The clean up is usually easy thanks to all the finger foods. That way we get to spend more time visiting with friends and family while enjoying the sunshine.

    OBSERVE #NationalPicnicMonth

    Pack up the picnic basket and head out to your favorite park. Bring juice, wine, fruit, cheese, bread, and some smoked meats and you’re all set. Use #NationalPicnicMonth to share on social media.

    If you’re stumped for a picnic menu, we have the 7 Best Picnic Foods right here!

    Families and educators, visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for fun ideas to Celebrate Every Day!


    The American Bakers’ Association founded National Picnic Month in 1952.




    National Blueberry Month is an annual observation during the entire month of July.

    This once wild berry became domesticated during the early 1900s thanks to the observations of Elizabeth Coleman White and research of Dr. Frederick V. Coville. Before their efforts, wild blueberries were never successfully transplanted and raised in any farming operation for personal or commercial production. The only way to enjoy fresh blueberries was to seek them out where they grew naturally.

    Through the efforts of White and Coville, producers and private gardeners today bring to fruition these amazingly delicious berries. Whether from farm to table or from the farmer to the grocer, these vibrant berries pack a punch in vitamins and health benefits.

    Blueberries make a great snack all on their own or enhance a meal. They also make stellar desserts or sauces. Whatever this berry does, it does with panache!

    ENJOYING #NationalBlueberryMonth

    Enjoy some fresh blueberries! They’re in season, and they are ripe for the picking. Use #NationalBlueberryMonth to share on social media. Visit the National Day Calendar recipe page for more ways to use your blueberries or to share recipes with us.


    National American Blueberry Council founded National Blueberry Month and is officially recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture since 2003.